Don’t look now, but Barnaby Joyce just made a really good point

Barnaby Joyce is most likely to become our Deputy Prime Minister when Warren Truss resigns, but he’s feeling nervous about the state

Barnaby Joyce is most likely to become our Deputy Prime Minister when Warren Truss resigns, but he’s feeling nervous about the state of Australian politics.

In an interview with Fairfax media, Joyce voiced his concerns that Parliament House was becoming a “sterile” environment that was under the thumb of the PC police.

In reference to the outrage over Jamie Briggs and his inappropriate behaviour to a public servant in Hong Kong, along with the furore over Peter Dutton telling a journalist she was a “mad witch” by accident, Joyce said, “I never want our country to be completely sterile. I like that Australia is to the point.”

“One of the great things about Australian politics is our informality and directness and I’d hate to lose that – even if there can be faux pas.”

“It’s what one bloke thought he was saying to another bloke,” Mr Joyce said in regards to Dutton’s loose text message.

“If I got upset about every time I have been abused on Twitter or in the newspaper or in text messages, I would be a case for an asylum.”

Joyce  also said he was concerned politicians might become overly cautious following the Briggs incident and shy away from socialising with colleagues and journalists.

“I don’t like to be in the holier than thou crowd,” he said. “If you invite me out for a drink, you want me to speak frankly and freely rather than ring up 13 media advisers and get encrypted babble.”

In 2012, Mr Joyce was forced to apologise to National Party colleague Bridget McKenzie for referring to her in Parliament as a “flash bit of kit”.

Do you think Barnaby Joyce has a good point? Is it political correctness gone mad or are these members out of touch?


      • Pamela  

        Read the fine print before you vote; don’t just believe the newspaper ad headlines!
        Joining the Dots on Islam.
        Notes for a presentation by Debbie Robinson, President Q Society of Australia Inc –
        (and now Senate candidate for Australian Liberty Alliance)
        In part:
        “…First and foremost it’s important to make the distinction between Muslims and Islam. It goes without saying that there are law abiding, respectful and decent Muslims in our community, who reject Islam’s violent and intolerant commandments. You could call them nominal Muslims or Muslims in name only.

        The second point I will make is that there is no moderate version of Islam, this is a Western concept and wishful thinking on our part, because the majority of Islamic leaders deny a moderate version of Islam and Islamic scriptures contradict the idea. By the same token there is no radical version of Islam. There is only one Islam…”

        This is the twisted convolution ALA/Qsoc are preaching!
        When I questioned it, I was told these statements are ‘strategy’!
        Vote for them at your peril!
        You have to be able to BELIEVE the candidates you vote for.
        Honesty and integrity is paramount!

        Q Society backs/supports ALA.

        ALA and Q Society believe in MODERATE MOSLEMS!

        Upholding Australian Values
        Q Society of Australia Inc
        Q on: Twelve Practical Steps to Stop Islamisation

        In case of Islamic groups, this baseline shall be complemented by the requirement to sign and comply with an undertaking similar to the “Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding” offered by the Islamic scholar and ex-Muslim Sam Solomon. An authorised Australian version of the Charter in print or electronic format is available from Q Society of Australia Inc.

        Q Society – pushing the ‘moderate moslem’ stupidity!

        A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding
        By Sam Solomon
        Foreword by Gerard Batten
        UK Independence Party
        Member of the European Parliament for London
        1st Edition – December 2006
        Revised Edition – April 2007
        Adaptation for Australia – February 2013
        Q Society of Australia Inc, Melbourne

        Islamic fundamentalists have however made great gains in the propaganda war by convincing many non-Muslims that they are the true representatives of Islam, whereas they are not.

        The vast majority of Muslims that non-Muslims meet in every-day life are decent, respectable, law-abiding and hardworking.

        (Yeah, right! That is the BIG PROBLEM with most western countries! Welcome all those nice, friendly moslems – they have nothing to do with islam!)

    • Derryn Hinch Justice Party. at least he stands behind what he believes in. Check out the website.

    • God help us, Liberty alliance and justice party. Please No.

      • Rob Gee  

        Lee et al, we are disappearing under an oppressive mound of rules, regulations, opinions and lefttard rubbish that is killing our ability to express ourselves and question things we feel are not right or just. Is it better if we all hop into a blender and become “coffee coloured people” (thanks Beetles)? No thanks, I am an Australian, born into a fair dinkum Australia that gave an HONEST man a fair go. Lets keep it that way and speak up for our country and not let it sink into the bland lifeless world dominated by political correctness.

        • Elaine Henderson  

          Robyn, it was Blue Mink, not the Beatles. FYI

  1. The Briggs Dutton fiasco makes us a laughing stock….hung, drawn n quartered by the media….what a joke 😡😡

  2. Yes and it is time for a change no Libs no labour no greens sick to death of the lot of them

    • Absolutely spot on Shirley they are all tarred with the one brush these days and none have the guts to govern for the good of the country for fear of upsetting the minority PC social media zealots who are only interested in sucking everything they can out of this once great country

  3. Yes Barnaby, it is time for a change. Shut the door on your way out please.

  4. Australian politics could do with a bit of maturity and if that includes politicians observing political correctness so be it. It can go a bit overboard at times as what was politically correct a year ago isn’t today. You only have to look at names and descriptors for mental illness and physical incapacity to be left struggling for the new PC words, but I think we should try.

  5. Political correctness & the media is ruining our way of life

  6. The unelectable one has to go. He don’t understand how to be the Australia’s good PM. Its ummm, error. I am err the ummmmm PM errrr umm of errrrr ummmm Australia. Yes let’s hope he us gone on election day. We never for get what happened to our fine PM Tony Abbott.

    • Making fun of the way someone speaks should not be undertaken by someone who can’t type/spell/use correct grammar.

    • That’s ok Joan, don’t worry about what I dont, as long as you don’t, and every thing will be fine . Chow.

    • then not one of you are liberals just stirrers ..liberals stick with the party .liberals dont want labour elected and true liberals can read the polls …the very nice tony abbott WAS HUGELY UNPOPULAR IN THE ELECTORATE..DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LIKE HIM …. the votors must like him ……..into opposition with tony abbott was NEVER liberal policy ..

    • stopped the boats sTOPPED CARBON TAX STOPPED MINING TAX ..NO NO NO TONY I CANT STAND THAT AS THE ANSWER TO EVERY QUESTION ..just googled him ……how the hell could anyone critisize turnbulls way of speech after that …support turnbull or vote for the CMFEU your choice

    • Sharron Mc Kenzie and Sydney will see the spectacle of all time as JC walks across the water from Circular Quay to Manly.

    • Abbott will never be back and how can voting for another party help Abbott ?, all you will do is make Abbotts party lose Government.. come to think of it..that is a good idea

    • Personally I thought and still do Abbott was a mug, got his Rhodes Scholarship for boxing and thats it. I got my Rhodes Scholarship on boxing errrrr ummmmm I got my Rhodes scholarship on boxing, I say again i got my Rhodes scholarship on boxing. Thats our past pm.

    • In your dreams Sharron. Even the rednecks have simmered down without Tony stirring them up with his constant hyperbole re ISIS. He is our version of Donald Trump, a fascist and loose cannon.

  7. What ever happens with pollies they are human being with the same faults as every body else.the Bible saying he who is with out fault cast the first stone.

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