Donald Trump’s newest cabinet member quits amid scandal

Some are already calling it the beginning of the end after Donald Trump’s newly appointed communications chief quit suddenly overnight.
One of team Trump's biggest allies has resigned.

Some are already calling it the beginning of the end after Donald Trump’s newly appointed communications chief quit suddenly overnight.

Jason Miller was meant to serve in Trump’s cabinet after being a faithful follower throughout the election.

Now though, he has announced his sudden resignation after another Trump staffer hinted he was involved in a sex scandal.

Miller said he decided he wanted to spend more time with his family, but just hours earlier, AJ Delgado, another senior Trump staffer, had outed him on social media and hinted he was hiding something.

In a series of posts about him, Delgado said Miller “needed to resign … yesterday’, and called him the “2016 version of John Edwards” – the former Democrat presidential candidate who was found to have fathered a child with his mistress.

While the chaos around Miller’s resignation has forced Trump to find someone else to fill the role, it has many people wondering if this is just the beginning when it comes to Team Trump.

The president-elect himself is no stranger to a sex scandal with numerous women coming forward to claim they were assaulted by him in the past.

With the inauguration less than a month away, Trump has been slow to fill his cabinet, instead bringing his daughter Ivanka more and more into the fold.

Those who have doubts he will make a good president are saying this is likely just a taste of things to come from the man who has already backflipped on many of his campaign promises.

However, Trump’s supporters are having none of it and say they trust him to get the job done and run the White House different to his predecessors.

Do you think Trump’s presidency will be a failure? Or will he make a real difference in the world?

  1. Geoff McKenzie  

    Another unproven hinted at”trash story.How about reporting on important issues.How about how hard he is working towards getting things in place for”the big changes about to come into effect.Whilst Obama again on holidays,in keeping with his policy of ridiculous amount of holidays,old Trump putting triple amount of energy working,as their country was allowed to slip so far backwards,there is no shortage of work to be done,to repair the damage.Every liberal must be so frightened of the progress of repair about to take place,that will show them up as the biggest incapable,bad decision making fools that they have been.

    • Graham Alexander  

      Wow, you areso far up Trump he squeekes when he walks!

    • Joan Marshall  

      Geoff I couldn’t agree with you more. people are afraid of change and My God America and the world need change. Hillary Clinton the FRAUD would have followed Obama’s policies. The Democrats are blind and deaf to all she has done to denigrate America. We missed the bullet thank God. I cried with joy when the Don came in. God bless the Don and protect him from despots.

    • Barbara  

      Right on, Geoff. I do believe Trump has filled more places in his cabinet faster than the previous 5 presidents at this point. He’s is certainly on time. How dare Trump be called slow! More FAKE NEWS. I’m really so over this and am thinking it’s time to vote with my unsubscribe button.

    • Mareela  

      Geoff you sure have been indoctrinated. You obviously believe all the Trump garbage and propaganda. He has so many conflicts of interest, he’ll probably be impeached before you can say “let’s make America a laughing stock on the world stage”. Trump isn’t worthy to lick the boots of Obama.

    • Joanna  

      Trump needs to think before he acts and not be driven by fear, hatred and, bigotry. This country is not a company he bought and owns. I pray he does not totally bankrupt us financially or humanely.

  2. Barbara bishop  

    Yet the September figures showed unemployment down more than has been in 10 years. This is no thanks to Trump. And not only the US but Australia as well has closed most manufacturing with overseas Asian countries now producing most goods while we continue to supply coal to fuel their fires and we contribute to the world’s pollution problems. We shall see how efficient this new administration is when its crunch time and the fracking continues with pipelines crossing rivers etc from Northern States and Indian land and water rights are disregarded. Trump is a showman, not a World leader, and is best off running beauty pagents.. We all await his “Making America great again” to me it has always been a great country in spite of politics!

    • Allan  

      Barbara, be fair to Trump. If you are not going to give him credit for the slightly lower unemployment rate which happened before his Presidency, don’t give him blame for the fracking and pipelines which also started long before his Presidency. May be Trump is a showman, but he has made the world SIT UP and take a long hard look at Politics and corrupt politicians.

    • Kevan S  

      Interesting argument, to quote September figures, Trump wasn’t elected until November and didn’t take office until January. Obama was blaming Bush for the country’s problems for years after he took office. How can these unemployment numbers be anything other than part of Obama’s failure?

  3. Pamela  

    Trump has already done good as President-elect, and will do even better once he is in the WH!

    • Mareela  

      What good has he done so far Pamela?

  4. Joan Marshall  

    The Democrats are awful losers who cannot accept change. After all that has been exposed about Hillary Clinton they still make excuses for her what a pathetic lot.

    • Jo B  

      You really want a president who assaults women?

    • Mareela  

      Joan you obviously don’t like Hillary. Get a life and get over it. You are becoming boring. Just wait for Trump’s impeachment. It will no doubt happen.

  5. Stu Clark  

    The man is a philanderer, a moron and an egotist. American presidents have displayed these individual characteristics in the past but I can’t remember when you’ve had the “three in one” that Trump presents. The irony is he was effectively elected by the Russians a fact which his red necked supporters are in denial about. My guess – before his term ends
    1 in 5 chance he is impeached
    1 in 4 chance he throws his toys out of the cot and quits
    1 in 10 chance he has taken us down the path to global nuclear war
    1 in 3 chance that he has done a good job
    Maybe thats good enough for some folk ?

  6. Dudley Johnson  

    I get the impression with some of the stars at sixty postings that the editor is not a Trump supporter, fair enough so keep your jaundiced views to yourself, quite honestly I am sick of journalists writing so much negative stuff. Lets have a balanced viewpoint as most of us are tired of this trash reporting I am now 76 and see finally with Trump and similar others a new development that will finally get rid of all these NANNY state issues.

    • Linda Hughes  

      Sorry surely reporting that the guy resigned can hardly be jaundiced viewing, and fact is it was a Trump supporter who accused him of a scandal. Your argument shot down in flames methinks.

    • Truth hurts  

      This is the biggest joke in US history… This weasel is nothing but a BOZO that has money due to his success in being a great scam artist. Do you really think he cares about the country.?? Don’t think so… Only cares about scamming the country for all its got and keeping his pockets even fatter..!!! # wake up

  7. Jaybee  

    Dudley, you don’t have a trust problem with someone who lied on 22 issues out of 27? This article reported a Trump nominee resigned because of a report, by a fellow Trump nominee, that he had possible sex scandals. And then you blame Starts at Sixty (not Stars at Sixty) for reporting it and accuse it of treatment against Trump? Seriously? Shades of the Nazi Party shutting down any reports it didn’t like. Sadly, your comments display far more bias that Starts at Sixty and is a reflection on all Trump supporters.

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