Eddie McGuire is back, and is blaming drugs for his behaviour

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says he was affected by prescription drugs when he made offensive comments about Sydney AFL great

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says he was affected by prescription drugs when he made offensive comments about Sydney AFL great Adam Goodes.

Back in 2013, Mr McGuire suggested that the Indigenous footballer should promote the King Kong musical while speaking on his breakfast radio program. His comments came only a matter of days after the acclaimed sportsman had been racially abused by a Magpies fan.

In a move that may be seen as an attempt to turn around the public’s perception of the controversial Collingwood AFL club president and Triple M broadcaster in the wake of his controversy just last month involving sports reporter Caroline Wilson, McGuire has opened up to GQ magazine on several subjects, bar Wilson.

Mr McGuire said, “I mean, the night before, I’d been hosting a function raising $300,000 for Indigenous scholarships [as chairman of former AFL star Michael Long’s foundation] … So I was doing all that and I should have stayed in bed that day. I haven’t really said this before, but I was on massive painkillers and crutches.”

“… Did I lie awake over the Adam Goodes thing? Does it still rankle with me to this day? Absolutely. It burns me to the core that what I said would add any level of pain to Adam or the Indigenous community.”

Mr McGuire apologised back then to Mr Goodes, but the incident caused ongoing damage to the relationship between the two men.

“He said he didn’t know if he could be my friend again and that’s his prerogative,” said Mr McGuire. “I’d like to think that we would be, one day, and that I prove worthy to him.”

It is unknown at the time of publication if the GQ interview was conducted before or after the latest scandal involving Wilson.

Do you think this is just a publicity stunt, or that it is a valid excuse for his behaviour?

  1. Ellen  

    Who cares. Eddie is just a little boy who never grew up in the mind.
    But it wasn’t my fault . Yeah right

  2. Jeanette Grant  

    How ridiculous. It doesn’t matter what painkillers he was taking. The truth always comes out. He can pretend all he likes in public but those who don’t think like that would never say it. Obviously underneath all his public pretence, this is how he thinks of aboriginal people. That was bad enough, then we had his misogynistic comments about Wilson. He is just a bogan and money cannot change that. What is he doing on our TV sets ,with those attitudes. Take him off.

  3. Peter Cairns  

    Maybe Eddie should just fast forward his brain before he opens his mouth. I’d say we’ve all been guilty of sprouting inappropriate comments at times, however we’re not TV personalities.

  4. Sheree Heath  

    A very lame excuse by a previously respected Celebrity status personality = Eddie.
    In my opinion Eddie became arrogant and negatively self opinionated -believing in his own elevated god like fame that would indulge his racist and male chauvinistic comments …and being insulated by a middle class boys club of likemindedness….shame on you Eddie-admit you need to change your attitude and then you will regain some respect.

  5. Peter Hurrell  

    The man is rude and obnoxious and thinks he is above everyone else as simple as that.

  6. Anne Hodgetts  

    Put brain in gear, before opening mouth. Bit late with his excuse and it is far from genuine.

  7. Jill Henderson  

    For goodness sake – get over and get on with it people!

    I for one wasn’t offended by the JOKE, just a bunch of guys being guys…….used to happen all the time, now we are SO politically policed, it’s become a joke!

    Feminists have a lot of learning and living to do………an absolute mountain out of a molehill with this.

    • Jude  

      Nothing to do with feminism, read the article. This is about Maguire telling an Aboriginal AFL player that he would make a good King Kong. Anyone who doesn’t find that offensive needs to take a long hard look at themselves.
      Women knocking feminism is just plain weird.

    • Marlee  

      Eddie is a lovely guy with an Australian sense of humour. People are too uptight these days.!!


      I agree with everything you ssid wholeheartedly.

  8. Sandra Miller  

    Tell what the pain killers were, I can’t seem to find one that works maybe the ones that work like this for Eddie might help my pain.
    Eddie think before you speak, your mouth is getting you into too much trouble.

    • JT  

      I agree. And being on ‘medication’ and crutches gives him the right to be rude obviously!! I fail to see what crutches has to do with his mouth!!!

  9. Coral Neville  

    Maybe people should just get over themselves…. we are all so quick to judge others..

  10. Alan Millichamp  

    To all those who have been quick to criticise Eddie, ie the ones who have never said anything controversial or rude, or critical of another,
    Please leave your names below and I will send you a congratulatory card to show your friends!

  11. Anita  

    He is up himself a lot of us take prescription drugs but still have manners and know how to behave. It’s just another excuse to blame something else for his rudeness. Grow up Eddie and be responsible for your own actions and control of yourself and stop being a smart arse. He thinks he is above everyone else can’t stand the guy.

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