Duchess of Cambridge stuns in white gown at movie premier

The Duchess of Cambridge has put on a stunning display at a movie premier in London only hours ago. Kate

The Duchess of Cambridge has put on a stunning display at a movie premier in London only hours ago.

Kate wore a beautiful white gown with a daring slit up the thigh – not something she usually goes for – and left the crowd awe-struck after taking her time to stop and chat with as many people as she could.

The Duchess was attending the premier of the movie ‘A Street Cat Called Bob’ as part of her role as patron for Action On Addiction – a charity that helps those struggling in the grips of addiction.

The movie is based on the touching true story of former addict James Bowen who was homeless and living on the streets when found an injured stray cat and nursed it back to health.

The pair became unlikely friends, with cat following him around town as he busked to make money. James says having the cat changed his life as he had someone else to think about and look after and pushed him to get help and beat his addiction once and for all.

The superstar cat was at the premier too and Kate looked thrilled when she stopped to give it a scratch on the head as she passed.

A number of the guests in attendance were recovering addicts and Kate took the time to stop and talk to them and ask how they coping and how their lives had changed since starting their journey to recovery.

Those who spoke to her said she was delightful and seemed genuinely interested in what they had to say.

“Your Royal Highness, you have taken us at Action on Addiction, for who we are and what we do, warts and all. And it is warts and all,” one woman told Kate, to chuckles from the Duchess.

Another noted how wonderful it was to have such an influential person using their position for good: “She was fascinated to learn about the work we do and how many inmates are in recovery given the environment we are living and working in.”

Are you a fan of the Duchess? What do you think of her glamorous gown?

  1. The Duchess of Cambridge would look beautiful with a Sack on – it is a bit different to what she usually wears but she looks stunning as usual..

  2. Tris  

    Well for starter’s the dress’s split did not go up to the ‘thigh’……
    Plus she is a young women, future queen or not..
    The Duchess looked stunning..

  3. Marlee  

    She has great legs, so show them off Catherine. Anyone who doesn’t have good legs – sew the split up!

  4. Denice  

    Let me watch the Royals any day to Trump..!!
    Love Dianas boys and the great lady that William has chosen..shes amazing…..may she glow forever

  5. Maureen  

    The dress is really quite modest. There is no cleavage showing which is a welcome relief. She has great legs and should show them off.

  6. Guy Flavell  

    I hope I live long enough to see our Queen Kate. Wills, Kate and Harry have effectively destroyed the Republican movement in this country for generations to come.

  7. Elizabeth Gardner  

    As usual Kate looks stunning the dress is beautiful and she has great legs. She will make a wonderful queen when the time comes. Both she and Princess Mary have done much for the Royal Families and have done what Diana tried to do disassemble the pomp and ceremony that has been so much a part of Royalty. The people now understand that being royal does not mean being distant and Kate is just one of those people so likable so approachable.

  8. Joan Marshall  

    Duchess Catherine is beautiful and has style and class she has done so much for the Royal family and Australia is proud of Princess Mary who also shows style and class.

  9. She looks fantastic! When she’s 50 she won’t be able to wear dresses like this so I say “go for it while you can!”.

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