Duchess of Cornwall stuns in bright purple coat at pony club

Camilla enjoyed a lively day out at the horse club, chatting to riders and getting to know the animals.
Camilla enjoyed her day out at the horse club.

The Duchess of Cornwall has enjoyed a delightful day out at the Ebony Horse Club and managed to charm a notoriously grumpy pony into taking a photo with her.

Camilla has long had a passion for horses and riding and is president of the South London club. She was there to celebrate the club’s 21st anniversary and mingled with riders and animals alike for the occasion.

At one point she entered into the enclosure of Pedro the Shetland pony, who is notorious for his grumpy nature. It seems not even he was immune to the royal’s charm though, eventually cosying up to Camilla for a photo and a pat.

Club member Natasha Williams, told The Telegraph Pedro has a rather colourful reputation.

“Pedro is incredibly grumpy, he does love people and hates people at the same time,” she said.

“There’s even a story about him being taken to a wedding and biting the bride.”

Camilla wore one of her favourite coats again for the special day, sporting the bright purple tartan number with knee-high black boots.

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She wore the same coat last year when crashed the wedding of a young couple in Swindon. Camilla saw the pair posing for photos and decided to swing by and say hello, making their special day even more memorable.

Are you a fan of her bright look? Do you think Camilla has done a good job integrating into the royal family?

  1. God, it is hideous! But does comply with her usual poor taste in clothes. She is frumpy.

    • Phyl vincent  

      She is not frumpy , she always looks the part, if you can’t say something good keep your mouth shut.

      • Dianne Spencer-Watson  

        Wow Phyl. Do you tell everyone who disagrees with your opinion to kep their mouth shut?
        Take your own advice – if you can’t say something good…. (in your case you had nothing good to say to Noreen)….

    • Patricia  

      if you can’t say anything nice…say nothing at all

  2. Judith Edgington  

    YES she has done a good job in the family, She has kept her mouth shut, not got drunk and organised ajournalist to get to anyone, not had her toes sucked by some idiot, not taken off and done trips on yahts with a playboy, I think she is way above some of the past royal wives and mothers

    • Purdie Samson  

      Well said. The past is passed, I think she has done a very good job.

    • Marie Gardner  

      I think she is great better than a lot that’s been in the same position

  3. Judith Edgington  

    LEAVE HER ALONE PLEASE… can those without sin cast the 1st stone please….

    • Dee Potts  

      I fully agree with you,,seems there is a double standard in play here

  4. Dee Potts  

    I LOVE the coat,She is not frumpy and dresses delightfully for one of her age! Good on ya Camilla for taking on a difficult role and aster ing it perfectly!

  5. Dianne Spencer-Watson  

    She’s a mess. She even looks dirty. As for those giving her kudos for not getting drunk – well she did worse than that at her young age. She’s a bit long in the tooth for such shenanigans now.

    • Diana  

      Didn’t most of us get drunk and be badly behaved back in the 1960s? I certainly did and it does you no credit to slam Camilla. You may have been as pure as the driven snow, but then I guess you are perfect and can afford to cast stones at others. I haven’t heard that she is still performing such shennanigans now, but then I haven’t read a woman’s mag lately…

    • Patricia  

      If you can’t say anything nice…say nothing at all

      • I agree with you, that is what my late mother used to mention to me. But sometimes it is very difficult to follow
        when you see something wrong and would like to comment.

    • Marie Gardner  

      You must have led a very boring life if you haven’t done anything that somebody else hasn’t approved of

  6. Robyn Williams  

    Camilla’s style – or lack of – is hardly fitting for a Princess Consort in waiting of her age. Some others can carry it off but not her. She appears to copy both her younger and elder counterparts instead of developing a style of her own befitting her position. As for being able to “talk to the animals” I think Pedro’s expression says it all!!!

    • Marie Gardner  

      Maybe you should look back at other royal consorts habits before you start pointing the bone at her

  7. Janice Mallett  

    I would like to forgive her, but my husband cheated on me before, during and after our marriage,
    so I had my Camilla.
    Diana had her faults, but didn’t have a chance.

  8. Kay Downer  

    He and She, adulterers both, are welcome to each other.A great pair, one talks to plants the other to horses.They are a disgrace to the family

  9. Alverna Freind  

    She looks like she needs a good bath most of the time.

  10. Wendy  

    I think theh are noth adultsrers she should neaver bd queen looks like a frumpy old drunk house wife most of the time charles how stupid goinv for her cheating on a lovel uh wife doannz

  11. Joan Tisdell  

    Love to see a picture of all the critics at the same age as Camilla!

  12. Dalia  

    Camilla and Charles were in love from a very young age, yet, sadly, protocol stood in the way of what would have been a very loving, happy and compatible marriage. I’m sure Charles doesn’t see only her facade as your unkind words depict and as for saying ‘she needs a bath’ have you, the people who wrote that piece of ‘sour grapes’ been ‘up close and personal’ to the Queen Consort? I admit, Camilla isn’t as striking, slim nor has the same sense of style as the beautiful, late Princess Diana, but she obviously has one of the most important components needed for a romantic attraction……chemistry, that along with another element, the sense of pleasing smell is essential, so dear ‘sour grapes’ bath or no bath, Camilla certainly must have many attributes more than pleasing to Charles!
    (If anyone is wondering if I have felt the excruciating pain of a husband who was unfaithful, the sad answer is yes, right through my 15 year marriage)

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