Don’t throw out those cans, they’re finally worth something

For years, it was only South Australians who got to financially benefit from being diligent recyclers. Now though, anyone living

For years, it was only South Australians who got to financially benefit from being diligent recyclers.

Now though, anyone living in New South Wales will be able to pick up 10 cents for every can and bottle they deliver to the recycling man.

As part of the state’s bid to clean up and help the environment, Premier Mike Baird says scheme could generate millions in revenue for the state and provide a little extra cash for anyone who participates.

The can-for-cash system in South Australia delivers around $60 million in revenue every year, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by other state and territory leaders.

There have been calls from the public for years for similar schemes to be rolled out across Australia, with many people saying it would encourage more people to pick up after themselves and recycle.

It’s so common these days to see parks and gutters littered with cans and bottles, not only creating an eye-sore, but also doing a huge amount of damage to the environment and local wildlife.

While the Greens and environmental groups like Clean Up Australia have welcomed the change in NSW, they are also asking for a similar type of system to be introduced for plastic bags, too.

Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and ACT have already banned plastic bags in supermarkets, meaning they would most likely stick to a can and bottle scheme only.

However, the Greens say the rest of the country could benefit from a recycling system for bags as well as cans and bottles.

What do you think about the cash-for-recycling system?

Should we have this in every state and territory? Would more people recycle if they got money for it?

  1. Bronwyn Lewis  

    YES. I live in South Australia where we have recycled this way for years. We do pay a small deposit when we buy the product but this provides a business and employment. My children had the role of managing this collection and were the recipients of the returned deposits. Now my grandchildren have this role. One thing I have noticed when travelling interstate is the drink container litter by the roadside. I am sure this recycling has helped keep our roadsides cleaner. Sadly some people don’t seem to care when it comes to littering.

  2. Carol shakespeare  

    What a good idea.less rubbish on our streets and parks.we should all recycle more ,we who have abit more time and need extra cash will gladly be in it .

  3. Erica Erakare  

    We need to start this in Qld – every cent counts and every can not in the nature is a step towards a cleaner environment. Why haven’t we started this?

  4. how can we find out where the local recycling plants are that work with this scheme close to our area. We are in Penrith area NSW

  5. It surprises me that people forget about the Northern Territory we have had recycling of your can’s and drink bottle’s for years yes it’s a good idea and now with things tight and money hard to get your hands on I have noticed that people actually will look for and pick up go through the public bins just to get a few extra bob in their pockets for a feed or what ever

  6. Geoff  

    If only QLD would jump into the 21st century and ban plastic bags & adopt the 10c on cans and bottles.

  7. Jenny  

    When does it start in NSW. I’m ready to go♫

  8. Kerri  

    Plastic bags are available in ACT at a cost. 15 cents per bag at Woolies.

  9. Lillian Wallace  

    Yes Queensland needs it When will our Government agree to this scheme

  10. Jan  

    I remember being in S.A> years ago and then you could take your bottles and cans to the supermarket as they were a collection centre I don’t know if this is still being done in S.A. Also being brought up in England, you could always take your bottles back as returns It was not unusual to see kids collecting bottles and cans around and about as a way of getting some pocket money so there were never any lying around as rubbish. If there is something in it for people then we will eliminate garbage in the streets. I have seen the elderly, people on the dole or out of work, the homeless, collecting bottles and cans just to get a little bit of money together to get something to eat. If there is money in it then we will no longer see our beaches littered by careless people with bottles and cans.

    • Bruce  

      Jan we take our cans , bottles and cartons that have a deposit on them to Recycling Depots now as the Supermarkets stopped this when the new scheme started.Recycling Depots that are located around the suburbs and city. You can take Copper and other metals, along with car batteries to be recycled. They weigh the metal etc and you get so much per kilo.Some depots take cardboard boxes etc and are sent to be recycled , but you don’t get a payment for these.

  11. Judi Damon  

    I would love to see this happen in WA.

    • sue  

      Yes Me too !

      Should have been introduced years ago ! Shame on our State Governments !

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