Elaborate self-checkout scam costs supermarket thousands

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk in recent months about self-serve checkouts. As you would have read, retailers such

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk in recent months about self-serve checkouts.

As you would have read, retailers such as Coles have been taking steps to boost security at their self-serve checkouts, with reports that more than a billion worth of groceries are being stolen each year at the checkouts.

There have also been widespread reports of shoppers tricking the self-serve checkouts in numerous ways.

But there is one case in particular that is making headlines across the country today.

A woman from Ipswich in Queensland has appeared in court and been found guilty of  defrauding several Coles and Woolworths stores.

The Queensland Times reports the 35-year-old woman photocopied barcodes from cheap packets of noodles, put them on adhesive labels and used the labels to cover the barcodes on some of the items she was buying.

It was revealed in court that she was visiting the shops once or twice a day, and was eventually caught when a store manager noticed her looking nervous at the self-serve checkouts.

You might be wondering how she will be punished?

Well, the elaborate self-checkout scam has cost the woman dearly.

The Queensland Times reported the woman was found guilty of more than 30 fraud-related charges and sentenced to nine months jail, suspended after three years.

And she was also fined $150 and ordered to pay $1545 to Coles and $2070 to Woolworths.

The elaborate case comes just days after Coles announced it was introducing a 12-item limit at self-serve checkouts in some stores across the country.

What do you think? Do you use self-serve checkouts? 



  1. Chris  

    Unless stores with self service can give their customers 10-15%discounts I will continue using the check out chic counter, at least they talk and smile at you and are helpful when one has a query regarding a product.

  2. Murray Walker  

    Don’t use self serve checkouts I am a customer not an employee. I expect some level of service when spending my money in any store.

  3. Eva  

    Let’s keep people employed… not machines!

  4. Carol  

    I wont use self serve checkouts because I know it means less jobs etc I also expect service when I give a store my money, yes a 10% discount would be nice. ALSO do you find it a bit amusing that a lot of young people use them, and they are the ones missing out on their jobs. I was in Bunnings the other day and a man approx 60 and his daughter were there, she said to her dad to use the self serve, he also said no, they take jobs away.

  5. Diana  

    The big companies deserve all they get by installing self-serve checkouts. They booted out many employees in their efforts to grab more money and now they are upset because they are being cheated. I NEVER use self-serve checkouts. If it’s good enough for me to spend my money in the store then it is good enough to get SOME service. There is rarely anyone to ask a question of in the store, unless you are nifty enough to catch one of the staff re-stocking a shelf. The people at the service desk are usually too busy to speak to. Where do all the companies automating their goods and services think the money is going to come from if not enough people have jobs?

  6. Ruth van den Berghe  

    I feel it is the companies own fault. They think they are saving themselves money by using self serve checkout but not everyone is honest. They are taking people’s job away from them. When they should be employing check out operators to do the job, then they wouldn’t loose so much.

    • They also don’t realise that the people they employ will spend their wages & pay taxes that keeps the money circulating through the economy. Self-serve checkouts don’t pay tax or spend money.

      The Government also treat pensioners & welfare recipients as a drag on the economy whereas we spend every cent we get as there is nothing left to save offshore in the Caymans & we pay tax in the form of GST on the goods we buy so they end up getting most of it back. We are not the “leaners”

  7. Veronica  

    Supermarkets are no different to banks, department stores etc where workers have been put off so the company can make more profit. You can never find anyone to help you in a department store. There must be a lot of goods stolen since no one is around. There are long lines in banks due to staff being put off, thereby affecting the standard of service. Supermarkets, banks & department stores can’t have it both ways!

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