Downton Abbey is set for the big screen

If you felt a little bereft when you found out the sixth season would be the last season for Downton

If you felt a little bereft when you found out the sixth season would be the last season for Downton Abbey, then prepare to get excited: a movie is in the pipeline.

At an Emmy event recently cast members hinted that the show’s creator Julian Fellows is scripting a movie.

However, cast member Lesley Nicol, who played Mrs Patmore in the show, did acknowledge that the cast had a habit of running a rumour mill and that her information had been received second-hand.

“What I heard from Phyllis Logan [Mrs Hughes] was that maybe he [Fellows] was possibly writing a script, which is what we need to have to go on with the conversation,” Nicol said.

There was further shock when Allen Leech, who played Tom Branson, informed fans that Dan Stevens’ character Matthew Crawley was in fact supposed to end up with Sybil, played by Jessica Brown Findlay. Anyone would know he became Lady Mary’s beau.

It has been one speculation after another when it comes to Downton Abbey, but fans not yet ready to part with the series, which also stars Dame Maggie Smith, will be able to purchase the final season on DVD and Blu-ray from May 2016.

Have you ever watched Downton Abbey? Would you see it at the cinema?

  1. I would go to watch it if it had the usual cast and carried on from where the series finished.

    • She-Ron Menz  

      Yes, I would Love to see it Continue.

  2. Marion Flynn  

    You bet. I’d drag myself from one end of the globe to the other to see a movie of Downton Abbey!

    • DeborahDenny  

      Me to…i love the show and didn’t want it to end. .

  3. Helen  

    Apart from call the midwife , A place to call Home which we are STILL waiting for downtown Abbey and the above are the only decent programs running . So sick of cooking shows, do gooder building shows and the rest of it would rather watch old movies from the 30 s 40’s and 50 s. To say nothing of that moronic hypnosis show with Darryl somers

    • Jayne simpson  

      A place to call home is now on Foxtel you can buy series 3 and 4 on DVDs.. Sounds like you need Foxtel. Uk tv and bbc first are brilliant channels.

  4. Patricia  

    I’d love to watch a movie from this series. I’ve loved this show.

  5. Wendy  

    Yes I would go and see it Love Downton Abbey I have not missed one episode since the beginning

  6. Helen Murdoch  

    I have watched it all. Last episode on Monday night. Just hope Julian Fellows continues the series where it leaves off. He has written a wonderful story so far!

  7. Moira  

    Why does there have to be a final series it would be great if it kept running for a long time and we got to know the outcomes of all the people living at Downton Abbey…all good things have to come to an end so they say…i would go and see the movie for sure!

  8. Lynn  

    Oh no!!!! thats two hours of my life that I would never get back. Love Maggie Smith and that’s about as far as it goes. Love, marriage, spoiled deluded family…..yada yada…….Mills and Boon

  9. Colleen  

    I would really love to see a movie of Downton Abbey

    • Geraldine  

      Love Downton Abbey ….Make a Movie or keep the Series running …….It does not need to finish yet . So much life left in this show.

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