George and Charlotte steal the show as royal family attends church

Young Prince George and Princess Charlotte have absolutely stolen the show as they attended a Christmas church service with nearly
The young royals were on their best behaviour.

Young Prince George and Princess Charlotte have absolutely stolen the show as they attended a Christmas church service with nearly the entire royal family.

The youngsters were on their best behaviour as they walked hand in hand with their parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with the rest of the royals in tow.

Catherine wore a stunning maroon coat with fur trim and matching heels, while William looked dapper in a thick wool coat.

George and Charlotte were adorable in outfits that perfectly matched their parents, with little George in a grey jacket and Charlotte sporting maroon tights to match her mum.

While their both known for their energetic antics – William has called George a “rascal” in the past – both happily carried around candy canes and sat quietly during the service.

With most of the royals in attendance, one of notably absent – the Queen.

The palace released a statement saying Her Majesty was still battling the cold that stopped her from travelling to Sandringham earlier in the week for Christmas.

She later went by helicopter once she had recovered a little, but was too unwell to go to church this year.

“Her Majesty The Queen will not attend church at Sandringham this morning,” the palace said.

“The Queen continues to recover from a heavy cold and will stay indoors to assist with her recovery.

“Her Majesty will participate in the Royal Family Christmas celebrations during the day.”

However, there were plenty of other royals there with Prince Harry stopping to greet well-wishers who had waited in the cold for a glimpse of the royals.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wore their Christmas best, with red headpieces to add a little colour to the day.

Kate’s family were also guests, with her parents, sister Pippa and brother James all smiles as they made their way into the church.

Little George and Charlotte were no doubt spoilt with plenty of amazing presents yesterday with Kate revealing last week that she already had a very special teddy bear for each of them under the tree.

Are you a fan of the royal family? Is it nice to see them all out together like this?

  1. Mila Yates  

    No not a fan. I get tired of the media focussing on royalty. They are only people there by accident of birth. I would like Australia to be a republic before the queen dies as the argument that we can only think about the method as to how we will elect our own Australian head of state will be mired in the funeral and mourning period after she goes. After all as the the saying goes, “the queen is dead, long live the king”. And do we really need to bring up the vacuous argument about how cute/adorable and sweet George and Charlotte are (oh, and George just might make a good head of state) in about 30 years time (when Charles is dead).

    • Glenda Cadwallader  

      Yes I am a fan and your winging is very negative and boring. There are some lovely people in that family.. Imagine the negative people like you that the queen has had to endure in her long life all in the public arena. She has been an amazing person over her 70 years in the top seat. Very focused lady. . You have been negative in one sense and then think maybe George may make a good leader. Do you really know !!

      • Kaye Mitchell  

        I agree with you Glenda

        • Robert Green  

          Got my vote too Glenda. We all have our positions in life by accident of birth. Some use them well, like most of the royals, others work to overcome it like the rest of us and some whinge like Mola about the others.

          Additionally, the royal family is by far the biggest tourist attraction in the world, so, be quiet and work on you own position, Mila.

          • marilyn flynn  

            goodness me, what a load of sentimental rubbish. They are there by an accident of birth. They are NOT -clever, well educated, funny, smart, intelligent or good looking. They are an incredible bunch of boring mediocre ordinary people who happen to have been given lots of money, power and privilege.
            I wish the media would stop this sycophantic gushing over them. It is really tedious.
            Viva the republic!

  2. Joyce  

    I’m sorry to contradict you but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the two youngsters were at a completely different church to all the other royals. They are spending their Christmas with Kate’s family.

    • Jennifer Marsden  

      That ‘s e a toy what I thought. Hang on the Cambridge’s weren’t even there yet the article quite makes it out that they were all together!

  3. Diandra  

    Catherine, William and the children were not with the rest of the Royal. They attended church with catherin’s family. Not at Sandringham.

    • Jessica  

      Learn how to use correct Grammar, & to SPELL!
      ……’Church’ has a capital ‘C’….

      • Diandra  

        Oh for goodness sake. I am SO sorry. I realised what I had done after posting and are unable to correct. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you as well.

      • Diandra  

        Re check the pronunciation in your own comment while you at correcting everybody else.

  4. Lyn.  

    Can either Gok or Trinney and Suzanna get hold of Andrews girls and give them a wardrobe overhaul.

    • They are a pair of shockers don’t they have any mirrors

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Prince Andrew’s daughters like their Mother have a weight problem and Oh yes they need to have an overhaul of their wardrobes.

  6. Dianne  

    I’m new to ‘Starts at 60’, though actually I’m still a few months shy of that number. I do enjoy some of your articles but for some I really must respectfully request that you leave the ‘INVENTED’ stories for those trashy women’s magazines. It has been widely reported that the Duke and Duchess were not at Sandringham but had chosen instead to attend church services with Katherine’s family. Even the captions on photos you have used state different places and churches. Truth and integrity should be the measure of this site please. The fact that we are getting older does not mean we are loosing our grip on reality.

  7. Annie  

    While they’re both known for their energetic antics

  8. Nancy Brenton  

    My goodness – someone needs to sharpen up their information as to where the Royals were – definitely not all at Sandringham. Loved see the photos though.

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