Government slammed on Q&A for its “cruel policies”

The highly controversial new policy proposed by the Government regarding asylum seekers was in the spotlight on last night’s Q&A,

The highly controversial new policy proposed by the Government regarding asylum seekers was in the spotlight on last night’s Q&A, and Health Minister Sussan Ley was was the representative tasked with fielding questions about it. 

Ms Ley was unapologetic as she stood by the main topic of discussion, the Government’s plan for preventing asylum seekers from ever entering Australia. “It is effectively giving a legislative intent to what is policy at the moment, which says if you are processed in one of those offshore centres (Nauru or Manus Island) you will not come to Australia. Now, that’s a policy, as I said, but what we’re doing is legislating it.”

She had her wires crossed, however, regarding her party’s intention of sending refugees already in Australia on bridging visas away under the new laws. When she said that none of these refugees would be affected, presenter Tony Jones was quick to correct her, saying the office of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton had directly contradicted that statement and said that, yes, they could be banned.

Ms Ley seemed to backtrack and said, rather, a “relatively small number” of people who were previously in overseas detention who were now in Australia might be affected by the new laws. She was unable to give a figure, but Jones said it could be as many as 300 people.

Ms Ley said, “what we want is people in Manus and Nauru to be resettled if they’re genuine refugees or if they’re not found to be genuine refugees, to return to their homes so that we can bring (to Australia) the genuine refugees.”

Victorian chef Stefano De Pieri, who has a restaurant in Mildura, turned on the minister for her support of the Government’s policy.

“It sounds like fable. You’re telling us an amazing story to hide your cruelty. You’re cruel,” he said.

“You’re keeping people in limbo for years and years. After they’ve crossed the ocean and have been very brave, you haven’t got the heart to accommodate them in Australia … and you’re going to deny, forever, their ability to perhaps join with friends and family in Australia?

“I mean, who invents this cruelty?”

Mr Fitzgibbon voiced a similar opinion to that of Labor leader Bill Shorten, and said it could mean a young asylum seeker who had arrived by boat and denied entry to Australia but who then became a successful surgeon or politician in another country, would never be welcome to even visit these shores. He said he believed this was a “policy without principle.”

We want to know your thoughts today: Should the Government reconsider their policy of a blanket ban on refugees? Or is this the right way to go?

  1. Diana  

    I think the government is going a little too far in booting out and banning refugees already here on a bridging visa, but I think that they should go aheads with banning refugees who try to come here by boat.

    Thousands of refugees are apply legally to come to Australia and they should be attended to. Those who pay thousands of dollars to smugglers are hardly genuine refugees – after all they had the money to pay their way in her illegally when they could have spent it living while awaiting legal entry.

    While I don’t like the Liberal government and despise Malcolm Turnbull as a smug bully, I agree with this police which was Labor’s in the first place. At all costs – people smugglers have to be STOPPED forever.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Diana, I totally agree with most of what you say. This legislation will at least ensure that
      the dreadful people smuggling racketeers will be put out of business.
      But really, it’s a bit dishonest blaming the LNP for the situations on Manus and Nauru.
      After the awful deaths at sea and the flood of illegal immigrants into the country it was
      the Labor government that implemented the establishment of these two facilities … together with another 17 camps within Australia. At least the LNP have successfully closed our borders to further ‘illegals’, reduced the children held in detention from 2000 to 2 and shut down the refugee camps within Oz. Plus, just how many lives will have been saved from further drownings at sea?
      The overall cost to the taxpayers for these illegals has been horrendous and never should have been necessary if either parties had had the backbone years ago to sort them out ethnically and returned them to their countries of origin … with say, $2000 each to aid their re-assimilation. I do hope Mr. Dutton realises that this is really the only solution and implements same ASAP.
      You are so right about Mr. Turnbull’s lack of leadership skills and he must be replaced very
      soon to ensure the LNP are not totally decimated in 2019. I firmly believe that the truly conservative leader this country is screaming out for is Christian Porter and, once he has efficiently restructured and reformed our shambolic welfare system, then he should be
      challenging Mr. Turnbull in say 12 months time. Porter’s political track record is impeccable, he is non-factionalised, would unite the LNP, would not suffer fools and offer us strong and fair governance.
      I’m sorry Diana but we just cannot have another Labor government in the foreseeable future. The party is littered with mindless ex-union hacks, totally controlled by militant and corrupt unions, has absolutely no solutions for the national debt (apart from increasing it)
      and has the shocking economic track record of the 2007-2013 disastrous period as their
      unfortunate legacy. Another three years of Labor mismanagement would sadly see us on a par with GREECE.


      Being a refugee does not necessarily mean you are poor. A refugee is someone who is likely to be persecuted or needs to leave their own Country for Political or religious reasons. This means that they could be doctors, lawyers, bankers. In this case, they would have the money to get on a boat and I know that if I was in danger and could afford it then I would get away any way I could. Saying that, I agree there should be careful screening of people coming into our Country

      • I agree Marjorie. The other thing is that a person must be in a country to apply for asylum, this cannot be done from another country. 80-90% of those currently on Nauru and some 90+% of those on Manus have already been assessed and found to be genuine refugees. This governments attitude has not even a speck of humanity. The LNP are cruel, vile, abhorrent and amoral in their treatment of people who are escaping conditions that the everyday person could not even imagine. The ALP ranks not far behind them. I am absolutely disgusted!

  2. While I do not like the Liberal party and the majority of their decisions I do agree with this decision. If the cue jumpers can pay money for a seat on a boat they do not deserve to be admitted to this country. Come in the front door or not at all and when you get here do not expect us to change our ways to suit your beliefs, integrate into our society or don’t come at all.

    • Robyyn, there is no rule that states that an asylum seeker must be poor. In fact many of the educated such as Doctors, and Lawyers would be more likely to be targeted by their governments simply because they have a good education. The second point I wish to make is the fact that there is no queue to jump!

  3. Mack Carson  

    Hey Stefano.

    Those BRAVE,,,, Souls ” who crossed Oceans to get here. etc.
    You forgetting they payed lawbreaking foreign smugglers, thousands of dollars Which, incidently. REAL Migrants don’t have..
    To cross over multiple country’s and waters to get here. Most of which take migrants.
    They just wanting the cream. (Australia) and not wanting to get into legal queues.
    as they would never be accepted.
    WeE….all applied, and waited. and INTEGRATED..
    I brought three children under 8yrs. now have 9 Australian girls, one 1\2 boys.
    grandchildren All but three still at school.. Working for a living. 3 are business owners.
    These Muslims have been waring with usChristians since Jesus arrived.
    They ain’t gonna stop now. and they will NEVER integrate NOR for a living,

    They just wanting what we have developed over a coupla hundred yrs. For Nothing.

    All these people whinging about these “boat people”
    The best thing they could do. IF they really true about wanting them here.
    Is to sponsor a family.
    Take them into YOUR home. and be responsible for them. Working, medical etc.
    For as long as they here for.
    TOTALLY responsible NOT the taxpayer. you keep them until they get a job . PLUS be responsible for what they or their children do against the law.
    Basically. You want them here.
    YOU bring them here. and keep them.
    and do the prison time when one of the kids turns out to be a terrorist etc.

    That’s the thing.
    with Muslims. nobody KNOWS who is or will be in the future.
    a mobile bomb.or terrorist. Man. Woman OR child.
    We can’t take the risk with our homes or families.
    NO Muslims.= NO terrorists. NO bombs and NO destruction at home.
    A much safer world to live in with your family.
    Hence the reason 85% of the Australian population want to keep us Muslim free.
    It’s Just the whingers making a lot of noise causing all the friction.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Mack, that was a truly brilliant and down-to-earth summary of the current immigration situation in this country. People like you make me extremely proud of our multicultural
      society …well said Mate.

    • Mack Carson, These unfortunate people you so denigrate are not Migrants, they are Asylum Seekers escaping the kind of hell that the majority of people cannot even imagine. What would you do if you and your family were at risk of rape, torture and murder carried out by your government? Stay and let it happen, or try to escape to safety? There are NO queues for them to get in. Also, where is it written that Asylum Seekers must be poor? The people who are often most at risk from some of these regimes are the well educated in good jobs, simply because they are well educated! I feel sorry for people like you , who have no compassion for anyone other than themselves! Unlike Guy Flavell, what you said does not make me proud, it makes me extremely concerned about the fate of our country!

  4. Christine McShane  

    Any cruelty here is what the taxpayer has been subject to. Paying for the detention of these illegal boat people, million upon millions of dollars here alone, then those that do get accepted clog our already overburdened welfare system, hospital system, roads etc.

    • Christine McShane, The Asylum Seekers ARE NOT illegal and studies have proven that Asylum Seekers are more likely to gain employment than many Australians because they are willing to do any type of work. If we brought the couple of thousand Asylum Seekers from the concentration camps on Manus and Nauru to Australia the government would save billions of dollars and these unfortunate people who have lived through and seen things that most people couldn’t even imagine could try and get their lives back. Any person who thinks that the physical, psychological and sexual abuse that the LNP government allows to occur to the babies, toddlers, children, teens, women and men in these camps has no heart, no empathy and absolutely no understanding of the hell that these people are escaping. I truly despair for this country!

      • Guy Flavell  

        Oh Leonie, I’m sure you’re a lovely well-meaning person. It’s just such a pity to see someone so totally brainwashed by those greedy and totally dishonest refugee advocates and egged on by the mindless mantra of the loathsome Commie/Maoist Greens.

        Sadly, following 6 years of complete Labor mismanagement of the economy and a $667 billion residual debt, our country is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. Our welfare system is in shambles with 50% of the population on some form of Government hand-out. And all the Labor/Greens people can offer is constant obstructionary tactics against sensible budgetary repair.

        The situation on Manus and Nauru is NOT the present Government’s fault as you well know. But they now have to clean up this ‘black hole’ of unnecessary cost to the Oz taxpayers as quickly as possible. Mr. Dutton’s new legislation is a move in the right direction and will certainly put the despicable people smugglers out of business thank heavens. Sure, these ‘illegals’ cannot be maintained at our expense any longer (unwarranted luxury in my opinion).
        Minister Dutton should be sorting these people into ethnic groups, then dispatching them back to their countries of origin with an ex-gratia payment of say $2000 each to aid in their re-assimilation. They could then apply legally as genuine asylum seekers under the UN guidelines to say, New Zealand or Canada. Due to their own stupidity they have now lost any hope of reaching Australia (and our generous welfare hand-outs). Most of these people were single males on a ‘country shopping’ exercise. And formal Government research has indicated that the majority are illiterate and innumerate and virtually unemployable … a further welfare burden on our system.

        Leonie, we really have to be strict in this matter ( yeah, possibly somewhat harsh as you put it), but there are countless truly genuine refugees in camps all over the middle east that honestly deserve our assistance . Our 18750 pa immigrant intake (plus the 12,000 Syrians) of legal refugees is where all are efforts should be effectively directed. This intake needs to be strictly vetted to ensure successful assimilation … including a signed and sworn denial of all aspects of the dreadful
        Sharia laws … under threat of instant deportation for breach of same. As well, our priorities should be towards the desperate and horribly persecuted M/E Christian families who are far more worthy of our welfare assistance in these awful times.

        Now, a final payout on the root of your problem … those imbecilic Greens with their Maoist/Commie attitudes of open borders for Australia, climate change scare-mongering, hatred of the wealthy and classless societies. These morons would have us all wearing drab-green clothes and caps, chanting their idiotic mantra and living a near stone age existence. They have absolutely NO solutions to our budgetary problems whatsoever, are corruptly in bed with militant unions and display blatant
        communist attitudes to the way our country should be run. Leonie, they are a complete blight on this country and should be totally admonished and denounced by
        all sensible Australians.

  5. lurch  

    amen to the above, no short cuts or jumping the queue, you break our immigration laws so suffer the consequences.

  6. Gavin Weston N.F.P.  

    Australia has an existing immigration policy, and one that on a per capita basis is one of the most generous in the world. Why do we have to bow and give in to to these “immigrants” who cue jump paying exorbitant amounts and with their loud supporters demand entry regardless of their real political views. They are not prepared to try and help put things right in their own country. Why should the people of Australia be bullied either internally or externally by do gooders, who do not contribute to the cost of keeping these cue jumpers either within or without Australia. Each country has a right to look after their own people and affairs and if there are countries who in this day and age not prepared to look after their own people in a responsible manner then they should be held accountable to the rest of the world. Our planet is carrying just so many people there is not room for those people who want to disregard the people of other countries who have worked so hard to make a decent situation in their country for their own benefit. That there is a need for immigration is accepted, using the existing policies that are in place and well tried and true, in Australia’s case. We have a great success rate for immigrants.

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