‘Fake terrorists’ the Jalal brothers are back

Three young Melbourne brothers, the Jalals aged 20, 18 and 16, were charged earlier this year after they posted a

Three young Melbourne brothers, the Jalals aged 20, 18 and 16, were charged earlier this year after they posted a video online showing them dressed up as Islamic State terrorists and shooting fake guns at people to scare them.

The brothers, Max, Arman, and Rebeen Jalal, were charged with public nuisance over their so-called prank, which they said was meant to be funny.

The only problem? No one is laughing.

Now, changes to the boys’ bail conditions mean they can go back to making more prank videos and they stand to earn up to $4,500 for each one.

The videos created by the brothers show all three staging fake drive-by shootings, pointing a gun at a young girl and her father, and conducting fake bomb hoaxes.

The boys recently admitted that the videos were staged and that most of the ‘scared’ people in them were friends.

This has done nothing to curb the backlash they are facing though as many people point out their pranks make light of the very real chance of a terrorist attack happening here in Australia.

The brothers claim they are making fun of terrorists and Islamic State, but many people are saying there is nothing funny about terrorism.

Now that they are free to continue making their ‘funny’ videos again, the brothers stand to make $180,000 this year if they post just one video per week, which they say they plan to do.

See one of their videos below and tell us: what’s your opinion on this issue?

Are the videos funny? Or, should they be banned?

  1. Chris  

    Personally, I think it is bloody ridiculous to allow this sort of crap………..

  2. Wayne Watkins  

    Scary stuff & even if those acts are staged , to have a young girl involved in the telephone box shooting is deplorable . It could have a permanent effect on any other kiddies in the area at the time .

  3. PETA  

    They need a dose of the real world… dump them in a terrorist ridden city and see how they like being shot at for a change!!

  4. julianne johnson  

    Definitely a stupid act should not be allowed , could give brainless others ideas

  5. Graeme j Mc Innes  

    realy the law should not allow this kind of behaviour ,I agree with Peta, dump them in a terrorist ridden city and see how they like being shot at

  6. Why are you showing their videos???

    I wish that targeted people get together and get a class action going against those idiots. Although there may not be a case for assault, as Jalal brothers had never physically touched anyone, they actually threatened their prank “victims” and there could be a legitimate claim for intentional infliction of mental shock.

    In addition; the authorities should arrest Jalal brothers for public nuisance/disturbance and/or assault. After all; isn’t “putting someone in mortal fear” an assault and getting a bag thrown at you by someone who looks like a terrorist in this day and age infliction a mental shock and mortal fear on you???

    Get these idiots and put them away before they actually inflict more damage to their targets or themselves…they could actually get themselves injured or killed as well if they pull one of their pranks on someone with a weapon or a black belt in martial arts and that would be justice.

    • Susan deer  

      Oh for gods sake when did e forget to laugh i thought abd many many others too laughed a good belly laugh…We have had acts of terror in this country long before Islam came here Russell st bombing Hilton hotel bombing Hoddle st massacre Martin Bryant etcetc ….when did a Moslem let off a bomb here..laugh please!!!!!

  7. The law in this country is a joke. Nobody these days gets the punishment they deserve. These three deserve to do at least some time in prison and have it be determined that any monies made from this type of video produced by them be considered as proceeds of crime and confiscated.

  8. Judi Clementson  

    Where are their parents. If it was my kid there would be some strong discipline coming and I dont mean a snack on the hand!

    • Shanti  

      Is a snack on the hand like a brunch in the bush?

  9. Hoping that one of there so called victims will have a Gun and shoot back . Now that’s what a call Karma!!!!Bloody Idiots!!!!!

  10. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Should be BANNED nothing funny at all should not be allowed to earn money from these adds. DEPORT THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY WE DONT NEED IDIOTS AND THEIR TERRORIST VIDEOS.

  11. Pamela  

    Get them off facebook and any other social meida. Why are we show8ng them? Starts at 60 I’m disappointed you even bothered to give them time on your post. Ban them forever!!

    • Sheila  

      I agree. Nothing funny about this at all

  12. Nancy Gooding  

    How can I say this, They wouldn’t survive doing a “prank” like this in America. They would have been shot dead
    by now. They are so lucky to live in Australia and this is how they repay the Australian people, send them home.

    • Susan deer  

      Well let’s be grateful we dont live in a country that might end up with Trump as it’s president…The video was hilarious most people laughed a good belly laugh it was obviously a send up and tge people targeted were mates……what has happened to us!!!

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