Donald Trump’s latest blunder

It’s been less than a week since the now infamous ‘grab them by the p***y’ comments surfaced. And now the

It’s been less than a week since the now infamous ‘grab them by the p***y’ comments surfaced.

And now the world is talking about Donald Trump’s latest slip of the tongue.

The US presidential candidate was speaking to his supporters about voting during a rally in Florida.

“There’s never been anything like this,” he said, “so, go and register. Make sure you get out and vote: November 28!”

The problem is, the election is actually 20 days earlier on November 8.

Trump’s slip-up has been trending on social media, with plenty of people making fun of him for it.

Some of the commentary on Twitter from people who are less than supportive of Trump is encouraging his supporters to ‘get out and vote on November 28’.

“Trump voters: Trump was right about election day being on November 28. Don’t let the lying media tell you otherwise,” one person posted on Twitter.

“Yes Trump supporters. Whatever you do please get out and vote on November 28th and not a minute before!,” another wrote.

You might be wondering why Trump could have made the mistake?

Well, BuzzFeed is reporting that the trial into whether his Trump University defrauded students is set to begin on November 28.

Unfortunately for Trump, it’s not the first time he’s slipped up during his campaign.

In April, he accidentally referred to the 9/11 terror attacks as 7/Eleven.

Back in January, one of his ads used incorrect footage to try and back his views on immigration.

It showed people rushing towards a border fence as the voice over spoke about Trump’s plans to stop illegal immigration from Mexico. But the footage shown was actually from a Spanish part of Morocco.

What do you think of Trump’s latest gaffe? Do you think he should become president?


  1. Joan Marshall  

    I am so fed up with the muck raking in America this is such a dirty campaign. Hillary Clinton has blown everything out of propotion to get in to the White House. If Donald Trump has his faults Hillary is NOT innocent. Why she cannot stick to policy is beyond me. Hillary has very little policy and God help us all if she gets in.

    • Geoff McKenzie  

      JGood on ya.A free thinking person can see through this social media brainwashing.Wikki leaks has exposed the Hillary backers,and their conniving.Trump Doesn,t come across that well in social media,and I am not that keen on him either.But the more they put him down,the more I realise the corruptness of the public media.I never used to fully believe in the existence of the New World Order,but I hear alarm bells now,getting stronger by the day.Hillary will be disaster,and I,m not quite sure about Trump.What happened to the other options?No money,not much backing.Trumps got his own money,and is taking a dangerous risk.Hillary,like Obama,will just go where the big boys push her!The future?

  2. colin  

    I think Hillary is trying to stick to policy as she actually has them. Trump rambles on about anything and nothing as he has no real policy. except what the new daily has said, he wants to establish a broad enough supporter base to underpin a conservative Trump-branded news network. He also sniffles due to nerves ( when he is not in control).

    • Geoff McKenzie  

      Hillary will do as Obama,just as the big boys want.Try looking at what’s happened in Syria,and have a read of what Wikki leaks says about Hillary and her backers.You can be brainwashed by a corrupt public media,if you like,or be a free thinker,and look outside of a controlled social media.

  3. Pamela  

    Donald gets a date wrong and the sky falls in!

    Hillary (Killary)’s murder list grows and no-one says boo!

    • Joan Marshall  

      I agree with you Pamela Crooked Hillary is a farce. I have read extensively about the woman watched her in documentaries and I cannot stand the woman. Some of what I have read could be untrue but a lot of it is true. God help American and the world if she comes in as President. A Money hungry Power hungry liar cheat who puts up with a philandering husband to further her own ambitions. Donald Trump has his faults but if does not come up with the goods for America then he too will get the boot. Thank God someone agrees with me. God Bless You for thinking out side the box.

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