Gina Rinehart teams up with Chinese to try and buy huge Aussie cattle station

You might remember hearing about the Federal Government rejecting Chinese bids for the massive Kidman & Co cattle property? Well,

You might remember hearing about the Federal Government rejecting Chinese bids for the massive Kidman & Co cattle property?

Well, now Kidman has a new bidder – and this time it’s a joint bid between Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart and Chinese-owned real estate property Shanghai CRED.

If successful the $365 million joint bid would see Rinehart’s company Hancock Prospecting  own two-thirds of the company and the Chinese own a third.

The bid has divided Australian politicians, with independent Jacqui Lambie claiming the Chinese were using Rinehart to buy the property.

Her comments have been dismissed by several politicians including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce – a friend of Rinehart’s.

“I think she’s (Lambie) talking out of her hat,” he said.

But he insists he hasn’t discussed the matter with the mining magnate or her staff.

“I want to make sure this is completely and utterly at arms length,” he told ABC radio.

Joyce said he likes the idea of Kidman being Australian-majority owned.

“I want to drive around the countryside, drive around the suburbs saying this is overwhelmingly owned by Australians.,” he said.

What about the Opposition?

Well, Labor senator Doug Cameron decided to focus on Rinehart’s donations to the Nationals party.


“You should ask her best mate Barnaby Joyce. He’ll probably know all about what Gina Rinehart is doing,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“Gina Rinehart had to hire a tip-truck to tip the money off to the National party during the last election.”

Meanwhile, former Labor treasurer Wayne Swan said there was some risk in investors with interests such as mining buying the property.

“I think we need to be concerned when we get monopolies taking over large parts of our economy,” he told reporters.

But the crossbenchers are mostly in support.

Senator Nick Xenophon described Rinehart’s intervention as a middle way which made sense.

He too dismissed Lambie’s claims.

“I think Gina Rinehart is pretty much uncontrollable,” he said.

Xenophon believes foreign investment reforms are still needed though.

Pauline Hanson has also had her two-cents, celebrating on her Facebook page by stating her faith in Gina Rinehart and her love for Australia.

“I believe Australians will be happy with this outcome given the vast majority of the company remains in the hands of Australia,” she wrote.

“Ms Rinehart has my full support and gratitude.

“I won’t stand in the way of an Australian buying the country’s largest cattle property. It’s a great outcome for Australia.”

But some of her supporters were less happy about the support.

“You have to be an idiot to think Gina having anything is a ‘good thing’,” one of her followers wrote.

“If you say so Pauline but a lot of us have different opinions about Gina, I just hope she keeps it for what it is today,” another wrote.

So, what’s next?

It turns out, Rinehart and Shanghai CRED still have a few hoops to jump through first.

The sale will need to be pass the test of Australia’s foreign investment regime.

It will also need to be approved by the Chinese government.

What do you think? Do you support Gina Rinehart’s joint bid with the Chinese company? Or are you concerned?



  1. Phil Spencer  

    Every time I see that woman I am reminded that you can’t put lipstick on a pig!

    • Diana  

      That is a horrible and sexist thing to say – bet you are no where near as successful as Gina Rinehart is! How many people do you employ?

      • Jayne  

        She wasn’t successful.
        As an only child, she was handed her wealth on a silver platter, from her father.
        SHE didn’t ‘work’ for it.

        There’s a few more things I could say about her, but my good manners’ prevent me from doing so……..

    • Robyn  

      Lovely comment .. intelligent too !!

  2. Fadila  

    When it comes to such a massive food source that concerns the major population government should be having major control
    This is what governments do govern for the good of the people not getting paid to shut their traps

    • Rob  

      GR has so much money, she’s gotta spend it somehow, $365m is a drop in the bucket for her. At least it’ll keep in Australian controlling hands.

  3. Graham  

    What restrictions will the Aust. Govt. put on Rinehart so that she may not divest herself of her 67% partnership to the Chinese at a later date???

  4. heather  

    Maybe the government could buy say 1/5 the Australian public ask to invest to buy 1/5 and the Rhinhardt’s have 2/5th’s and Chinese 1/5th the control would be across all interested parties and can not be sold without all interested parties voting

  5. Diana  

    This is great news – good on Gina Rinehart for investing at home and in local agriculture!

  6. Mark S  

    I 100% support Gina Rinehart acquiring Kidman. She is a great Australian – one of our best and most successful. All power and best wishes to her.

  7. Jennifer  

    Why has she got to ‘tie up’ with the Chinese?
    They own too much of our Country, as it is.
    They couldn’t invade us, now they’re getting it by stealth!

    I hope FIRB, ACCC, & any other required Govt Regulatory body is watching her moves’ with eagle eyesight.

    Don’t trust her.
    Look what she did to her kids’ over their inheritances.

  8. Gazz  

    Jennifer, one of their newspapers (remember everything is at least part Govt. owned in China) suggested they militarily teach us a lesson for “interfering” in the South China Sea – I think they called us a paper tiger.

    Who cares what leftie Doug Cameron thinks.

    We need something to stop the Chinese partner ending up with the whole lot, later on. Wake up Aust. Govt.!!

  9. Gill  

    This is good news for Australia, we are lucky Gina Rinehart chooses to invest in her own country.

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