Federal Government ‘retires’ first big parliamentary perk

Australian's have been calling for entitlements of the politicians to be cut and now they have answered.

The call for the Prime Minister to have a good hard look at political entitlements has hit an all-time high. It is being reported that the new crackdown by the Government will see a much-criticised perk be done away with.

The parliamentary perk that allows retired politicians to travel business class on the taxpayer dollar.  In a media statement, Special Minister of State Scott Ryan stated, “The Government is firmly committed to ensuring parliamentarians spend taxpayer money efficiently, effectively and ethically”. He added, “Australians will welcome the speed with which this new authority is being established, it has taken less than a month from the Prime Minister’s initial announcement to the introduction of legislation.”

The Government promises that this will be the first of many entitlements that will be pulled back to ensure that tax money is spent improving the lives of the voters and not those they voted for.

Mr Ryan concluded, “We have the opportunity to show Australians that the current generation of parliamentarians will subject themselves to higher standards than ever before.”

What do you think about these changes?  Are they welcomed or are there more important issues?  Do you think this is an insult to those that have represented their communities or an unneeded perk that should have been done away with ages ago?

Let us know your thoughts.

  1. Caroline  

    It’s about time something was done with what they claim don’t they earn enough money.

    • Phil Ainsworth  

      Pay peanuts and we get monkeys, we have enough monkeys, we must encourage better people to run for Parliament.CEO’s of town with a population of 10,000 earns more than a member. I would say the lifetime Business Class perk is too far over the hill.

  2. Mary  

    Changes are long overdue. With the large Super that they retire on plus earning for public speaking etc. etc. they can well afford to travel business class on their own money.

  3. spike  

    Its so simple for Pauline H . Or who ever has the guts to take more than just air travel perks away from them,that is about 1% of all their perks ,
    What makes them any different from u or me it would be pauline,Corry Bernardie?,or who ever wants to give it a go
    Their golden opportunity to go to the top with this one subject everyone really dislikes.
    All the Bozos in goverment can not see this problem!

  4. Wayne  

    Will believe it ! when it happens

  5. Lin McArthur  

    It’s a hoax, there must be bi-election coming up.

  6. Robyn jans  

    Small steps, much further to go. What about super and pensions, we must wait until required age, they can access it straight away, no assets test for them I bet!

  7. J.Loehr  

    hopefully its the truth and not empty promises and it goes far and deep enough they earn wages so why not like all ppl pay propper takes and there own costs

  8. Avi graham  

    They need to start by stopping the access to super as soon as they leave parliament. Then they need to stop paying them after they have left this includes ex minist we rs and PMs.

  9. Dianne  

    About time hopefully removal of more perks will go such as family reunions for leave. And family entitlements to air travel etc

  10. About time……Let’s see more cuts to the perks and we will end up with genuine politicians who are there for the people and not for what they can get out of it !!

  11. It’s a start but there is a long road ahead where changes should be made. If you are no longer in office then you should not be entitled to any of the perks that you had when you were in office. The payouts that they get and the money that they earn while in there should be plenty for them. There are lots of Australians who have to get be on a fraction of what they have and they are called greedy pensioners because they say they need more to survive the exorbitant rises in the cost of living. They are only asking for to be able to afford the basics, NOT get more and more perks for free. Lets get back to ensuring ordinary Australians can afford to live in homes; put food in their bellies; clothes on their backs; and pay their everyday bills like normal human beings should be able to and stop worrying so much about how much more we can funnel into politicians pockets. I am utterly disheartened by most of the politicians we have in our government these days. The only reason they seem to be there is to get as much money for nothing as they can in case they are not re elected the next time the people vote. And that goes for our multi millionaire Prime Minister also.

  12. Judie Trease  

    Unbelievable what pollies walk away with. It has to stop now. The country can’t afford these expenses anymore

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