Family takes extreme action to prevent pooch from being put down

There are few things worse than being told your pet is a nuisance and needs to go, but that’s exactly

There are few things worse than being told your pet is a nuisance and needs to go, but that’s exactly the news delivered to one Australian family after they were issued with a notice by the local council to put their dog down.

While the family of three-year-old golden retriever Sandy might love the pooch dearly, it turns out neighbours have been complaining about the dog’s barking for the last two and a half years and the Brisbane City Council has taken action… In the form of a ‘seize and destroy’ warrant.

According to local councillor Matthew Bourke, “On a number of occasions, this animal has barked excessively, up to 11 minutes in one instance.”

Yet, Sandy’s owner says the council warrant is the result of complaints by a “vindictive neighbour”, and insists the dog “does not bark much at all”.

The family has not only started a petition calling for the dog to be spared, they have put their beloved Sandy into hiding in the hope it will protect her.

The petition has received in excess of 50,000 ‘signatures’ from across Australia, and many of Sandy’s supporters question how ethical and humane it is to destroy a dog for doing what comes naturally — barking.

What lengths would you go to to protect your pet? What do you think about putting a dog down for barking?

  1. marilyn flynn  

    i’m with the neighbour even though I own a barking dog myself. He is not allowed to go outside and bark at will. If you can’t control your animal, don’t complain.

  2. Diana  

    Has anyone bothered to find out WHY the animal is barking? Is it for attention? Is it left alone for long periods of time?

    Is it slightly deaf? The fact is that dogs who are deaf get stressed at the silence and bark loudly and often trying to communicate with people. My friend had a dog who did that and we found out that deafness was the problem.

    Perhaps the owners could actually take the dog to a vet and check out it’s hearing, or work out why the animal is barking, seemingly too much and for too long.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes one solution. Also someone is around taunting the dog. Maybe that is the neighbour who is complaining as they don’t like dogs. These dogs only bark if someone is upsetting them and tormenting. Very placard dogs.

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Yes I would. I know how neighbours can be. Usually u find that the neighbours that complain are the cause of the problem. These dogs are placard and love people. Find out what is happening. I think it is the ones complaining are the cause. Put cameras around for a time and u will get the answer.

  4. People who has problems with, for example, a barking dog should live in the bush.On the other hand the pet’s owner , may be,have the dog inside, make sure is not bored(toys?),train the dog to change the behaviour,etc.

  5. Chris  

    I sincerely hope the dog can be saved & the problem solved. It’s not impossible & more needs to be done by the owners of Sandy & also the whinging neighbours to find a solution. Spiriting the dog away doesn’t solve the problem.

  6. Vince WEBSTER  

    I agree that ALL should be done tto save the “Dear” ,usually totally placid & Friendly Golden Retreiver from being put down as it is only doing what comes naurally SO find out WHY it is barking . If it is barking for SO long -WHY ???? Then try to make sure it is NOT just “vindictive” meighbours!!!!!
    I agree that to just “Spirit ” the dog away will NOT solve the problem – the MUST be another answer

  7. Pamela  

    Put up some security cameras and find out exactly what is happening any why!

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