Fresh cries Australia is turning into a nanny state after strange new laws passed

As of today, mooning is officially a crime in the state of Victoria. The law was passed as part of

As of today, mooning is officially a crime in the state of Victoria.

The law was passed as part of an overhaul of sexual offence laws, with politicians deciding the bare-bottomed gag could be deemed offensive. Anyone caught baring their bottom for a laugh could now face six months in jail for their crime.

While many of the changes to sexual offence laws have been welcomed, the inclusion of mooning has drawn the ire of some who complain Australia is turning into a nanny state.

Those rallying against the so-called PC brigade say we are becoming too concerned with accidentally causing offence to others and have lost our ability to have a laugh.

So are they onto something, or is it a good thing we are more careful about what we say and do these days?

Over the past few years, things that were once deemed acceptable are now frowned upon and draw huge criticism from many.

Gollywog dolls aren’t sold in toy stores anymore, there have been calls for a female to play the next James Bond to highlight gender equality, and people are regularly shamed if they say something considered politically incorrect.

While many have welcomed these changes, others say we are becoming so sensitive about everything it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation without offending someone.

What do you think? Are we turning into a nanny state? Are we too concerned with being politically correct?

  1. This is a complete joke ! This antic has been going along for years. Usually participents are too intoxicated to care. Use the offenders of cruelity to animals. This is a sad inditement on our law 🙁

  2. Marija Fickling  

    I’d love mooners to spend 6 months in jail, they will never offend me with baring their bottoms again after that!
    We live in changing times, the Victorian era was much more correct and they survived.

    • You choose to be offended. I choose to laugh.
      I am offended by your choosing to be offended.
      Meanwhile, people with 26 convictions for breaking and entering have still never seen the inside of a jail.
      That really is offensive.

    • Doug  

      I wonder if you get offended by your own naked image in the mirror?

    • Kevin Smart  

      Why don’t you find a place that still lives in the Victorian era and move there, that way Victoria and the rest of Aus. can be free of so much PC bulldust…..

  3. ted  

    a country of woosies and kowtowing wankers..what happened to the bronze aussie. .having a dig as we called it.
    next trousers are out skirts are in for gender equality..must gra b my grandaughters doll and s b crub them..been out in the rain and mud stained a brown tint ..

  4. Bruce Taylor  

    This is a joke. What we really need to do is introduce MANDATORY minimum sentencing for drug traffickers.
    Whilst I do not agree with treating addicts as if it is not their fault I think that sentences of less than 5 years for selling and trafficking drugs are absolutely ridiculous. If you deal drugs it is almost certain that you are responsible for more than one death and you should be sentenced accordingly.
    Perhaps the reason we are not making a reasonable stand is that there is so much money involved. Obviously some involved in our legal system have their hands out and are having their palms greased.

    • I so agree as drugs and drug taking affects the core of society.

  5. Tim Janes  

    Daniel Andrews is an over the moon nut. He needs to be put away quickly.

  6. If you a baby boomer your well aware of our freedoms being eroded away more and more each year you can no longer say what you think because of political correctness ,you have to see daily news of violence because your no longer allowed to chastise your children and the courts are far to soft on criminals the police are too frightened to tell off bad kids , the politicians rape the system for all they can get whilst doing little for the country, criminals are in their element as they have little to fear as sentencing is too soft drug addicts are pampered and drug dealers are laughing at our system we need to take a close ok at the Philippines president Deterte he and his people have had enough drug dealers are being shot and drug addicts are being registered for help corrupt counsilers and politicians are on the run

  7. My Daughter and fellow school friends were leaving from an unnamed high school in Brisbane to participate in the Sydney Olympics Musical Band. It was all very sombre and serious as we farewelled our young children off to the Sydney Olympics.The buses pulled away full of our young children moving into a new and exiting phase of their young lives. As the final bus passed the long line of parents clapping and cheering lo and behold three disrespectful young men had their exposed bums hanging out the window and were giving us a moonie. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen and every time it crosses my memory I smile.No saw their faces
    so escaped they punishment. I don’t think the teachers tried very hard. I hope the good old Aussie larrikin is never destroyed by the pc knobs

  8. Why are we so PC? Australians were a larkin culture! We would have a joke at other cultures and then in the next breath, shout them a cold beer at the local pub! There was no verdicness in it so no one got offended. It was all for a bit of a laugh! I myself was called a wog at high school as I was really brown from so much time spent in the sun. I was not offended, I laugh and say ” yeh got better tan than you!” So I think we need to get thinker skin or in very real time of losing our Australian culture that made us, such a great place to grow up and live.

  9. Deana Burgess  

    Daniel Andrews is not a very nice person..there are several reasons..he makes ddcisions that uoset communities,no consultations..we are now “prisoners”i our own country..and our larrikanism isbeing eroded away. I doubt very much if politicians care…they collect financial benefits andhuge super when they retire…while tgeycut pension benefits…very distatsful human beings

  10. Joy  

    I can’t think of any other country in the world that would change the way they live in order to accommodate other cultures. I believe in inclusiveness but not at the loss of our own identity. No more Christmas carols in schools, no more baa baa black sheep or golliwogs. The world is in turmoil because we take ourselves to seriously and have forgotten that laughter is the best medicine

    • So who says this new law has anything to do with other cultures? And I have yet to find, in my state, ONE school that has banned Christmas carols – this has nothing to do with other cultures, just general political wowserism.

  11. S martyn  

    Wtf who’s idea was this nude beaches are fine I can’t help myself dragging my arse against a bottom glass boat he he wowsers for sure

  12. S martyn  

    Wtf who’s idea was this nude beaches are fine I can’t help myself dragging my arse against a bottom glass boat he he wowsers for sure

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