Donald Trump supporters steal slogan used to bash Julia Gillard

Remember when the Liberal Party hosted a fundraiser dinner where they had a menu item rudely dedicated to Julia Gillard?

Remember when the Liberal Party hosted a fundraiser dinner where they had a menu item rudely dedicated to Julia Gillard?

Well it looks like Donald Trump’s supporters have latched onto the crudely worded slogan and used it to poke fun at presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The slogan first made an appearance in 2013 when Julia Gillard was still PM.

Liberal Party supporters were reportedly delighted when they sat down to peruse the menu and found an item called Moroccan Quail, which was described as “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – Small Breasts, Huge Thighs & A Big Red Box”.

240716_gillard abuse

Someone at the dinner leaked a photo of the menu to the media and all hell broke lose.

It seems news of the slogan reached America and now Trump’s republican supporters are using the same words to describe his rival Hillary.

An image flashed up on screen during the MSNBC television broadcast showing a board filled with badges.

One of them read: “KFC Hillary Special – Two fat thighs, two small breasts … Left wing.”

240716_hillary abuse

While Trump’s supporters roared with laughter, many were left disgusted that Hillary was being described like that.

There was a similar reaction in Australia when the picture of the menu emerged, with many calling on Tony Abbott, who was opposition leader at the time, to condemn it, which he did not.

The abuse begs the question: will female leaders always be subjected to crude remarks about their looks and bodies?

Is it unfair for female leaders to be targeted in this way? Do you think it is harder for females to be in leadership positions?

  1. Francine  

    No, because if that was the, er, umm, position wanted, they need to take the good with the bad, & suck it up.

    Women will always be fair game. It’s how it’s been since Adam & Eve, & it ain’t gonna change anytime soon!

    Yes, it’s harder for females’ in leadership, because men are always trying to bring them down, more so than just another male. It’s a conquest, of sorts’, to men to do so.

    And females’ are deemed the ‘weaker sex’, yet they’re the gender which bear babies’.
    Men weren’t given that privilege, due to their being ‘wusses’, in this regard.

    • Bill Edwards  

      Rubbish just because they are women is no excuse to give them advantages……. Sad 😔 but true!

    • What’s with all the apostrophes? You don’t just put an apostrophe on the end of a word that ends with an s.

    • Mareela  

      The trouble for Julia Gillard was that she out performed and out smarted many men, especially Abbott and he and others just couldn’t cope with a woman being smarter than them. The only way to make themselves feel good was to denigrate the female that was smarter than them.However, Julia Gillard refused to be put down by these males and again that didn’t please them. It was a form of violence against a woman which sadly in Australia continues to be rampant. She managed to pass more legislation and in a minority government than many others, including Abbott. Can’t see the current government coming anywhere near her record.

  2. ppl now days have little respect for each other ,where did I learn this well just watchh any politician in this world ,when they are on camera and think ppl will love this ,and thats not going to change soon ,and the younger ppl are and see this the less respect they have for all .

  3. Really Francine? So just because a person is a woman, she has to put up with that sort of abuse? I don’t think so!

    Men who think like this, including those gross Liberal “men” forget that it says waaaay more about them than their intended victim.

    And women who think they should put up with it are part of the problem.

  4. Rosemary Farmilo  

    Why can’t they just grow up, behave like adults and concentrate on running the country

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