Finally, change is coming to the sector of the health system that needs it most

For years it’s been palmed off as someone else’s problem but now, the Turnbull Government is preparing to announce a huge change to the

For years it’s been palmed off as someone else’s problem but now, the Turnbull Government is preparing to announce a huge change to the health system, with a focus on delivering individualised care.

Mental health has never been prioritised like this before, but in the wake of domestic violence awareness and more understanding of mental illness, the pressure has been on for the government to show everyday Australians what they can do for them.

Health Minister Sussan Ley said the Government has listened, “What we don’t have in this one size fits all program-driven approach is an understanding of an individual’s mental health needs and that’s what I really want to see come through in these reforms,” she said.

“Everyone deserves an approach that looks after them and I think one of the really exciting things about this package is that it will be individualised”.

In almost an immediate phase-in, the shake-up to the mental health system is expected to commence early next year.

“Just like any other chronic disease, mental illness is often complex and requires access to multiple health professionals and support services to address it properly,” Ms Ley said, reports the ABC.

Currently, mental health patients are only able to have 10 subsidised psychology sessions a year.

Under the new mental health package, complex care patients would have access to “comprehensive assessment and care-coordination support; psychological services; mental health nursing; drug and alcohol services; vocational assistance; and peer support”.

There’s also an emphasis on regional Australians, with Ms Ley enthusing that people in regional areas will get help more quickly.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to unveil the whole package this morning, and is believed to be forcing the set up of a phone number that all Australians can call for help with mental illnesses.

More to come.

Tell us, are you glad that mental health is getting a look-in? What other areas can the Government improve in?

  1. I thought this page wasn’t going to be used for political purposes

    • just new here Perce? We have always had article that keep us informed and that we can debate

  2. I hope the dots get joined & the mentally ill who are living on the streets homeless will receive help & accommodation.

  3. Mental health is important to us all. Currently desperate people who need help are not getting the amount and kind of care they need. It sounds as though the changes will be help those who need it. I hope so.

  4. Perce . This is not a political issue it is a health and welfare issue.

    • I stand by my comment. Recognising that mental health care needs improving is a start. I hope the changes are made and that they help those who desperately need help.

  5. Wonderful news. Anyone who has been on the mental health roundabout knows how underfunded it is, particularly in rural Australia.

  6. Your physical health is affected when there are mental health issues. So this is well overdue!

  7. Phone no for what? If it is anything like Centrelink forget it. Can be a wait from 2-7 hours. Who on any health problem can sit around and wait fir that long holding the damn thing to your ear?just another way of pretending something will be done. People with tgese problems are suposed to have tgeir own health care professionals. Or isn’t this what it is all about?

  8. While they are at it !! Can they put in more phone lines at Centerlink? because they are almost impossible to contact by phone

    • The reason you can’t get answered at Centrelink is because there has been a systematic reduction in staff numbers over a number of years. My friend is a social worker there. In her department there used to be five Social Workers now there is one, her. This is in a suburb of high need they service refugees and cover a wide area in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. She was transferred to a unit in the Eastern suburbs and was astonished at the high number of staff there, where there was little need for it.This reduction of staff started under the Howard Government and has continued unabated since. So this is why people are so inconvenienced by waiting times at Centrelink.

    • Libbi…no new funding,onlyn re-location of funding….same old Turnbullshit… false hope to people…whlle taking once again from the vulnerable….Liberals gotta go!!!!

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