Former PM wants Government support to get him into top job

It may go down as one of politics worst kept secrets in politics. For a while, it has been reported

It may go down as one of politics worst kept secrets in politics. For a while, it has been reported that former PM Kevin Rudd has wanted to represent Australia at the UN. Today it was confirmed by Julie Bishop.

Julie told Sky News ““Kevin Rudd has requested that the Australian Government nominate him and, as the Prime Minister has indicated on some occasions, that’ll be a matter for cabinet”.

To achieve his goal, Kevin will need the support of the Australian government. Which might be a Mission: Impossible as some Liberal ministers and backbenchers have told The Australian “Given what he’s done to Australia, why would we impose him on the world?” Another unnamed MP said, “It would be a disaster.”

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton made comments earlier in the year that compared Kevin to a serial pest and instead of trying to secure the UN job he should “play golf or buy a caravan”. Peter continued “Kevin was never happy just running Australia. He believed he was always destined to run the world,” concluding “Kevin’s ego makes Donald Trump’s look like a rounding error.”

While Prime Minister, Tony Abbott even went so far as to try to block Kevin’s attempt at the seat with asking New Zealand Prime Minster John Key to endorse from NZ PM Helen Clark.

Many took to social media to voice their opinions about Kevin’s desire for the UN Job.

What do you think? Do you think that Kevin Rudd would be a good representative of Australia to the UN? Do you think there are better candidates? Who would you like to see represent “the lucky country” on the world stage?

  1. Roy Bridges  

    He stuff Australia (debt) lets let him loose on the world

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Just to put you right, When Kevin Rudd was PM the world was going into a recession and so he gave every worker over $900 to keep Australia out of the recession and it worked. That’s why we have debt. Also I did not see you all whinge when everyone was getting what they wanted.
      The debt has tripled since Tony ABBOTT and TURNBULL have taken over.

  2. sod off on your 747 Kevin, your ego is bigger than your ability to be the UN Secretary. That jobs belongs to Helen.

  3. Keith Schadel  

    Worst kept secret, he has always believed the job was his birthright, but, please, not that arrogant donkey to destroy any credibility Australia has.

  4. Jan Cooke  

    He could not run Australia without running up the debt. Please dont inflict him on the World. It would be a disaster.

  5. Regina Christey  

    No. From across the Tasman, he always seemed so divisive. It would be great if Australia supported Helen Clark in her quest for selection.

  6. Gillian  

    The world will suffer if he succeeds.

  7. David Humberstone  

    The silly part of all this is…that we Aussies old and young are paying him to follow his demented dreams..and there is not a damn thing we can do about it..if only we could be Paymaster for a wek or two!!!

  8. Peter McKenzie  

    He is a egotistical moron with no credibility at all, actually I just realised he is equipped to run the UN ,the most useless self serving organisation in the world.

  9. Sandra Ivins  

    It would be a disaster! Resounding No! Our support should remain with former NZ Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

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