Five arrested as police break up violent anti-Islam protest in Melbourne

Five people have been arrested at a violent protest in Melbourne after anti-racism and anti-Islam groups clashed at a rally.

Five people have been arrested at a violent protest in Melbourne after anti-racism and anti-Islam groups clashed at a rally.

Police said two people were arrested for riotous behaviour, one for assaulting police and one for hindering police. Another was arrested for robbery.

Police were called to the scene this morning and forced to form line to separate the two groups as violence broke out between them.

Some officers were forced to resort to spraying people with capsicum foam when a fight broke out.

There are believed to be around 500 protesters at the site and there are fears some may be carrying weapons.

(Language warning for video)

Police have set up a checkpoint to sort through the belongings of the protestors.

Many of the protesters are hiding their identities by wearing masks and scarves over their faces.

The rally was meant to be a Say No to Racism event, but turned ugly when the anti-Islam group arrived.

Are you surprised to see protests like this in Australia? What are your thoughts on this kind of behaviour?

  1. Cynthia Power  

    Unfortunately we are getting used to these protests in Melbourne. This one in particular has been well advertised.

  2. Again the protesters who are anti Muslim and are all over Facebook and other social media demanding that we ban the Bhurka etc have masked their own faces. What a lot of gutless bigots. We should be able to remove their Australian citizenship from them. Ashamed to admit they are countrymen of mine.

    • You are wrong, it was the leftist group who had their faces covered and, as usual were the most violent!

      • Henry  

        So in your opinion the ISIL executioners who behead innocent people wearing bhurka are not gutless?

  3. Those who organise public rallies should be forced to gain permission to do so at a time and place. Any one else arranging a rally at the same time should be only permitted to do so at an I tiredly different location. Illegal rallies, without permission should be dealt with in accord with the law.
    From my observation, both here in Australia and the anti Trump protests in the US it is that the left wing groups whom have a serious propensity to be very violent in trying to get their view across. Seems they can’t handle the reality that others have differing views and so become violent!

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