First it was Bronwyn, now Barnaby

Australia thought they had seen the last of controversial helicopter rides after Bronwyn Bishop was lambasted for her joyrides across

Australia thought they had seen the last of controversial helicopter rides after Bronwyn Bishop was lambasted for her joyrides across the city.

However, it looks like Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce didn’t get the memo as he took a helicopter ride to the town of Drake – a town which is only a 40-minute drive from his electorate office in Tenterfield.

Barnaby’s office insists it was the best way for the Deputy to travel to avoid the four-hour drive from his home in Tamworth where he would be returning to later.

The ride cost taxpayers nearly $4000 and happened only two days after the government released a review into parliamentary spending.

Barnaby’s helicopter ride came at an interesting time, considering the fact that the parliamentary review was sparked by former speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s ‘choppergate’ scandal.

The timely review called for clear guidelines so the “use of charter transport must constitute value for money, and in particular that, in the absence of compelling reasons, helicopters cannot be chartered to cover short distances”.

Many people have already come out to question how Barnaby’s ride over such a short distance constitutes “value for money”.

“Barnaby Joyce flew by helicopter to our little country town of Drake. He went to the public school, met with teachers and children and then flew off … what a waste of taxpayer money. Barnaby Bishop,” Drake resident Jacqueline King posted to Facebook.

MPs are allowed $21,000 a year for helicopter flights, so technically Barnaby still has about a third of his flying budget left.

Do you think politicians should be granted this much money for helicopter use? Do politicians spent too much taxpayer money?

  1. I think Barnaby Joyce would be better employed driving the four hours there and back. That way he would actually see how some of his constituents are living, but of course, his time is far more important than anyone else’s.

    Have you seen how politicians visit the Outback? Slap on an Akrubra – maybe jeans and a denim shirt – fly out to the “little people”, shake hands, look around and make a pronouncement about how bad things are, and then scuttle back to their air-conditioned offices.

    One of the things that really bugs me – forgive me as I just have to say this – how does a pollie represent his area if he has to toe the party line in everything?

  2. Joy Anne Bourke  

    No they should not be granted this money for helicopter use. They should drive or get a driver so they can see what is happening all around the area and what is happening.
    Yes the Politian’s do spend too much on travel. Travel expenses should be included in their salary without increasing salary to exorbitant highs.
    I am disgusted with this continuing in the Liberal Government. They must start cutting back like all the people of Australia.

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