Furious Peta Credlin lashes out at Malcolm Turnbull

It looks like there’s no love lost between Peta Credlin and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with the former Liberal staffer

It looks like there’s no love lost between Peta Credlin and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with the former Liberal staffer lashing out at the PM on television last night.

Ms Credlin was appearing on Andrew Bolt’s show on Sky News as part as her role as the station political commentator when she launched her attack on the man who ousted her friend and former boss Tony Abbott.

In a heated segment, she accused Mr Turnbull of running a “lacklustre” campaign and “breaking the Liberal Party’s heart”.

She also said she felt vindicated after all the critism she copped as Mr Abbott’s chief of staff when he was prime minister.

“At least he won an election,” she said, having a dig at Mr Turnbull and the core group of supporters that plotted to oust Mr Abbott.

“I feel justified in putting this out there because, you know what? Everyone’s had a crack at me and the advice I gave the prime minister – Tony Abbott – but at least he won an election,” Ms Credlin said.

“Arthur Sinodinos, James McGrath, Scott Ryan – they’re the ones that were at least in the Senate and kept their seats. Wyatt Roy, Peter Hendy – that collective brains-trust that sat there and undid Tony Abbott, I don’t think have been giving the prime minister great advice.”

While she championed Mr Abbott as a great campaigner, she conceded that he was not popular among voters and said it would be “pretty tough” for him to make a comeback as PM.

“He worked so hard for six years to get them in to a position of a landslide victory and seats and an agenda, and the only one really who had a plan for debt and deficit repair,” she said.

“Why would he do it? Because that hapless group of bedwetters are just as likely to see another couple of polls and say thanks Tony, but no thanks.

“That wonderful victory that they had in September 2013, where they had the faith and trust of the Australian people behind them, has been squandered in a term of infighting.

“We swore it would never happen to us, and it took us two years before we pulled ourselves apart.

“If the mainstream parties wonder why people are leaving them in droves, this is why.”

What do you think about Peta Credlin’s words? Is she onto something?

  1. Kevin Bray  

    Bolt & Credlin, 2 of the 3 stooges, Abbott’s the 3rd. All are oxygen thieves!!!!

    • Michael  


      As stooges they are all very well educated.

      • Fred McGrady  

        Well educated at the tax payers expense, think about it.

  2. Michelle  

    She’s spot on as far as I’m concerned. Even the most rusted on Turnbull supporter would have trouble arguing the Turnbull government a huge success or this election an inspiring Turnbull win.

    • Murray  

      Yep. Disappointing result but the libs are still in with a hope. With Mr Abbott at the helm we would be calling Mr Shorten the PM.

  3. Maggie  

    Peta Credlin by all accounts played a massive part in the downfall of Tony Abbott’s government. Therefore all those “bedwetters” were forced into a corner. Take responsibility Peta Credlin for your part that helped ” tear the government apart”. Tony may have been a great campaigner but failed miserably in government.

  4. Vicky Williamson  

    I agree – if you don’t, read the book “THE ROAD TO RUIN” it explains an awful lot. Turnbull was given a poison chalice as was JULIE Bishop… Credlin has a lot to explain.

  5. Janelle Tompson  

    Peta Credlin is on-point here. The Australian people became disgruntled after the ousting of Kevin Rudd by Julia Gillard & then again after their revengeful reversal of roles… This is just NOT the Aussie way! The Australian electorates voiced their disapproval, with many labour diehards even losing belief in their party’s ability to lead the nation… and then the Liberal/Coalition seized the opportunity, led a strong campaign & won the attention of the voting majority. It was hoped that theyd would lead the nation out of the financial & political mess it had fallen into… it has hoped that they would work towards regaining international respect… [after the charade of Rudd’s international performance] but they too, have let down Australia by continuing on with Labour’s game of ‘musical chairs’ with the leadership. Seriously disappointing! When the opportunity came, the voters voiced their disgust by either turning away from the major parties. Wake up, Canberra!… this is not the dark ages, where the masses were illiterate, being easily manipulated and controlled. The Australian people are intelligent, educated thinkers, who have fought for their democratic voice and will not tolerate the games that have been played, that have had such devastating consequences on our country.

    • Luke wensing  

      What do you mean “wake up canberra”?
      The pollies have no idea of what its like her. Canberra sets no agenda or policy. Thats done elsewhere (in cabinets and dark rooms!). This city hosts the parliament. You out there voted for all but 4 of them
      They are our guests! So dont blame Canberra!

  6. Keri Roberts  

    Aw PETA why the long face?

  7. bruce taylor  

    This woman is really one of the main reasons that Abbot was ousted in the first place. I for one decided that I would never vote for any party which had her as an adviser to any of their candidates.

  8. People….let’s face it…World politics is nothing more than concentrated lies all to line pockets with gold…excluding those that are most in need….the lesson to be learnt here is…IF YOU WISH TO ENTER POLITICS, YOU MUST BE A PROLIFIC AND CONVINCING LIAR…END OF STORY.

  9. Maree Adams  

    Gee I must have blinkers; i watch Bolt Monday to Thursday and Jones and Co and frankly I admire and respect Credlin for calling a spade a spade. She doesnt suffer fools & it could be said a bit self righteous BUT I think her comments last night were justified – the leadership spill was proved to be unpopular on Sat, My husband & I wish she was a contender for PM because she has more backbone the Turnbull. His disrespect keeping us waiting till midnight Sat with a suspicion he wasnt going to front at all, then more waiting whilst he fiddled in the back room & no mention of the lost sitting members.Every evening I was complaining about him not standing up to the onslaught of dirty tactics of the unions and ALP. I think Malcolm got what he deserved & he has no where to hide now. Even
    Shorten wouldnt want the government we are about to see. Our country and our AAA has gone to the dogs and I am furious. We pay peanuts,, we got monkeys


    • Janette Smith  

      Very inclined to agree with you, Maree

    • Janette Smith  

      Very inclined to agree with you, Maree

    • Jobson growth  

      Really! We don’t need a PM who can defend himself or herself or the party from criticism. We need a party and a leader who can protect this country from the greedy claws of neoliberal capitalism. Just because we’ve been told it’s a good thing doesn’t make it true and the trickle down effect is a myth.

  10. William  

    Unfortunately this is angry rhetoric from a disappointed furious inane woman. Regardless T ABBOTT was unpopular and as inane as Credlin. Australian politics has nose dived into a disgusting name calling, character assasination environment.

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