First the boys were tear-gassed now the NT Government is hitting them again

The Northern Territory Government has announced it will counter-sue two boys tear-gassed by prison guards at the Don Dale detention

The Northern Territory Government has announced it will counter-sue two boys tear-gassed by prison guards at the Don Dale detention centre in Darwin.

Papers were lodged in the Northern Territory Supreme Court in June by two boys — whose names have been suppressed — seeking damages for alleged mistreatment by staff at the facility.

However, the Northern Territory Government filed its response on July 4 and is seeking damages for an escape attempt whereby the two boys stole a car and rammed it into a roller-door before re-entering the prison.

It says the two boys caused $89,000 worth of damage when they escaped on May 31, 2015 and a further $74,000 damage when they rammed the roller door using the stolen car on June 1, 2015.

The Government is seeking damages plus interest and legal costs in its claim.

One of the boys, Dylan Voller, who is suing the Northern Territory Government was the prisoner filmed strapped to a chair for hours with a spit hood placed over his head.

Earlier this week, Starts at 60 brought you details of the treatment some youth experienced while held at the Don Dale detention centre.

What do you think of the NT Government’s response on this issue?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    They drove those kids crazy so they are responsible!

    • Colin Wick  

      I’m not sure you are correct Dianne. There is certainly a lot more to this story than what was aired by the ABC show. Let’s get ALL the facts before we condemn either side.

  2. Anne Wolski  

    This is bloody disgraceful. Do they think that it justifies what they did to these boys? And yet again, Australia sinks to a new low.

    • rob Clarsen  

      We had the answer 200 years ago. Convicts.

  3. Joanna galea  

    Harsh treatment for the boys But it is tax payers money and those looking after them have a job to do and a family to go home to. Maybe the boys should have been kept under control when they were younger by their parents.

  4. N T covering their own backsides. N T know they are in serious trouble, so, this shows to me just what lengths they will go too to justify their position, doing this just shows how desperate they are.
    These boys were driven to do this, who wouldn’t under these circumstances. These people were there dfor a reason yes they were, however, they didn’t expect the treatment they received from big bully thugs of officers, who were trained and should of known better, if they couldn’t control themselves from being the perpetrators of cruelty, they should of been man enough to resign or ask for help. There is no excuse or justification what happened to these boys and the N T again have proved to be bullies in suing them, tney have suffeted enough at your expense.

  5. Allan Carpenter  

    What’s wrong with you people, we are talking 16 and 17 year old thugs here, not little boys. Obviously you have never been confronted by these thugs stealing or defacing your property! It’s quite terrifying when they outnumber you and they don’t give a damn about the law! The Don Dale centre had so many facilities built in to take care of the inmates, basket ball courts, swimming pool, Internet, pool tables, the list goes on, but no, they would rather destroy everything in site! Of course the problem runs deep starting with a bad family or home life, but once these young ones enter detention thy are already hardened criminals. How is any guard supposed to cope and have some sort of control over their violent behaviour?

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