First it was berries, now it’s your milk. Coles makes urgent recall

Coles has issued an urgent recall alert after it was revealed some cartons of Coles-brand milk could contain a dangerous bacterial

Coles has issued an urgent recall alert after it was revealed some cartons of Coles-brand milk could contain a dangerous bacterial contamination.

The supermarket giant is urging customers to return one litre cartons of Coles-brand WA Fresh Hilo Milk – both the 98 per cent fat free and full cream versions.

The bacterial contamination could cause serious illness to anyone who consumes it. According to Coles, the milk cartons, which were sold on or after January 24 and have a use-by date of February 6, contained coliform bacteria which is normally found in human and animal waste.

Coles issued a statement apologising for the error.

“Any consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice,” the statement read.

“Customers who have purchased the contaminated milk can return them to a Coles supermarket for a full refund.

“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience.”

The recall is a huge blow to Coles, which, along with other supermarkets, suffered a major setback last year when it was revealed packets of Nanna’s Creative Gourmet berries were linked to Hepatitis A. The revelation cost the supermarket both at the checkout and in the trust they lost from customers.

So far the Fresh Hilo Milk recall only applies to Western Australian customers, with many people hoping that’s as far as it goes.

Do still trust supermarkets to provide safe and healthy products? Do recalls like this make you think differently about shopping at supermarkets?

    • I have for decades. They have in Europe for centuries and still do. No comparison to processed milk, so very much better.

    • Robyn Green totally agree I have drunk it straight from the cow since way back and when ever I get a chance.

    • Vincent Towersey It does make me smile. The argument will be that you risk illness because raw milk can be contaminated if the dairy is not clean or the cows are not tested. Well processed milk became contaminated during the processing. Will we now all be urged not to drink processed milk? I think not. Recent salmonella outbreak due to eating chicken rolls. Ban all sales of chicken rolls? Nope, won’t happen.

    • Robyn Green at 66 yrs of drinking milk I’m still here and it was never pasteurised when I was a young.

    • We had a cow when we were young and were very healthy. Have stayed on Farms in Austria and drank their milk and am still here. Some farms also have high quality milking equipment.

    • We have gone to a farm for milk and cream. Drank cream straight from the vat. The farmers also gave us extra cream as they knew we would drink some on the way home, even though we already had a drink of cream at the farm.

    • I am lucky to live near a dairy and have for a long while. Milk still warm from the cow…perfect! I make cheese and yoghurt from the raw milk and it’s divine. We are moving in a weeks time and I was delighted to find we will be close to a Jersey dairy so lots of cream coming up!!

  1. wow I only use lite milk in coffee and just opened to new bottle, I have been sitting here thinking, now where did I buy that from ? but I got it from Woolies, I will give Coles a miss for milk now

  2. I prefer not to buy any cheap milk; I buy biodynamic milk where the calves are kept with their mothers, and make savings elsewhere. Cheap milk has contaminants in it always..

    • All milk is the same , it all comes out of the same vat, some milk just has different names for marketing purposes .

    • Owen Gustafson Nope. Find a family farm and you will know that’s not true. A real family farm. If you could drink the milk I buy, you would know it was not true. The difference is huge. But those with names like Coles, or Pura, and so on – yes.

  3. Stupid headline! The milk is Coles, the berries were Nannas! Nothing hS ever been recalled before from any supermarket??? Get real

  4. The contamination would not occur inside the store…it would be the fault of the processing plant. My concern would be…what other brands of milk are processed thee also?

  5. Maureen  

    Has it been established that it is the milk or the carton that is the source of bacteria. Seems strange the plastic bottles are not being recalled .

  6. It was contaminated – poor processing practices. Coles have recalled the product as soon as it was found out. What more could they do?

  7. What is our country coming to in relation to food quality! Are we so intent to produce cheap products that we are cutting corners and compromising our health!???? Good on you Coles!

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