Government says they have the proof that ‘Mediscare’ was rubbish

With one of the biggest topics during the last federal election being Medicare, the government is feeling validated in its

With one of the biggest topics during the last federal election being Medicare, the government is feeling validated in its claims that they are improving the service.

Health Minister Sussan Let has stated that more people are entirely funded by Medicare in the last financial year than anything that was achieved under Labor.  Out of the 145 million GP visits made during the 2015/2016 Financial year 123 million of them were fully paid for by the scheme.

‘Mediscare’ was a bring trending topic during the election as Labor was saying that there would be less funding under a Coalition government.

Sussan told ABC News “Across Australia there were 17 million more bulk billed GP attendances in the last 12 months, compared to Labor’s last full year in office”.  She continued “Medicare, that underpins universal, affordable access for all Australians is continuing to work very well, to spend very well — which is good because [what] it proves is we’re making that investment, $4 billion more in Medicare over the next four years.”

While there is still a lot of work left to do with Medicare the government is confident that they will deliver on the promises made in the election.  Sussan concluded by saying “It’s really bad news for Labor, that persists in trying to scare Australians that this Government is not investing in affordable health.”

What do you think about it?  Do you think there was any weight to the ‘Mediscare’? Do you believe the government is fulfilling it’s election promises?

  1. GP visit’s funded, bulk billing is not knew and not really Medicare motivated now. I am currently receiving medical tests and they do not seem to be covered by Medicare regardless of being on a pension. It is costing me a fortune I do not have to have necessary tests. The Turnbull Government has pilled the wool over our eyes big time. Congratulations to them, you had me fooled and I fell for it. Hope to win Tatts to cover my medical bills.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I agree Lynnette, and I just will not have the tests required as I can’t afford them. I found out with prescriptions, that if you don’t get GENERIC then it will cost you more. I was told by a pharmacy that depends each month on what the costs of not generic medicines are. I cannot take generic as they make me violently ill. What happens then, I will have to leave medication out.

  2. Pauline Westwood  

    If Mediscare was rubbish, how come the government commissioned a Productivity Commission inquiry on 21 April’. known as A public inquiry into the increased application of competition, contestability and informed user choice to human services – which is to include both health and education. it has also signed the Trans Pacific Partnership with 11 other countries, which when in force, will compel Australia to open up all government services to private enterprise. The successful tender will probably come mostly from huge US corporations, which can force us to hand over schools, hospitals, health funds, public transport, prisons, postal services, etc. to be run for profit, and which under ISDS clauses will be able to sue any Australian government which tries to regulate them. Medicare would be included.

  3. Noel Baxendell  

    The number of patients being bulked billed does not negate in any way Labor’s Mediscare campaign. It will only reinforce the view of conservatives that a co-payment is necessary. The Mediscare campaign worked because Turnbull directed the productivity commission to examine ways to privatise Medicare or part of it, because bulk-billing of pathology tests, Xrays and scans was to end the day before the election (this decision only deferred not abandoned). IMPORTANTLY Turnbull has not reversed his direction to the Productivity Commission to undertake a study of privatising Medicare, despite his commitment during the election that no part of Medicare would be privatised.

    • Exactly. The population continues to grow and that’s the reason why there are more payouts (but probably not many) which has nothing to do with Mediscare which was about the privatising of Medicare. Labor probably used the wrong word. “Demolishing” would probably have been more correct because while I believe they will privatise part of Medicare, the demolition will come from not covering more and more items until Medicare is just a hollow shell of what it was. A US style health system is on their Agenda and we’re well on the way to it already.

      The spin they put on things to look good is simply appalling. How do they sleep at night? Are we idiots? My daughter took her 8 year old for a series of blood tests. $200. A lot on a young family. Would have been free before July.

  4. The labor party did not get all of the medicare changes out in the public space, the extra charges to see the Dr, path tests and scans are all going to cost us, the lest well off in Australia . The pathology for a start is $5.00 EACH blood test I have a form for my next diabetes test coming up soon there are 7 blood test so you do the sums $5.00 X 7.My wife also has a form with the same number of tests $5.00 X 7 then add my blood costs on to it .Expensive day out I think not.

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Yes Labor had the right to voice the concerns for the older Australian people and it was correct what he was saying.
    What proof does the Govt have to say the Mediscare was rubbish??? No it was not rubbish as we older people are finding out now. And yes if Turnbull and LNP get their way he will sell Medicare? Turnbull is a liar, and I can’t believe people thought he was being honest.

  6. I would like to believe them but…but…they’ve lied about everything else! Also, the amount paid out by Medicare has nothing whatsoever to do with whether they’re privatising or getting rid of Medicare. I tend to think that Telstra now having a new arm called “Telstra Health” and the fact they haven’t stopped the company hired to find a buyer for our medical records when they said they wouldn’t go ahead with it (another lie) means they’re still intent in going ahead with it. Little bit by little bit, it will be privatised, downgraded, demolished until there’s nothing left. So no, I don’t believe anything they say, they are the most chronic liars of all time. And no shame about it!

  7. val martin  

    What people don’t seem to realise (or perhaps even care about) is that the Medicare levy, as it currently stands only pays half the cost of providing cover for many tests & procedures. The other half comes from Consolidated Revenue (the rest of our taxes). The levy would have to double for Medicare to pay its way. Heaven knows how high the levy would need to be to cover ALL medical tests & procedures. Mediscare showed quite dramatically that almost no one is prepared to pay more for Medicare. Labor knows that voters are far more interested in their hip-pocket nerve than almost anything else & misused this in a completely dishonest manner. As to privatising Medicare, tell me who would buy a business that pays out twice what it earns??? Only someone who believes Mediscare!!!

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