World leaders pay tribute to the Queen on her Sapphire Jubilee.

She is the longest reigning monarch in England's history and shines in a glamorous new portrait.

It is a time to celebrate her majesty Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates her 65th year on the throne.  Cannon salutes roared across London, Wales, and Scotland while leaders of Commonwealth countries issued their praises to the Queen.

The Sapphire Jubilee of the Queen marks a historic moment in time as she becomes the first monarch in England’s history to reign this long.  While the date of the Queen’s coronation is the 2nd of June, it was today in 1952 that she learned of her father King George VI’s passing and her accession to the throne.  She and Philip were on tour to Australia and New Zealand via Kenya at the time.

To mark her 65 years on the throne a new portrait has been unveiled by photographer David Baily.  The photo was taken in 2014 on the Queen’s 88th birthday but had not been released to the public.

While many leaders and celebrities have sent letters of congratulations to The Queen on her Sapphire Jubilee, neither Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull or Opposition leader Bill Shorten have passed on their good wishes to the Queen at this time.

Do you remember what you were doing when the Queen took the throne? Do you think that our leaders should have been at the head of the line to congratulate the Queen?

  1. Valerie Woods  

    Yes I do think they both show extremely poor manners if this is true and not just journalists prater!!!! Republican or not Our Queen deserves recognition for her long years of service to us all..

    • Jennie Law  

      I agree whole heartedly with you Valerie Disgusting of both those men I daresay they will be shamed into saying something Never did have much faith in either of them and this just proves what standard they have taken in life’s problems ALL ABOUT ME One has money and one does not but neither care about the people around them or how they got to where they are now.
      I feel very ashamed

  2. Dianne  

    Yes I do believe they both should have ackowledged this remarkable achievement. I am ashamed of them both, but especially our Prime Minister. It is a long, long way from a Republic yet, Mr Turnbull.

  3. Faye Carey  

    Extremely rude of our political leaders,

  4. Natasham_Atthews  

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  5. Sue B  

    Why can’t your reporters get people’s names correct? The photographer is David BAILEY (the same as my brother), not BAILY – what an insult to him and his name.

  6. Nancy Brenton  

    I can remember the day King George Vl passed. My Dad came hurrying home from work saying he’d heard on the radio – he was very upset. In the leadup to the Queens Coronation I designed dresses that I thought would be appropriate for her to wear. None of my designs were as beautiful as the dress she wore!

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