Fiji team shows great respect to Princess Anne after historic Olympic win

While the British team remained standing as Britain’s Princess Anne gifted them their silver medals for winning second place at the

While the British team remained standing as Britain’s Princess Anne gifted them their silver medals for winning second place at the Rugby Sevens World Series award ceremony, the Fiji rugby players displayed their deepest respect for the royalty in a different way.

After claiming victory over Britain 43-7, their first Olympic rugby win in 92 years, the twelve Fijians lined up at the podium to receive their medals.

And Princess Anne stepped over to place gold around their necks, each player knelt down on the podium and clapped three times out of respect for the royal.

While the British team remained standing, the Fijian champions knelt down to receive their medals. (Photo: YouTube)

The winning team was led by captain Osea Kolinisau as they ruthlessly thrashed team GB to bring home their first Olympic rugby win in 92 years.

Kolinisau got the first of five first-half tries, two of which converted, for a 29-0 lead that left Britain in the dust.

Fiji’s English coach Ben Ryan said, “I’m a little bit lost for words. The boys were on another scale of phenomenal,”

“They were just stratospheric and they saved the best until last.

“They played some high-risk rugby there and they were outstanding and, hopefully, we showcased Fijian rugby and everybody who was watching, maybe even the British supporters, can have a smile.

“It’s always been our plan for three years, get them back to number one, win world titles and then claim this first gold medal.”

Are you happy for team Fiji and what do you think of their wonderful manners?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    Well done Fiji Sevens, a well deserved win and a GOLD medal.

    • Congratulations and thank you for showing your reverence to Princess Anne. Well done on all counts. You are heroes.

  2. Trish  

    Everything about this win is amazing. They are so skilled, deeply religious and wonderfully respectful. Go Fiji!!!🏈🏅

  3. Penny Cullimore  

    amazing win and such a respectful team. Congratulations to all the team.

  4. David Garcia  

    Excellent gesture. A great credit to their Nation.

  5. Mele Heketoa  

    Well played Fiji! Vinaka!👏👏

  6. Maureen Mccrystal  

    They are really lovely people couldn’t do enough for us when we were there , and so much respect ,

  7. Dr. Robert Kiken  

    After just returning from a dive vacation and meeting lots of Fijians, I know how unbelievably proud they must and should be.
    They are lovely people and I am proud to have met them
    Congratulations to all of Fiji.
    Bula vinaka

  8. Robyn Ruff  

    Beautiful humble people from a beautiful little country…couldn’t be happier (from a proud Kiwi)! Congratulations to all of Fiji !!!!!!

  9. Rosie Miners  

    Congratulations and Bula. You should be justly proud of your win and we are in awe of your respect and faith. Xxoo

  10. Cheryl French  

    Shows good sportsmanship and respect. Everyone can learn from this, and you know what, it did not cost them anything. Well done.🌸🌸🌸

  11. Dorothy Haaksma  

    congratulations – very impressed not only with your achievement but your gracious good manners

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