Prime Minister says we should live within our means and identifies one big issue

The May budget is approaching and the Prime Minister has this weekend delivered a powerful message.  This government is going

The May budget is approaching and the Prime Minister has this weekend delivered a powerful message.  This government is going to focus on living “within our means”.  He has identified one big issue for the country over the next year and that is transforming from dependence on the mining boom, to a new economy, and says that is all he is focussed on.

But do you agree that this is the most important issue facing our country right now?

The only way to create revenue is with economic growth said Mr Turnbull yesterday, and made it clear all governments will need to live within their means through the next fiscal period.  It comes after state governments rejected Mr Turnbull’s suggestion of a US style state taxation system that they could use to levy health and education supplementing income.

Turnbull talked down his desire for handouts and election sweeteners too.  Instead of quick cash grabs, Turnbull has said to the throngs of drama-hungry news media yesterday that the May Budget will contain “changes to our tax system” designed to promote investment, innovation and enterprise.   Do you believe him?

“This budget will not be about a fist full of dollars, it will be about prudence, fairness and responsibility to our future generations,” he said on stage at the Victorian Liberal Party conference.

And as he said it he pointed to the states, firing a bitter shot.

“The premiers don’t want to raise taxes to pay for their spending, well neither do we,” said Mr Turnbull.

Let’s talk: Which issues do you feel are most affecting our nation that need to be addressed in this budget?



  1. The watcher  

    So, tax cuts for his rich mates, public corporations allowed to transport wealth overseas without accountabilty. Furthr destruction of public education, health and facilies. Gotta love this kind of innovation.

  2. Jacquie  

    I do not trust anything this man, or any other politician says. Sad but true.

    • Carole  

      Hope the people who complain about this government and its leader, show their dislike at the polls.

  3. Sue  

    Tax religions no exemptions

  4. Let’s have the elephant in the room come forth, shall we? He is being PC – but I don’t need to be. We wouldn’t have such an enormous debt to be talking about “living within our means”, if Socialist Governments didn’t have a big spend up whenever they get the key to the bank. Blind Freddy can see we are in a vicious cycle – and have been for many, many years. One party seems a little better with the purse and when they get a bit in front, the other seems to get hold of it and blow the lot – and more. When are we going to wake up before we get ourselves into real trouble. There are other things about to bite us – badly – and petty party politics just fog these issues. A famous quote tells us, “The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Very true – so who has spare money to lend these days? The men may not mind what will eventuate in years to come, but I’m damn sure the women will!

    • Alek Skorich  

      You must be a personal mate of Turnbull

      • MrPhysio+  

        To DJ Green and Alek Skorich, Commentary explaining our political history is one thing, resorting to personal commentary is another and only highlights the commentators own bias. It would be nice if these comments kept to topic without waving a red, blue or green flag. Keep to the ‘facts’ as documented, please.

  5. In many ways he’s right. Australia must learn to live within its means – forget that smug acceptance of ‘entitlement.’ You are not ‘entitled’ to anything. Cannot imagine how people think it will all go on being the same. Forget the lucky country. Be the innovative and hard-working country.

    • Kaygeeay  

      how about we start at the “top” !!! The big end of town & their politician mates don’t “EARN”
      most of what they get. They “STEAL” it from Mr & Mrs Average citizen. Things will never change until they are made accountable & give up their “entitlements” !!!

  6. polies should live within their means , no more pay rises no post retirement perks will save a fortune, live within ones means ?? how do u do that when your paid 2.95 an hour ??

    • christine  

      I agree politicians have to many perks and to generous super when they leave office. cut these back

  7. John Cahill  

    This statement is nonsense, “The only way to create revenue is with economic growth said Mr Turnbull yesterday.” What does he mean by the word ‘revenue’? I guess he means ‘income’. This begs all the important questions. In other words, the statement is a ‘political speak’ blank cheque which will further draw down our natural wealth and pipe it out of our nationhood. First, our most fundamental problem is that we do not create our own ‘money’ as ‘We the people…’, rather, our leaders (on our behalf) let private interests create money as debt, charge us for it and own the right to foreclose on it. This means our national, state, business and private money creation, the marrow of the financial system, is itself the sickness; it is to the nation what leukaemia is to the human body, and this it saps all health, energy and prosperity out of the system before we even start producing. Our natural assets per capita should mean that we could be always in the black and generous without fear but now, by fundamentally bad policy, bad management and bad law, vast areas of our land produce minimal royalties rather than real and just ‘revenues’ for ‘the people’. This is a management problem, an administrative problem related to fundamentally bad policy. In other words, condescending nonsense like this statement of Turnbull’s arises from wilful blindness, misplaced loyalties and cowardice (whichever the party) and it is aimed at keeping the people in a state of relative, subtle but actual serfdom (as techno serfdom). The policies at the core of our political national self consciousness are dead wrong, but our leaders refuse to examine them because they themselves benefit so much from them. Lobbies and occult interests take care of the lobbied very well. ‘We the people’ are the heirs of the assets of this nation or better trustees under God, but our executors are milking off our inheritance and they are able to do this because they play both sides in favour corporate entities of various kinds; on the one hand they listen to the (lobbies+corporations+internationalists) who tell them what they want while on the other hand they control, through legislation and the administration of law, the people whose futures, efforts, ‘assets’ and significance are mortgaged off by phantoms of law. In days of old, these things were easier to identify and thus the people revolted; these days, it is all covered nicely by a veneer legalism which is mistaken by good people of good will as decency and morality. Take back the money supply, stop making contracts with the devil, support the people so that the people who are the wealth can support the world generously. Otherwise, please vacate the premises.

  8. J.Loehr  

    if he can live within our ordinary australian,income and means , why then do all politikers rorte the system?

  9. This should start from the top! Politicians could forego plenty of their “entitlements” stop giving big business tax breaks that the workers don’t get and invest in public infrastructure. The unemployed – permanently, healthy people, not the genuinely disabled – are not being forced out of the woodwork to take jobs that are going to overseas workers because our own people don’t want to do them. The contract for our submarines – all our naval needs – should be going to Australia. Why would you allow foreign interests to make our weapons? Give away our secrets, such as they are?

    The Whyalla steel mill fiasco has apparently been caused by mismanagement – I’ll just bet the top executives get their “entitlements” while the workers lose theirs. NOW IS THE TIME FOR THIS SMUG PM TO SHOW SOME LOYALTY TO THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE.

  10. Okay lets be realistic. The first step should be to only pay pollies for the work they actually do. The savings would be enormous. Cut out the travel allowances for those with a house in Canberra. Another big savings, stop all expenses for past pollies, after all they were voted out of office. The list goes on and on. It might not be the total answer but it certainly would be a good start and show the Australian people that the government is serious about saving money.

    • Noel latimer  

      The government wants us to live within our means while not making any cuts of there own there overnight allowance should be stoped while they own or there spouse have a redsident in canbera .there super should be like ours cant collect to retirement age cut right back on your perks and no travel allowance after they retire . untill this happens the people want believe you so no more talking but more action

    • sandra fox  


      I totally agree with everything you have said, pollies are our worst nightmare

  11. Gloria Hunt  

    Living within our means is all very well to preach but what happens when the means we a paid don’t allow us to live?

    • Patrick Wilmore  

      We are all serfs Gloria and the statement ‘living within our means’ does not apply to the big end of town. Just look at Hockey after he butchered his opportunity at the helm. Fell on his feet pretty well.
      There is a bigger agenda going on here and we are just seen as dopes to be lied to, hoodwinked, confused with rhetoric and kept in a state of anxiety about our immediate and long term futures.
      Just look at what NZ governments have achieved in the last 10 years and what our dopes have done for us here especially in the last 2 years.


  12. David  

    I would be very happy to live within Mr Turnbull’s means

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