Donald Trump to lose millions in court

He might be the next President of the United States, but President-Elect Donald Trump is going to have to put

He might be the next President of the United States, but President-Elect Donald Trump is going to have to put off planning his cabinet and settle some old debts.

President-Elect Trump has publicly stated that he doesn’t like to “settle out of court”, but that is exactly what he is doing to finally setting the Trump University debacle that has hung over him during the campaign. 

Though the settlement does come with an interesting clause which is that Trump will not have to admit any wrong doing.  So while he will have to pay between $20-$25 million to end the class action against him, it won’t be tied to him personally.

The case arose from student signing up to Trump’s branded university thinking they were going to learn from the man himself.  Students reported that they were pressured to take more expensive programs and the closest they every got to Trump was a cardboard cutout.  The case initially was awarded $40 million but was set to return to the court was scheduled that would have seen the President-Elect taking the stand.  Not the best look for an incoming President.

Reports of Trump’s settlement has also brought to light some of his ex-wives capitalising on his election.  Both Ivana and Marla Maples have been tapped to become ambassadors under the Trump Presidency.

What do you think of the soon-to-be President?  Do you think that this settlement will plague his first 100 days in office?  Or do you think at this stage Trump could almost do anything and still have the support of his voters?

  1. Greg Hills  

    In a perfect world, people shouldn’t be concerned about other peoples’ legal issues.
    However, saying that, my first observation is how stupid were these students to believe that Donal Trump was going to be their teacher. Really? You would have to be a complete idiot and if you did believe that, then just maybe you are not intelligent enough to attend University anyway.
    The American legal system of suing for everything really does excuse stupidity and that an individual really must take responsibility for their own actions.
    Honestly, anything like suing a cafe owner because you spilt hot coffee in your lap, or you tripped over and sprained your ankle in the supermarket because you were too dumb to walk around that spill on the floor for the few minutes that a staff member took to get a mop.
    All these cases are just an easy way for Lawyers to make an easy Buck! Not to mention wasting a Judge’s time and taxpayers’ money.

    • The most dishonest person ever to hold political office anywhere and that is saying something. Not surprised that he paid money to cover this up. Will he do the same thing with the rape charge he faces next month?

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Well said, I could not agree more. Surely Trump did not say that he was going to be a teacher. These students do not deserve to go to University if they thought he was going to teach them. What stupidity

  2. Mike  

    So now we are going to have the “Trump Familly” running America. God help us all.

    • Geoff McKenzie  

      You only surmise that,based on the public mainstream propoganda.All those that voted him in,were saying “God help us if Hillary gets in”,and that was based on what they know,the direction the country was headed,with no change of the status quo.

  3. desleigh clarke  

    He won’t even miss it, small change. As for running America, it can’t do much worse than it has the last few years so I think we need to give him a go instead of all the constant negativity, don’t like him personally but he got where his by his acumen so he must know something about economics.

  4. Geraldine Garcia  

    Why would he appoint his EX Wives to be Ambassadors to so and so Countries…Nepotism on the rampage. I hope not. Is it ” ALL IN THE FAMILY ” affair.. ???? God help and protect America. I am sure he has more sense.
    We will see!!!!


  5. Truth 13  

    Trump is expected to appoint both former wives, Ivana and Marla Maples to become ambassadors. He also said, his two sons & at least one daughter will be holding important roles in his government. What does he think of the US government. Does he think it is his personnel property, and family business, to keep appointing & getting paid from the US tax payers money. He may be trying to recover the past losses of his family wealth. In 1996, Trump made a statement. He said, if he ever to contest to be the President of USA, he will be the candidate of the Republican Party, as the Republican voters are the dumbest & believe anything said on Fox News. His election to be the President, confirms his assessment. With about $23 Trillion in debt, 65% to China & 35% to Japan, I am not sure, how he will try to lock horns, with those countries. Japanese Yen has already depreciated 2% since he won, and if Chinese devalue their currency by about 5%, that deficit will go up as much as $25 Trillion. Not sure from where he is to borrow any more money. Saudi Arabia is out with nearly bankrupt. Who else has the money ?. Probably, no one. He wants to dictate to the Fed. Reserve. Is it to PRINT Billions of Dollars, without any assets to support it ?. The whole world will know, what cards he will play by the end of 2017.

  6. Stephen  

    So who is the real crook who should be jailed; and what sought of system lets a criminal become president

  7. Geoff McKenzie  

    Sounds like a typical suing or similar action,based on perhaps,a minute loophole in the paper work when the students signed up.In a world gone crazy,people have that much paper work to draw up,to protect their arses,it,s not funny,and is the main reason our western type system is going down the gurgler.I bet a lot of people voted for Trump, agree whole heartedly with me.Obama and Hillary and supporters would carry on towards further stupidity,thinking everything’s just fine,headed for complete future disaster,where lawyers and increasing paper work replaces real production.

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