Duchess of Cambridge steals the show as star-studded event

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have walked the red carpet together at the BAFTA Awards in London.
The pair were all smiles as they arrived together.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have wowed the crowed at the annual BAFATA Awards in London, walking the red carpet together at the biggest night for British cinema.

As patron of the British Academy Film Award, Prince William is there to present the prestigious BAFTA Fellowship to actor Mel Brooks, but it is Kate who has really stolen the show.

Wearing an Alexander McQueen gown, the same designer who made her wedding dress, Kate showed off her shoulders in a gorgeous black and floral-printed dress as she made her way past the admiring crowd.

She kept hair simple in an elegant up-do and finished the look with a pair of sparkling diamond earrings and matching bracelet.

There were cheers from the crowed as the pair walked down the red carpet, taking their time to acknowledge the dozens of fans who waiting out in the cold to catch a glimpse of them.

While William has attended the awards night before, it is the first time he has brought Kate along too.

What do you think of Kate’s gown? Are you fan of her style?

  1. Andrea Lane  

    Poor girl must have been freezing. She looks gorgeous though.

    • Janey  

      She looks gorgeous and very happy. Loved Nicole Kidmans dress a bit more though

  2. Diandra  

    Kate looks beautiful. Beautiful dress. They look so happy.

  3. Absolutely stunning, they are a beautiful couple and always look so happy together.

  4. Paula  

    I think she is stunning, Prince William is too, they make a lovely couple. Diana would be so proud of both her boys and their choice of partners.

  5. Gillian Sutherland  

    I think her dress is beautiful, as is she. How cold she must have been.

  6. I think her gown is lovely except for the sleeves they look kind of weird the way they sit on her shoulders and look too thin which doesn’t seem to balance the rest of the gown but that’s just my thought she is beautiful though!

    • Maureen  

      I agree, it would also be hard to move your arms in those sleeves.

      • Jean  

        I to think the off shoulder is not flattering on her, she is too thin to carry it off. Lovely rest of dress and if the top had better styling it would definitely have been wow.

    • Pat  

      She looks gorgeous as always but I agree the straps don,t seem to match the rest of the dress

    • Jennifer Monks  

      I agree. Think the top would look more balanced if it was sleeveless. Kate is beautiful. She could wear a sack and still look beautiful.

  7. Gillian Campbell  

    Kate looks stunning.What a lovely couple.

  8. Bernadette Smith  

    Wonderful to see the happy couple, and Princess Kate looks stunning.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    Princess Kate is stunning. Prince William has chosen wisely in Kate of education, maturity, beauty and style.

    • Teri Planken  

      She is Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. She can be referred to as the Duchess but certainly not ‘princess’.

  10. Sally Norton  

    She looks lovely as always, but must have been cold. The dress finishes a bit low at the shoulders, perhaps a shawl would have better with it.love the dress.

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