George Pell blasts ‘unjust’ Senate in open letter

The Cardinal has aired his grievances with the government
The cardinal is currently living in Rome.

Cardinal George Pell has written a letter to the Senate asking them to leave him alone and accusing them of waging an “extraordinary and unjust” attack against him.

On Friday, the upper house passed a motion put forward by the Greens calling for Pell to return to Australia to face allegations of misconduct.

Pell’s letter to the Senate, which was read out in parliament, said they were using parliamentary privilege to interfere with a “police investigation”.

“The use of parliamentary privilege to attack me on this basis is both extraordinary and unjust,” the letter read.

“Given that the investigation is ongoing, any calls from the Senate for my return to Australia can only be perceived as an interference on the part of the Senate in the due process of the Victoria Police investigation.

“Any fair-minded person would conclude that I have made every effort to be available to the royal commission and to Victoria Police to assist with their inquiries.”

Pell has not been asked to return to Australia by Victorian police.

Last year, the senior ranking Catholic clergyman appeared via video link from Rome to testify at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

“It is unjust and seriously misleading to link all offences and allegations against church personnel to me,” he said in the letter .

“I strongly believe that I should be permitted the same due process as any other Australian in an ongoing investigation, and that the Senate’s interference in that regard is extraordinary,” he said.

“I call on the Senate to move to withdraw its call for me to return to Australia.”

What are your thoughts? Should Pell return to Australia to face investigation? Or should he be able to stay in Rome?

  1. Harry  

    I’d say he is bloody scared of the consequences.

  2. BILL  


  3. Monica  

    He should have to return to Australia this is people’s ruined childhood that we are talking about, very very serious and heartbreaking for people concerned, any one else would be ordered to face a jury.

  4. Mike Montgomery  

    Why is he hiding in Rome, If he has nothing to fear because he is just a man doing his job, then come home and help sort out the lives of all those who have been living in shame and guilt ( through no fault of there own ) The Catholic church should insist he is made to return.

  5. [email protected]  

    This piece of evil should spend the rest of his life in prison, not hiding in Rome and living in luxury So many lives ruined, so much pain inflicted.

  6. David Allen  

    What happened on your watch is your responsibility, Cardinal.

  7. Guy Flavell  

    Why should this 50 yo smear by a couple of low-life crims (egged on by the
    loony Greens) be any reason whatsoever for an esteemed Cardinal of the
    Catholic church to return to Australia to answer such claptrap ?

    • Susan Bell  

      Esteemed? Despised more likely and the complainants are not low life crims they are people whose lives have been destroyed by the Church. You need to read up on why sexual abuse cases take so long to be brought out into the open. You need to learn compassion, perhaps volunteering for a support group could be your punishment.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Susan, these two guys were low-life grubs. Read up on their criminal charge
        sheets. They were simply trying to cash in on the problems facing the Catholic
        Church. I’m absolutely NOT defending in any way the many, many crimes
        of paedophilia by Catholic priests over several decades. I’m just so disgusted
        with the press and the Greens going after the most senior Catholic this country
        has ever produced … especially when they have absolutely NO evidence of
        his involvement in same.

    • Paul Goldfinch  

      Guy- I have read many of your posts regarding various matter. You have some strange ideas but what you have said here is nothing more than crap. He is not esteemed in any thing he has done and I don’t think you would find anyone who would support him. I trust the Police will obtain sufficient evidence to have issued a warrant for his arrest and in time he is brought back to this Country , perhaps he will die first but that would not help his victims. The Catholic Church is hubristic and one day will be brought down. They have enough money to put paid to most of the worlds poverty but do nothing.

      • Guy Flavell  

        “Nothing more than crap” … surely nowhere near as bad as the garbage articles
        you’ve written for Starts at 60 my friend. Your loony left-wing biases are obviously
        the reason SAS now refuse to print any more of your nonsense.

        • Bazz  

          Completely agree with Guy. This bloke writes utter crap.

          • Paul Goldfinch  

            Thanks Bazz for you reply. Cant please everyone all the time but pleased to say you appear in the very s
            mall minority and you are entitled to your opinion. Have a good day.

        • Paul Goldfinch  

          Thanks Guy for your reply. I trust you will enjoy my next piece of trash you obviously read them. Have a good day.

  8. Rod Tonkin  

    Without George Pell’s actions on becoming Arch Bishop of Melbourne the whole issue would have still been swept under the carpet. Blaming him for the actions of others shows little appreciation of the issue.

  9. Paul Hoolihan  

    I thought that we had a system of justice which declared a person innocent until proven “Guilty”. Perhaps the ignorant Senate, (unrepresentative swill) should wait until Police enquiries are complete. If they wish to speak to Cardinal Pell direct, they can request his return. As a Lawyer, I have always had an aversion to people who remember things in their past which can result in them being paid money. Figure it out for yourself.

  10. A. Dunn  

    Yes he should return to Australia .

  11. Yes he should be returned to Australia and be handed a harsher penaltie than nomal considering what he stood for and the trust that people and children had in him. (String him up.)

    • David Allen I take it that you hold all wives responsible for husbands who molest their kids?
      and K should parents be handed harsher penalties because of the trust factor?

    • Guy Flavell  

      “String him up” … ooh K, the effects of your lobotomy never cease to amaze me.
      Matey, having part of your brain removed really hasn’t helped much I’m sad to say.

  12. Roger Roberts  

    Interesting that we here poor me from Pell but no apologies to his victims or even an acknowledgment of wrong doing. Does he think the world hasn’t heard his victims.

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