Friends reveal how Betty White plans to celebrate her 95th birthday

Ever thought about how you’d celebrate your 95th birthday? Well, it turns out Betty White has spent some time thinking
Betty White celebrates her 95th birthday on January 17! Source: YouTube

Ever thought about how you’d celebrate your 95th birthday?

Well, it turns out Betty White has spent some time thinking about it ahead of the big 95 next week!

The legendary funny woman turns 95 on January 17 – and her birthday plans will have you wish you were partying with her!

Betty has appeared on the front cover of US magazine Closer Weekly ahead of her birthday – and friends have dished out to the mag about how the actress plans on marking the occasion.

“She says she wants to have some girls over and play a friendly game of poker,” one friend told the magazine.

“And she wants to indulge in one — just one — vodka tonic. That would be a perfect birthday in her eyes.”

And it looks like Betty has no plans of stopping at just 95 birthdays!

One of her dearest friends, her former housekeeper Edna McNair said the birthday girl was hoping for many more birthdays to come.

“Last I talked to her we were teasing each other about how long we’re going to live,” she told Closer.

“We said we want to be like Moses and live to be 120!”

You might be wondering, how on earth does she do it?

Well, not only does Betty reportedly enjoy crosswords and twice weekly exercise, it was also famously revealed that the secret to her longevity was hot dogs and vodka.

“Every single morning she reads the Los Angeles Times cover to cover, along with a couple other newspapers,” her friend Tom Sullivan told Closer.

“And she always does at least two full crossword puzzles every day.

“She watches golf on Sundays, and then she’ll call me and say, ‘I’ve been working on my golf swing in the living room and I just can’t get my flat-iron swing right!'”

How could you not love Betty White?!

What would you say to Betty White on her 95th birthday? How would you spend your 95th birthday?


  1. Happy birthday betty white. May you go on 4ever. It helps if u have your mental health and your physical health. Best wishes toni

  2. Blanca  

    As I write this I am watching The Golden Girls my FAVORITE show! How I wish the hands of time could turn back then held still. Happy Birthday and I wish you many, many more!!!!

  3. Tadams  

    Have a very happy 😊 birthday 🎉! God bless you & keep you safe, healthy & 😊 👍👏🎉😍

  4. Kathy  

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady inside and out, Ms Betty White! You have brought so much love, enjoyment and laughter to so many lives and you continue to do so each and everyday! I have enjoyed watching you for more years than I can remember! I have watched The Golden Girls so many times that I almost know them word for word! May God Continue To Bless You With Many, Many More Happy Birthdays Years to come! We (everyone) loves you birthday girl! Do what YOU want to do to enjoy celebrating your Happy 95th Birthday! I wish I could give you a birthday hug and I am sure everyone does……

  5. Happy birthday Betty White! Feel lucky to share a birthday with you & my Pop. He always toasted you with Jack Daniels straight up!!!

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