Eddie McGuire calls for lifetime ban over anti-mosque banner

A group of AFL fans are facing a lifetime ban from the Collingwood football club after unfurling an anti-muslim banner

A group of AFL fans are facing a lifetime ban from the Collingwood football club after unfurling an anti-muslim banner at a game last night.

The AFL says it is conducting an investigation into the fans who made the banner, which read: “go Pies, stop the mosques”.

The banner was created by far-right political group United Patriots Front and was strung up directly under the scoreboard for all to see.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire said he was gunning for a lifetime ban for those involved in the incident.

“I hope the police got their names and numbers, if they’ve got anything to do with our club they’ll be banned,” McGuire said.

“Get these people and make an example of them. They should be banned for life.”

The AFL released a statement saying there is “no place in society” for that kind of behaviour and said they evicted the group as soon as they realised what was going on.

The incident has caused mixed reaction from others though, some of whom say it was just an act of freedom of speech.

“At the most Eddie can say “there is no place for political banners at the footy”. Where does he get off telling us there is no place for that specific opinion in society!?,” argued one commenter.

“Just because we have an opinion on what our country should be doesn’t mean we are racist! It’s our opinion,” quipped another.

While other commenters sided with the AFL and McGuire.

“People referring to freedom of speech… Pull your head in,” replied one commenter.

Do you think the banner should be allowed under freedom of speech? Or is the banner racist?

  1. tony  

    rubbish they should be supported for being patriotic .

  2. Lorraine Connor  

    This isn’t being patriotic this is racism. I don’t like religion at all so how would the people of Australia feel if I decided all religions should be banned and all churches pulled down.
    Stop using your so called beliefs to incite racist crap.

    • Racist? Muslims are not a race, Islam is an ideology akin to Nazism, and people like you who keep burying their head in a bucket are the problem! Which other religion do you know who quotes their god while they stone and behead non believers, and throw gays from tall buildings? Maybe you need to read more, because these people don’t care whether you are religious or not!

      • David  

        Small numbers of members of pretty much every religion (including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc) quote their holy texts while murdering people whose beliefs differ from theirs and while persecuting minorities– up to and including ‘throwing them off tall buildings’.

        Anybody who opposes a whole religion because of the actions of a small number of its adherents is a racist flog.

    • Stephen williams  

      How is this racism?It’s about religious beliefs

    • Sue  

      You cannot be racist against a religion or ideology

  3. Anne Wolski  

    Yes it is racism…how would we feel if someone unfurled a flag calling for the demolition of all christian churches? We would be up in arms. Patriotism isn’t about denigrating other peoples beliefs. Christianity isn’t about abusing an entire group of people because of the actions of a minority.

  4. Adrian feasey  

    Muslims are not a race! they are a theocratic backward looking political system,that calls for death to anyone that opposes them.Wake up.

    • bruce taylor  

      No Muslims are not a race they are a religion just as are Christians, Hindus or any other religion. They are not a political system if that were the case then there would be no troops on the ground in the middle east fighting ISIS. The only troops involved in land based combat against this terrorist group at the moment are MUSLIMS.
      We have had Muslims and Mosques in Australia for over 140 years with no problems. Muslims are presently serving in our armed forces and have for many years. Muslims are playing sport here at the top level.
      The big danger to this country is people who have no idea of what is really happening believing all the racist crap they see and read and dividing the nation.
      For heavens sake before you start supporting all this BS do some genuine research.

    • Robert Green  

      You are absolutely correct. And they are invited to violence by their preachers.

  5. Sue  

    Islam, mosques are things you CANNOT be racist against these things. Wake up

  6. George  

    Eddie stop being a dick Collingwood needs all the supporters they can get even ones who don’t like mosques. Which by the way that is not racist as it’s a place of worship

  7. Given a mosque doesn’t represent a race, the banner was definitely not racist! Let’s think about what would happen if any Christian Church wanted to build a church in Saudi Arabia – given they run the UN to suit themselves these days? Oh, it’s not allowed – so why shouldn’t Australians express a view about being overrun by a religion financed by the very same
    People building their own edifices given what is being done by hard line adherents in the name of this same cult? However, perhaps the footy was not the best place to express their views, although it has received plenty of media coverage which was obviously their goal!

  8. Faye Dapiran  

    Some rather sad comments on here. Of course it’s racist. Someone said, all Muslims are backward, etc, etc. How many Muslims does he actually know? And are they ALL terrorists. I agree with Eddie this time. Shameful and embarrassing.

  9. paul herry  

    just wondering eddie…..if these “racsit” dubed fans apologise will you take away the banned for life application as was what was applied to you after your effort with king kong.

  10. Norma  

    Eddie McGuire should get lost. If we have freedom of speech, why should these people be punished.

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