Former ‘Australian Idol’ host to run against Tony Abbott in the election

Channel Ten presenter James Mathison has made the surprising announcement that he will take on Tony Abbott in this years

Channel Ten presenter James Mathison has made the surprising announcement that he will take on Tony Abbott in this years federal election.

You might remember James as the co-host of Ten’s morning show ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Australian Idol’, along with his regular appearances on ‘The Project’ and other news programs.

Now though, James says he will try to knock Tony off his perch by running as an independent for the NSW seat of Warringah.

The move has surprised many people, with most having no idea that James had any political aspirations.

He has already found support from Tasmanian Senator Jacquie Lambie though, who told him to “go for it”.

“I love independents. You go for it, James. Put those budgie smugglers on and give Tony Abbott a run,” she told the Today show on Saturday.

James recently made headlines when he was carted away by police at a protest in Moore Park where he was trying to save Moreton Bay fig trees from being chopped down.

He says he is going to run a campaign driven by social media and updated his Facebook and Twitter pages overnight with the message: “Warringah deserves better”.

Tony has held the seat of Warringah for 22 years, but James is convinced people are ready for a change and that the former PM’s conservative views don’t match up with those held by many people who live in the area.

While some have questioned whether or not James is actually qualified to do the job, others have wished him luck.

“Sorry but is this a joke? Surly no one will take him seriously,” wrote one skeptic on Facebook.

“James could run the country better than Tony,” replied a fan.

Would you vote for James if he was running for a position in your area? Should we support campaigns like this, or do we need ‘serious’ politicians to run the country?

  1. Liz Tant  

    Yes I would vote for him.Any independent is better than Tony Abbott

    • [email protected]  

      Agree Tony Abbott was shown to be so out of touch with his views on same sex marriage Safety School program and many other things. Unfortunately I am not in his electorate so I can’t vote against him.

    • Janice  

      I agree with you. We need more independents to take on the major players.

  2. Angie B  

    Surely, anyone is better than TA?

  3. Caro S  

    Who’s to say he is not ‘serious’ I say good on him and the best of luck.

  4. Leonie Arnold  

    You go James we need more people like you. Don’t listen to all the negatives, focus on the positives for Australia.

  5. Henry  

    Why not? The more against Abbott the merrier!

  6. Jessie Whitehead  

    I bet he won’t be honest BEFORE the election that he wants to slug us all with a pointless, toxic carbon tax!

    Our “sacrifices” in limiting emissions of trace gas, plant food CO2 would be like pissing in the wind!

    No matter which way we slice and dice it, China is The-CO2-Player that matters.
    India is forecast for a larger percentage-wise increase, but it’s starting from a small base.
    By 2030 even after doubling its output, it will still be barely a quarter of China’s total mega-ton production.
    The Congo and Indonesia are among countries forecast to ramp up production of CO2 massively, yet both of them are but a spec.
    The hard numbers show that if CO2 actually mattered, and the eco-greens really cared about it, they be talking about “The China Problem”.

    Australia is irrelevant, except in some symbolic sacrificial way.
    The 28% massive reduction, at great cost, will amount to nothing globally (assuming it can even be achieved).
    Though Tasmania may win the global race for the fastest transition from first to third world. (North Korea here we come).

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