Government staffer quits over Malaysian ‘stripping’ scandal

Do you remember the news that a staffer for government minister Christopher Pyne was one of the Budgie Nine arrested

Do you remember the news that a staffer for government minister Christopher Pyne was one of the Budgie Nine arrested for stripping in Malaysia?

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Well, Jack Walker has quit following the incident.

Walker was one of the group dubbed the Budgie Nine who were arrested and detained for four nights after they stripped down to their budgie smugglers at the Malaysian Grand Prix last week.

The group appeared in court and walked free after being charged with public nuisance.

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But, since returning home there has been a media storm surrounding them.

Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne, Walker’s boss, has released a statement confirming he had resigned.

“Jack Walker has today offered me his resignation and I have accepted it,” Mr Pyne said.

“Jack indicated to me his deep regret for causing any embarrassment to the Government and apologised.

“One lapse of judgement does not detract from the fact that Jack has been an outstanding staff member, a significant contributor to my office since late 2013 and I believe he will have a bright future.”

What do you think? Is what happened in Malaysia bad enough for Jack Walker to have quit his job?

  1. Kay Feain  

    I think he probably received a lot of pressure to resign.
    Yes he did the wrong thing and embarrassed the Australian Govt but he paid the price by being jailed in Malaysia.
    Is there a requirement that a staffer to be free from any conviction? Is the charge of being a public nuisance a conviction? If so it was the right thing to resign if not it is an overreaction.

  2. Dorothy Hughes  

    No – I don’t believe he should have resigned.

  3. Michelle Thornton  

    Let’s put it into perspective…..if every politician resigned for causing embarrassment, cheating, lying and defrauding etc…….THERE WOULD BE NO POLITICIANS LEFT! Geezus…..haven’t we lost our identity over a pair of speedos! 😡

    • Kerrie  

      I agree with you all the way Michelle, I only wish they were Aussie speedos….

    • Helen  

      I don’t think it should have compromised his job, Malcolm Fraser was caught in his undies in a hotel hallway when Prime Minister! and Kevin 007 in stripclubs lol

  4. Pam Devery  

    No he should not have resigned. It was a stupid thing to do in that country.Not bad enough to lose his job.

  5. Brian Whitehead  

    I would be very surprised if they got away without making a sizeable monetary “DONATION”

  6. glenys Logan  

    these guys did not just strip to their budgy smugglers…………….they especially had the Malaysian Flag on them.
    really premeditated stupidity and Jack Walker should have been VERY aware. No idea what the other guys’ jobs are because only one has been publicised. Really really really stupid

  7. I think they got off very lightly. We expect people to respect our laws so we should respect theirs

  8. Yes. ..they are men how should have known better. .respect your country,other countries and their beliefs and your family

    • richard macdonald  

      When did Malaysia last have an opposition party that was not destroyed by the government being corrupt and throwing potential opposition leaders in prison ? Is it 40 or 50 years ? Very unhealthy democracy

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