Downed plane has us wondering: are we really ready to trust Russia?

Those of us who have observed more history than others could have been forgiven for greeting the news the West

Those of us who have observed more history than others could have been forgiven for greeting the news the West was working closely with Russia with some hesitation. After all, the Cold War may technically be over, but Russia hasn’t always played by the rules since.

The current alliance, of course, has to do with Syria and defeating ISIL, but late last night Turkey shot down one of Russia’s fighter jet – a move Vladimir Putin says is a “stab in the back”.

The Russian president has practically accused Turkey of being”accomplices of terrorists”, and has said the “most serious incident” would have consequences for Moscow’s relations with Ankara, reports CNN.

However, reports have emerged that Turkey warned the pilots 10 times before shooting the plane just one kilometre from the Turkish border. The plan crashed four kilometres inside Syria and the pilots ejected, with one killed and the other believed to be captured by ISIL, according to Reuters.

This is just the latest in a series of tensions between Russia and Turkey, with the latter warning in October it would not tolerate any more Russian incursions into its airspace.

A foreign affairs expert says the incident could push us back to the worst part of the Cold War.

“The situation is very grave, it can develop to even more dangerous crisis than it already is,” says research director at the European Leadership Network Lukasz Kulesa, who adds that tensions between Russia and NATO have been building for 20 years.

There are early signs that Russia will respond to the incident aggressively, rather than diplomatically, warned analyst Lukasz Kulesa.

Kulesa, London-based , has been tracking rising tensions between NATO and Russia for the last two years.

“Unfortunately this (shooting down of the Su-24) is not terribly surprising,” Mr Kulesa told Fairfax. “This is a very sad confirmation of a problem that was there before.”

He added, “This is getting us back to the darkest hour of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.”

Putin’s reaction – accusing Turkey of complying with ISIL – is “menacing” says the analyst.

“Instead of trying to de-escalate tensions and trying to work to resolve them, he accused Turkey of helping terrorists, and almost of working with ISIS. This is a very dangerous approach to take. It can very easily escalate further, if they decide to retaliate.”

As the situation unfolds today and over the next few days, we will have a clearer picture of what we are dealing with. Turkey could invoke the NATO treaty and demand military support from its allies, or impose economic sanctions on Russia.

But the real question is: what will Putin do?

Do you think we can trust Russia to help us defeat ISIL in the Middle East? What are your memories of the Cold War? Is the world a different place today?


  1. Russia is the only one we can trust to do some thing our prime minister is a idiot the same as Obama a couple of goose

    • Ken McLennan Russia seriously – aided and abetted destruction of civilian plane over Ukraine.

    • So Australians killed by a Russian missile means that someone using a fake name must be wrong? You’re logic leaves a little to be desired.

    • Tom Cruize At the risk of sounding rude i wonder just how old you are. Putin was once the directir of the KGB it was a fearsime organisation the was very good at causing provocation when required they were very skillful at propoganda and till this say they still have sleeper agents in most countries of the world. Russia has tradionally trained armed and finsnced terror groups around the world…I am quite suspicious of the aim of of the Russian bombers I dont think that they are after Isis but then i am only an old lady with a goid historical memory who could not possibly know what i am talking about Putin is the new world hero just like in the VIDEO GAMES.

    • russia should shoot down a turkish jet.Call it quits and get on with destroying the bad guys.Oops that means the interfering west!

    • i dont trust none of them they are all war munging power hungry greedy humans, after all they are the ones that start wars not the normal joe blog in the street , and they know how to brain wash us in to thinking other wise ,,,

  2. Putin is dangerous and Russia’s involvement in Syria is making a tricky situation worse.

    • Only some regard the influx of refugees as a problem. Most terrorist attacks are by Muslims born in the country they attack, some have been recent converts. The refugees are running from ISIS too. Yes we do have to be vigilant about who comes in, but that certainly doesn’t mean none should come.

    • Yes it could. If Russia retaliates against Turkey a member of NATO it could get a whole lot worse. After all Putin is supporting a regime in Syria most countries are opposed to and is bombing American trained opposition to that regime. We are getting close to something more troubling than some Muslim bullies like ISIS.

    • I don’t doubt you are right Barbara , you normally so clever with this stuff, but honestly I am just craving for peace, just a day where we wake up and no one is killing anyone for any reason what so ever. I think it might be like chasing rainbows we can never catch them sadly

    • While Turkey maintains that it was only reacting in self-defense (or perhaps in defense of terrorists it is sponsoring) – it was against a Russi’a planes that it knew had no intention of attacking its territory. The plane was actually well within Syrian airspace.

    • Yes Libbi. I see people on here talking about how scared they are of terrorists and I don’t understand it. There is a danger, true, but it is talked up as so much more than it really is. Terrorist attacks can happen here in Australia, but there is some scrutiny of likely suspects and we don’t have the porous borders of Europe. I think we are unlikely not to have another event at some stage, but I doubt we would have anything on the scale of Paris. As Turkey is a member of NATO I am hoping cooler heads may come into play to avert the shooting down of the plane becoming a trigger for more aggression and possibly war. It would be wonderful if all this stopped tomorrow and refugees could go home, find missing family and rebuild in peace. I think it more likely that the sky will turn deep purple.

    • our jets are flying over there too, how long before one of these countries shoots our jets down ? I hope that never happens

    • Leanna that was a danger when Russia joined in, the other countries communicate what they are doing, Russia is a loose cannon. It is more likely Russia take out a coalition plane than Turkey.

  3. Shooting down another countries jets or planes is never a good idea. I hope this is resolved peacefully and does not escalate into something far worse

  4. Putin is a war monger. He has proven this with the way that he treats his own countryman. Maybe he wants to be another Stalin. He is helping another murderer kill off his opponents. The sooner this person is gone from the world stage the better.

    • No I don’t support daesch, by the way Josh Bateman this thing called isil is not a state, territory or country. They are a bunch of marauding, murdering bastards and ANY country that supports them in any way deserves to be dealt with in the same way, and I don’t support the Russian propping up of a murderous dictator. If Turkey is supporting daesch then bring it out in the open .

    • Josh Bateman where in that statement did George Newman say he supported the terrorists. He is right Russia supports Assad for no other reason than to protect his military base he is targeting troops fighting against Isis because they are not pro Assad . Would not trust Putin with anything with his track record.

    • His helping kill of his opponents as in Daesch, ISIL, ISIS??
      Shouldn’t they be first priority?
      I Don’t see Assad orchestrating mass terror attacks around the world?
      And Putin did bring it out in the open at the recent G20 summit!

    • Josh, Assad has attacked his own citizens, bombing villages. Many refugees are fleeing Syria to get away from the Assard regime. Russia has been attacking American trained and supplied opposition forces not just ISIS.

    • Josh keeps forgetting what assad is doing and what Putin has been doing in Russia. They seem to be two peas in a pod in their behaviour.

    • Barbara do you honestly believe these American trained opposition are good people lol they are rebels they are ruthless mercenaries who behead and rape innocent civilians aswel! majority of them have defected to ISIS and Al-Qaeda the US don’t deny this! But yet they keep funding and arming them. The U.S do this to destabilise the region!
      The U.S air strikes combined with these American trained terrorists have killed more Syrian civilians than Assad has!

      George what has Putin done to his people?

    • I am thinking that deep down you secretly support daesch. Because you seem to have lots of anger to anyone who says anything against them, and by the way are you that blind that you have not noticed what Putin has orchestrated against anyone in the former ussr that disagrees with him. I get a lot of anti western society in you. I believe that your narrow minded beliefs should be kept to yourself. I pray that I don’t have to defend my country with the likes of you nearby. GOODBYE JOSH.

    • I don’t think you support the terrorists Josh but I do think some of your info is a not correct we know Assad has gasses his own people, by which I mean civilians on more than one occasion remember he is willing to do just about anything to hang onto power and Putin wants him there because Assad supports the Russian military base

    • Libby it’s now been proven that it was the rebels that used the sarin gas.
      Stop eating up everything the mainstream media feeds you!

  5. Who said he is talking tough? I have been watching it on SKY NEWS please STOP trying to instil fear, everyone needs to calm down this is not helpful to anyone!

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