Everyone is talking about Roger Federer’s wife’s pink jumper

You'd think people would be too busy watching Roger to notice his wife in the stands, but when the camera panned to her, she quickly sparked debate.
She's the lady in pink when everybody else is wearing tan.

Last night, tennis legend Roger Federer sweated it out on court with his biggest rival, and fellow countryman, Stan Wawrinka to reach the Australian Open final for the sixth time.

While the crowed was hooked on the edge of their seats for the entirety of the match, someone in the crowd ended up outshining both players: Federer’s wife Mirka.

Mirka is understandably Roger’s biggest supporter and has been seen at most of his major matches since they married. Come rain or shine she is often pictured cheering him on from the stands with their twin girls by her side.

Last night she won herself a legion of fans, and also some naysayers, thanks to her bright pink jumper.

If anyone can understand being victim to a bad fashion trend it’s the baby boomers (we’ve seen it all!), so is this really that bad?

The jumper in question.
The jumper in question.

The expensive Gucci jumper, which retails for $A1975, featured a shockingly bright pink, with green trim around the sleeves and colour and a print of a tiger on the front with the French phrase, “L’Aveugle par Amour,” meaning “Blinded by Love.”

Since we seem to live in an age when people can’t help but air their views on social media, hundreds quickly took to Facebook and the like to battle it out.

“In all honesty, what is that sweater Mirka Federer is wearing?” asked one Twitter user.

“What is Mirka Federer wearing?” said another, followed by these particularly harsh hastags: “#AusOpen #worstsweater #why #isshedrunk”.

Others though jumped to her defence, saying she brighten their day.

“We should all live our lives a little more like Mirka Federer’s sweater. Colorful and bright,” said one fan.

The whole thing is enough to make you think about our fashion disasters from the past and being baby boomers, we’ve seen it all!

Flares, too much corduroy, big hair and shoulder pads – the list goes on!

What was your biggest fashion faux par?

Do you like Mirka’s jumper? What’s your biggest fashion regret?

  1. Alan Murphy  

    They are worrying about Mirka’s jumper, they worry about Ivana’s blue suit at Donald’s inauguration I am so relieved that there’s no real problems in this world at the moment

    • Kerry  

      Looked like her dressing gown and blue rubber gloves!

  2. Julie Wardle  

    It is her business. She can wear what she likes. No-one had the right to judge. I wouldn’t wear it because it is not my taste but everyone is unique and different and that is what makes the world go around!

  3. Joy Clover  

    She is entitled to wear exactly what she wants. Isn’t there anything better to gossip about? Nobody seems to have a comment on the lovely free one she wore earlier. Why Are we so focused on how women look?

  4. Dianne Clarke  

    Really – does it matter what she wants to wear. At least she was there watching her husband play. Get over it people.

  5. Heather Meldrum  

    Who cares what she or anyone else wears your there to watch tennis not the fashion on spectators.

  6. Kaye  

    OMG leave her alone for goodness sake the colour is gorgeous & she obviously likes it so that’s all that matters….#yougogirl #hotpinkmumma

  7. Lindsay Gregory  

    The saying goes The emptiest vessels make the most noise. They need to get a life.

  8. Pam Newman  

    Some people have nothing better to do than knock someone else, get a life. Mirka is a legend. Always there to support Roger, I think she is fantastic.

  9. Faye Paull  

    SAS I,m a bit over all this crap you seem to think we care about. I suggest you get out and talk to the people instead of making stuff up cos YOU think we care.

    • Faye Dapiran  

      Exactly. I was at the tennis, lucky me, and no one I know commented at all on what she was wearing or cared. Go Roger. find something else to get people to comments on, don’t just try to make stories up that don’t exist.

  10. Margaret Mogg  

    Go Mirka,….soooo beautiful

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