Government slammed over Chinese army deal

Nearly everything you pick up these days is made overseas. And now our army uniforms can be added to the

Nearly everything you pick up these days is made overseas.

And now our army uniforms can be added to the growing list of things manufactured in China.

The ABC has reported the new service dress uniforms are being made in China as part of a $9 million contract awarded to Australian Defence Apparel.

You might be wondering why China?

Well apparently, according to Defence, it’s the “best value for money” option.

 “Australian Defence Apparel was selected as the preferred tenderer, following an open competitive process,” a Defence statement said.

The two year contract was signed in April last year.

So why are we hearing about this now?

Senator Nick Xenophon is reportedly on the case, vowing to seek a detailed explanation about the decision from Defence Minister Marise Payne.

He’s slamming the Government over the decision, telling the ABC the Government fails to see the jobs and economic benefit of making the uniforms in Australia.

“If something is a little more expensive on the surface here in Australia but it means we’re going to get all sorts of flow on benefits in terms of jobs, in terms of economic activity and tax and other benefits then it’s a no-brainer,” he said.

“Surely something as iconic as the uniforms our serving men and women of the Defence Force wear ought to be made in Australia. The fact that it’s not is nothing short of a disgrace.”

The new dark brown-khaki dress uniforms made their public debut in Paris during Bastille Day celebrations in July.

Is Nick Xenophon right? Should our army uniforms be made here in Australia?



  1. Mareela  

    Of course they should.I’m sick of this government selling out Australia and Australian jobs.

  2. David  

    Off course something as iconic are the defense uniforms should be made in Australia.

  3. David AITKEN  

    Just typical of the CHEAPSKATE BASTARDS that run this country, if I were still a soldier I would turn up for parade / work weariring a ”chinky commo’s ” uniform as a way to display my disgust…..and be preparred to cop the consequences of my actions to even reinforce my point further .

  4. Susan  

    How bloody stupid are these people making the decisions for our country. We need to conduct some common sense test before we elect these dim wits. Born with silver spoons in their mouth they just don’t understand what’s beyond the paper in front. A local committee of people of the street could make a better informed decision than this. Long term China is benefiting from our stupidity.

  5. Ann  

    There’s far to much manufacturing being sent out of this country i keep getting told that wagers are to high compared to overseas but if we keep going down this road there will be no one paying taxes as there will be no workers

  6. dawn Jess  

    in my veiw, its nothing sort of treason have to wonder who is making money on the deal love to investigate which pollies have shares in the said company???

  7. Stephen  

    Ok let get Jobs and Growth out of the way, it was and is a lie, if this does not show that, then I hope you’re enjoying your paddle up DeNial.
    The Libs state the cost at $9 million, (closer to $15 in reality with freight etc), they say it would cost $30 million in Australia (closer to $20 to $22). What is not taken in to account in that costing is the roll on effect of the jobs of $20 + million put directly into, yes, call it what it is, Jobs and Growth; and the resultant GST and business tax government income that monies in the economy will produce. What is also not taken in to account is not only the added unemployment and welfare bill, but the cost of the dignity to US Australians.
    The statement is we do not have the manufacturing industry in place; duh, ever heard of innovation and creating that industry by putting out an Australian only tender??
    OK, yes I am up to here with it, but just trying to stand back and see the forest from the top of the hill instead of scrapping at individual tree bark; this government really DO NOT GET IT.
    All I can offer is if you voted Coalition you are directly responsible for this hashed up mess called our government.
    And don’t do the Labour whine back at me. Nothing could be worse than Turnball cowering before Abbott and Bernardi’s arrogance in his $5000 suits, paid for by putting his Canberra owned house in his wife’s name just so that he can claim 3 times the weekly dole money just for his overnight stay.

  8. Jenny Franks  

    It is disgraceful that our country is under threat of our government totally selling our country out. There are so many people from the ragtrade in this country that are out of work. For heavens sake and Australias wake up.

  9. Brett  

    A very dangerous move by the government, when the Chinese invade from the North they’ll be dressed in genuine Australian Army uniforms and be all over us before we know what’s happening. We’re giving them the tools to invade, then paying them on top of that….

  10. Alan  

    It would be understandable perhaps if the uniforms were being made in a country that was a long-time ally of ours, but making them in a country that could so easily some day turn against us is just outright stupidity. And that is before even considering the flow-on benefits from making them ourselves right here in Australia.

  11. Tina  

    The quality will be poor and the comfort and sizing all over the place. Cheap is just that they will probably fall apart in the field this is disgusting

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