Gina Rinehart has a message for Australia

Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has delivered a speech urging the Australian government to follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps and adopt
Gina Rinehart has given her thoughts on Donald Trump.

Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has delivered a speech urging the Australian government to follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps and adopt similar policies to avoid economic disaster.

Ms Rinehart was speaking at an event for the mining industry yesterday when she warned Australia needed to cut the red tape, cut tax, take a similar approach to Trump in running the country.

“People close to the president-elect and his campaign advised that their countrymen told them they wanted, firstly, less government tape, secondly less taxation, and for the USA to grow and be economically strong again, and provide more sustainable jobs,” she said, reports The Australian

“And how exciting, this is exactly what the president-elect, and his team, are advising they want to ­deliver for America and its struggling economy.

“In addition to wanting to ­deliver secure borders, a safer country and less government debt. Trump’s team members advised that the president-elect wants to cut federal government tape by 50 per cent in his first months of ­office, and that he wants to cut company tax to 15 per cent. What a kickstart to the American economy that will provide!”

She went on to say the power of the people needed to prevail to let the government know this was what they wanted.

“If only we were hearing similar policies from our own government,” she said. “We need to let our government know this would be good for Australians too.

“Unfortunately for Australia, government regulation and red tape is one of our biggest industries and it is growing.”

While some have come out in support of Gina’s stance, others have been left fuming and say the last thing we need is act like Donald Trump.

Some have also questioned how these policies would help pensioners who are already struggling to make ends meet and say we need the same level of tax we have now to fund our welfare system to support them.

Do you agree with Gina? Or does Australia need to avoid Trump-like policies?

  1. Jan  

    Gina has raped our land never paid fair share of tax. miserable woman even her family dont like her. These people do not do anything that they wont profit by. Damn the rest of Australia. Trump will fall on his sword or his gun.

    • patsy evans  

      You have no idea what tax she pays as well as contributes to this country that is ndver published….how many people fo you employ and what do you contribute to our country expect a very acid outlook on life. Go outside and smell the roses.

    • Colin connally  

      What a load of rubbish you are saying ,Gina has done a lot of good for this country employed lots of people as well,and to say her family don’t like her it’s her greedy children ,that want want want for doing nothing .
      Give us a break and Trump is there for a long time get used to it

      • Joan Marshall  

        Colin Connally Gina has done a lot for Australia which she never talks about and that is Christian to never talk of the good you do. A lot of people are envious of the rich because they do have the backbone to work hard instead of depending on the tax payer for handouts. The Social Security system encourages lazy people unmarried Mothers to go on producing children which they trade off with Social Security. A Donald Trump would do wonders for Australia.

  2. Ray Beattie  

    Naturally she is speaking through her bank account! If the government was more proactive in building Australia rather than flogging it off to outsiders, we might have a chance? Why don’t you put some of your wealth back into Australia? After all you won’t have anything if not for what you have taken out of the Australia which in some respect belonged to all Australians!

  3. Alan Stibbs  

    Will she cut her ties with China as Trump is calling for in the US.

    • Bluebell51  

      She has obviously missed his speeches about the way to treat women ….. !! Maybe there is more to this support than meets the eye ….
      Only time will tell the effect his policies will have on the US and the rest of us. I am fearful.

  4. Bev  

    The taxes Gina has avoided over the years would fund a healthy pension scheme for all.

    • Barry  

      Those tax loopholes are made by and supported by government. She is only doing what the law lets her and every smart person to do. May not be ethical, but legal.

  5. Denise Keatley  

    I can’t for the life of me understand why people want to destroy the biggest employers in Australia, where do you think the jobs come from that we have, and yes she does pay taxes, not at the rate we do but a bloody lot more than any any of her workers, she pays 10% superannuation, for everyone she employs BAS and probably a lot more the average worker does. Obviously most of you have never been employers

    • Wiso  

      Hear, hear !!! Excellent response.

      I am forever amazed at the ignorant comments made on here about our tall poppies. Some research and general knowledge would go a long way to more informed comments.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Denise I have come across ignorant people who say the Liberal Party are for the rich. Without the rich there would be no jobs so do not bite the hand that feeds you. Gina Rhinehart is the rich who employ the people without people like her we would be doomed. Gina’s greedy children want money for doing nothing. If they were my children they would work for every penny they get from me and that is the way to teach your children the value of money.

  6. Yvonne  

    They are successful people who employ a lot of people! We need employment to keep the economy running. Perhaps it is time to stop whining and try something different, because, what we have now is certainly NOT working!!

    • Vicki Wolstencroft  

      Yes I agree, maybe it is time to try something new to get this country back on track again! At least give Donald a go. Lets see how his polcies will work once they are implemented.

  7. Elizabeth Gardner  

    All this from a person who not only has enough money to support three small countries, but now is partnering with the Chinese to by huge tracts of land in Australia with her name on it because they are not allowed to buy it themselves. How dare she tell any one in this country what to believe and what not to believe when did she become the voice of Australia.? Anyone who would sell out our own country to the Chinese to make more money is despicable. I always admired her but not any more. As for Trump she can have him he is an idiot and already planning how to dump on Australia. They are a good pair.

    • lurch  

      One word covers her motives very well MONEY

  8. Guy Flavell  

    Mostly sensible, balanced and intelligent comments on this article … well done everyone.
    Gina is a fine Australian, employs countless Aussies and pays mind-boggling amounts
    of taxation. Her advice to Government should not be taken lightly and definitely makes
    good sense.

  9. Len Robinson  

    Didn’t this woman expound the importing and use of 457 workers? She could have been employing Australians instead.

    • Probably would have but all the people collecting government benefits don’t want to get their hands dirty and don’t want to leave the city just sit around and get paid millions of the bludgers

  10. Joan Marshall  

    Stop picking on Gina she may be doing charity that no one knows about. People are quick to say her own family do not like her. Gina’s family may be wanting everything for nothing because she is a Billionaire. The way to teach your children the value of money is to make them work for it first. By handing money to family they are likely to blow the money to the winds then come back for more.I see Gina taking an interest in Australia’s economy perhaps she has learned from saying she wanted to get people from third world countries to work for her. This is wrong but hopefully we have the immigration process that stops her from doing that. On the other hand we have Australians who do not want to work because their standards of living are so low they are quite happy to live on the dole which irritates me because it is our taxes that support these laggards. It is six of one and half a dozen of the other.

  11. christine  

    would happily start listening to gina when she gets out of bed with the chinese and acts in the good of the country not for the good of gina and th chinese. and lets not kid ourselves donald brags about not paying taxes and gina and her ilk have never paid their fare share. agan when she acts like an australian then people might give her a hearing. i have honestly never heard of a story where she is giving only takng, but if those who are defending her know better please share

  12. Rosemary Lynch  

    this woman need to pay us for the wealth she pulls out of OUR land, she needs to pay a resource tax, income tax, company tax. I understand she learned from her self-educated dad that Nicolas Ceaucescu was an heroic leader, but Gina, human rights are important, not fomenting hatred and fear is important.
    Read up about the real world and learn.

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