Fresh heartbreak for Sir Cliff Richard

It’s been a terrible few years for Sir Cliff Richard, but the singer faces fresh heartbreak ater it was confirmed

It’s been a terrible few years for Sir Cliff Richard, but the singer faces fresh heartbreak ater it was confirmed his younger sister, Donna, had died.

Sir Cliff was performing at a concert in Denmark over the weekend when he got the news his 73-year-old sister passed away. She had been suffering an illness for some time, according to the Huffington Post.

Donna Goulden was the oldest of Sir Cliff’s three sisters and it’s said that the two were quite close. Donna helped Sir Cliff at the start of his career, transcribing the lyrics of American hit singles so that he and his group The Drifters could play them.

The death of his sister comes at a tough time, with the singer still healing from the investigation into historic sex abuse that he was subject to since 2014.

Although the investigation was dropped and Sir Cliff was not arrested or charged with any wrongdoing, Sir Cliff recently revealed his intention to sue both the South Yorkshire Police and the BBC for the aggravation it caused.

Have you lost a loved one? What messages of support would you offer Sir Cliff? What do you think of his decision to sue over the investigation into historic sex abuse?

  1. So sorry to hear Cliff, my sympathy goes out to you. God will help you through your trials. All the best hope you come to Australia in the near future especially Melbourne. Your the bestxxxx

    • We saw Cliff in a concert in Sydney some years back. A wonderful evening. Had all in the audience singing and tapping their feet.

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    • Pat Zammit  

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  3. So sad about your sister…. i would be inconsolable if i lost mine sister….i so wish people would leave you alone…. you know its all about the money …if they think they can get some of you they will say anything …my prayers go out to you Sir Cliff…I have always looked up to you as a brilliant preformer and a gential man of God….. good bless you➕

  4. Ann Gardner  

    That is so sad for him. From my memory it was Cliff Richards and the Shadows not the Drifters?

    • Christopher Stephens  

      The Shadows original name was The Drifters but changed due to conflict with US group.

    • Katrina Douglas  

      His first group was called the Drifters, but it wasn’t long before the name was changed to the Shadows.

    • Colin Callan  

      Do your research before using your fingers next time eh?


    • Frank N  

      Cliff’s backing band was called ‘The Drifters’ until they changed it to ‘The Shadows’, in the early 60s. There was already a well-known band with the former name in the US!!

    • Vic  

      AND….It was Cliff Richard NOT RichardS…just sayin’

    • Gordonzola  

      They were called The Drifters early on and then changed it to Shadows later on

    • Jon Greenwood  

      They were called the Drifters before they changed to the Shadows. Reason, there was another group called the Drifters in America.

  5. Heather Hastings  

    Sir Cliff, my condolences to you on the loss of your sister.
    May she rest in peace.
    My thoughts & prayers are with you.
    Do hope you will visit Australia in the near future.

  6. Christine Watson  

    You have had a rough few years and the death of your sister must be the final straw. Your faith will carry you into the next chapter of your life. I wish you well and hope you visit W.A. in the near future

  7. Jeff Fisher  

    Sad news for such an incredible guy.God Bless.

  8. Stephen  

    Tough one, part of being our age, thankyou for the blessings your life has brought us.

  9. Joyce Schubert  

    Need to charge the people who wrongly accused

  10. yes need to right the wrong. those who love you and there are many feel for you in you time of sorrow and trouble and know you are a wonderful man. god bless and keep you and give you the strength
    you will need to get by.

  11. Irene  

    So sorry to lose a sister, but she is not suffering any more and is in a better place.
    As to that horrible unjust investigation, Sir Cliff sue the lot. They have defamed you and caused you heartache. Sir Cliff I have always believed in your innocence.

  12. Kate Mary Mitchell  

    I think he should because some of these so called sex abuse with leading stars are just for the publicity..I am a victim of child abuse and now in my late 60, why would anyone wait so long….Besides I don’t for a minute think Sir Cliff would do this……Bless him…

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