Government attempts to pay asylum seekers to go home

The Federal Government believes that double the offer to asylum seekers to return home is the best course of action.

The Federal Government believes that double the offer to asylum seekers to return home is the best course of action. Recently, to try to encourage asylum seekers to leave they have increased the regular offer of $10,000 to $20,000 each if they leave.

The offer was increased after the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court ruled that detaining asylum seekers are illegal. Ian Rintoul, the spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, told the ABC “It’s a huge amount of money to try to coerce people to return home”. At this stage, no one has taken the offer.

Around one thousand asylum seekers are in detention on Manus Island, and while the Government did state, there was support available for the detainees they didn’t say how much. A spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection stated: “Limited support is available to assist people to return to their home country including with travel arrangements and reintegration which includes some financial support”. With the level of support being offered being based on “individual circumstances.”

Ian believes that the fact that no one is taking the offer is “a clear indication that the vast majority of people who are on Manus Island are genuine refugees with genuine fears about persecution in their home country.” He added, “They have suffered appalling human rights breaches for almost three years on Manus Island.”

The detention centre has been the target of public scrutiny because of the poor living conditions for the detainees. Ian concludes “The Government is offering large amounts of as an inducement for them to return home and they can’t get people to accept it. It’s one of the clearest indications that people are motivated by genuine fears.”

What do you think about the government’s offer? Should that money be used to settle the asylum seekers in Australia?

  1. Wayne Murphy  

    Ian Rintoul needs to stop blugding off the people of the South Pacific

  2. Anne Wolski  

    I think this government is disgraceful in all respects. They are only interested in lining their own pockets and couldn’t give a rat’s arse about human rights

  3. Tanner  

    Give them more, it will be much cheaper and safer on the long run.

    • Marg  

      Come on now, get real, you are joking of course, then they go home then come back again, make a career out of it. What a waste of taxpayers money, no wonder Australia is broke. With the government bludging on us, ie, abusing the system, wasting our money as though it belongs to them. We are screwed. Pauline needs to become PM. They can’t be bothered staying in their own country and fixing the problems, they would rather come to the free country, get everything for free , whereas the majority of Australians are doing it tough, because of the government, what a joke., young families are finding it almost impossible to rent a house or get a job , the word racist is used far too often, I think that is their magic word , use it and get what you want, guaranteed. So sick of this country being flushed into the sewer.

  4. Justin Tyme  

    Considering the cost of processing them for a stay on Manus, plus the cost of keeping them there, then the possible cost of relocation to Australia, then the cost of retraining, then the annual cost until they have a job, then the ongoing maintenance cost, as we know the majority won’t integrate into society we should up the anti. To pay them to return to their home could save the Australian taxpayer an average of around $500,000 per person. Pay them $25O,000 to go home and save money.

  5. Good idea. Most are from Indonesia so they aren’t refugees and it will save millions in the long term.

  6. As much as this is a dreadful situation, for these, and many other peoples around the World. Just look a Turkey, and France and Germany. What are we doing offering tax payers money to these people. When my husbands family came to Australia, in the early 50’s; like so many other emmigrants groups, at the time; they were given Nothing…they had to make their own way in life, in this country. As my ancestors also had to do…No one helped and supported them. As has been the case since convict times. It makes us who We are. If We give these people everything; they not apprecate it. They won’t care that its come out of the pockets, of All working Australians. Who they do not respect…because they don’t know us. They have just grabbed on to the first ‘life preserver’ that’s come along. And who can blame them…Stop the wars.
    There are Australians doing it tough in this country at the moment, and I don’t see the governments offering them $20,000 to leave (They might get too many takers)We were All migrants once…even the aborigines are migrants…STOP giving Our money away to overseas, where it will be spent….This whole ‘turn the boats back’ senario has been a PR stunt, to bring more people into this country; because our wonderful leaders in the past, didn’t check the population growth stats in the 60’s; now leaving us with an ageing population; a huge country that we can’t fill ( because we only want white angle saxons); and Infrastructure that we need, but can’t raise the taxes ( small population ) to pay for the Infrastructure we need for growth. And so we go round and round…. It’s all about the financal system we now live by…Its not working for Australia; Its not working for the World at this time. We need to find another System to run the World by. At the moment, the financial system, running the world; is in recession, and has been for some time. The current financial problems cannot be solved by printing money. Do we really want to go to another world war to try and solve our financial woes…No to that one. Lets try an find a better System to run our lives…All those economic boffins out there, must have some better ideas, for us to live and work by…

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