Duchess Kate turns heads at ‘Heads Together’ event

It was a Royal flush turnout for World Mental Health Day as Kate, William, and Harry stepped out to promote

It was a Royal flush turnout for World Mental Health Day as Kate, William, and Harry stepped out to promote their charity campaign Heads Together.

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a head-turning £428 Kate Spade dress with a beautiful rose print.

Kate brought a much-needed splash of colour to the group as Harry and William went more traditional with their navy suits.

The Royal trio even hopped on the famous London Eye, where Harry couldn’t help by try to point out Buckingham Palace. Travelling in the London Eye pod with the Royals were young people that have battled psychological programs and bravely shared their experiences as part of the World Mental Health Day event.

Kate also gave an address to the group, which is a rare event. Speaking to the people that have shared their stories she beamed that “what they can to shine a spotlight on emotional wellbeing.” She also beautifully hinted at her husband and brother-in-law’s loss of their mother when she shared “all of us know someone who has been through emotional times.”

Also in attendance was Theresa Cox, who is a carer for her husband Andy who suffers from Multiple System Atrophy, a condition that fluctuates his body from being a fully active person to suddenly finding it hard to climb stairs. Theresa told reporters “I think the stigma of mental health needs to go. It’s a really dark place and one that isn’t always seen, and I think some people don’t even understand they’re dealing with their own emotional health – almost until it’s too late.” Which is exactly what Kate, William, and Harry are trying to achieve with their work.


  1. Wendy Harty  

    Lovely, like something I would have worn in the 60s and 70s. Love retro.

    • Pauline  

      Yep – if I hadn’t turfed all mine out she could have trawled through my wardrobe for the exact dress!!! Great work though kids.

  2. Rosanne Newton  

    I think the dress was not becoming at all. It looked like a crimpalene (spelling?) think my grandmother would have worn.

  3. Bluedog  

    I like the dress. It does look like one I wore in the 70’s though. I hope I can find a cheaper version.

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