Donald Trump ridiculed on social media on first day in office

Big changes to the White House website and a press secretary that spawned a thousand memes.
It could just be a taste of what the next four years will be like.

Donald Trump has only been president for a day and already his team has spawned a viral social media meme poking fun at the White House press secretary and caused outrage for changes to the government website.

Yesterday, the new White House press secretary Sean Spicer left many people scratching their heads after he claimed Trump’s inauguration drew the biggest crowds ever, despite the fact it was clearly not true.

Instead of using the first official press briefing to talk about healthy care, the economy and the plan going forward, Spicer instead focussed on the crowd size, making it clear that in his eyes, size matters.

“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe,” he told the room full of journalists.

His words backed up Trump’s earlier claim that he knew millions of people had attended because he had seen them with his own eyes.

Numbers tracking how many people used public transport to get to the inauguration and photos of the event have clearly disproved the claim and it didn’t take long for people to jump online and start having a laugh using the hashtag SpicerFacts.

“Donald Trump was the first person to walk on the moon, despite what the dishonest media claims. #SpicerFacts”, wrote parody account Sean Spicer Facts.

“The Earth is flat. Period. #spicerfacts,” wrote Danny Sullivan.

“The groundhog is the most accurate predictor of weather in history. Period #SpicerFacts,” said Twitter user Chaco.

Later in the day, there was plenty of talk about the changes to the White House website with people quickly noticing that the page on climate change had been removed and replaced with ‘An American First Energy Plan’.

Likewise, the Department of Labor’s report on lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgender people in the workplace was deleted completely.

While the changes have left some worried, many Trump voters are happy to see he is starting to make good on the promises he delivered in the election.

The ‘America first’ focus seems to be an increasing trend around the world, with people from many different countries, including Australia, saying it’s time to stop think about everyone else and focus on fixing our own problems first.

What do you think of this mentality? Do you think Australia should take a similar approach? Are you worried about a Trump presidency?

  1. Lee_Amos  

    why does he always have his photo taken with his mouth open,

    • hellie  

      Does he always take his own photo?

    • Annie  

      Have you noticed that the media always portray him badly?
      They portrait Hillary and the Obamas in the best light possible.

  2. peter  

    Hes ready to put his foot in it.

  3. Brian Lee  

    While I have no reason to support Trump, or deny him, I think it is disgusting and pathetic the way certain members of the community are treating him, before he has had any opportunity to show what, if anything, he is capable of. I thought we were a people who always gave a bloke a “fair go”, but I haven’t seen much evidence of that in the last few days, either here or in America. It seems to me a lot of people, from a certain group of society are running scared now because of changes that MIGHT be made, and their form of defense is to attack! Well, good luck to them.

    • yeah, I agree, just because he skites about grabbing women by the vagina and how he harbours a secret desire to have sex with his eldest daughter doesn’t mean he isn’t a great guy, give him a break!

      • Glenn  

        u must be joking the man is an idiot

      • tasman  

        I seem to recall Bill doing a lot of grabbing and stuff too. Never heard of anyone demonstrating about that now did we?

    • Ray Harvey  

      Spot on! The wealthy Democrats and Wall Street cohorts are running scared. We’ve been fed their propaganda for years, be it right or for THEIR personal benefit.

    • How much more do we need to know about him? He’s a liar, a conman, he assaults women, he denigrates women, a tax avoider, an abuser of workers, a racist…and you want to give him a chance? Far out. What low standards some people have.

    • margaret arthur  

      Because every time he opens his mouth he lies………he has already removed climate change from White House Web Site; raised FHA fees on poorer homeowners; removed gay rights from White House Web Site and lied about his dealings with the CIA, Secret Service and FBI, which is amazing considering what they know about him. Just is just a small taste of what he has done but the most important has been his dismissive remarks about the Women’s March………..

    • Di  

      Well said Brain Lee. We had the same in Auckland and as a mature woman I found it ridiculous. “My body my Choice’ slogans. Abortion is legal in NZ. “Leave my pussy alone” Rainbow badges – Homosexuality is legal in NZ to marry etc. ” Equal pay” – wrong forum – talk to your MP. It was a lynch mob mentality that if you asked many why they were there, the answer would be “My friend told me about it”. What the hell has this to do with American political choices. Trump was voted President – get over it!

  4. Chatterbox  

    Donald Trump is ALWAYS going to come under fire. He has a lot of qualities that are harsh, judgemental, radical yet he was elected fair and square. Why aren’t we asking those who voted for him what they think. I’m not very savvy with American politics too well, but from what I’ve seen, the celebrity status is almost as important as running the country. Take Ronald Raegan – he rode a horse and ran the country. Hollywood would do well to keep their opinions to themselves and it is only their own high profile that makes folks listen to them and jump on their bandwagon. But I’d like to see those celebrities who made rash decisions themselves what they’d do if Trump won. Well for one Barbra Streisand is moving to Australia. So if you take notice of what any of the celebrities promised they’d do, let’s what that space for a while and see if they live up to their promise. Then let them criticize Trump. So I now wait for a massive exit of them from Hollywood and at the moment I’m more interested in that then what Trump does.

    • buggsy  

      The USA needs a shake up from its slumber from Obama. He was weak, loved himself to death and seemed to prefer playing golf with celebrities.

  5. tasman  

    Seems the left of the world cant accept the umpire’s decision. They CAN accept it when it goes THEIR way ONLY! Truly bad bad losers. Never heard anything from them when the likes of Kennedy and Clinton were in the news for all the wrong reasons. Hypocritical in the extreme !!

    • Oz wilk  

      That’s probably because we didn’t have social media, iPhones, iPads and Facebook back then. Duh!

      • tasman  

        Duh! Do you need phones and ipads and the like to demonstrate, which was my point that you missed. Seems the lefties only want things their way all the time or they demonstrate and cause lots of trouble.

      • buggsy  

        I think its more likely that people want their own way and when they dont get it they cry like babies. Dont seem to see much of the right of politics going against the laws of the land like these people are doing when things dont turn out the way they want. Just shameful it is.

    • desleigh clarke  

      You got it – if the democrats had got in you would not have heard a thing from the republicans, talk about a lot of sore losers. So much for a fair go.

  6. Elizabeth Litster  

    The problem with the pictures of the inauguration is that the published ones by the mainstream media show great expanses of white. But the photos taken by other sources show the white completely covered by the crowds. I would like to see a timestamp of the pictures as it has been claimed that the white expanses were taken early in the morning. Simply put the media has lost it’s credibility, the principle of the role of the 4th estate to produce responsible journalism has been discarded and democracy is the poorer for that.

    • Cenwynn Pearce  

      You are right Elizabeth. From Australia, before President Trump was sworn in (way before) I could also see the white patches you mention, but during the ceremony you saw these patches no more and the place was crowded. I can’t believe the news of the USA. Isn’t there anyone there who will print the truth about your new President, whom I like immensely.

    • Wayne Grant  

      EXACTLY !!!!…The photos published were taken WELL before the actual Ceremony….

  7. buggsy  

    Of course, given that the black part of America does not show up for white Presidents as against when Obama became President. I think that shows us something. The black part are more interested in their first black President and that makes sense. That would have been expected one would think !

  8. elena  

    And he has Israel, Russia, North Corea …on his side…what hope the rest of the World, the human one, has?

    • Jen  

      Are you for real??? I cant believe anyone could believe that the world is doomed just because the USA has changed its President. Well at least you wont have to stick around and learn the spelling of a country of the world that is not going to exist. That is ” K ” for Korea not C but you wont have to memorise it either, cause we wont be here hahaha. GAWD save us from the likes of YOU !!

      • noeleen liapis  

        If you check your History you will find that the use of “C” for Korea is what they themselves used for many centuries .

  9. Noel Wright  

    Social media is great for trying to crucify anyone. All the lefturds jump on and moan and complain about the most trivial subjects. Regarding Trump, get a life people, he won, he is now POTUS, live with it and start trying to build America up to what is was before the criminals started ruling. He will do more in his first 100 days than all his predecessors achieved in the last 16 years.

  10. Mila  

    There is something wrong with a democracy when Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump but is not president. The Electoral College system needs changing to reflect what the majority of voters want. Also Trump lies, like how he denigrated the CIA before the election and now says there is no one who respects them more than him. Oh and just heard he is not going to release his tax returns though said he would.

    • Buggsy  

      No one was talking that when the Democrats won. Do we know if the losers in past years won the popular vote but yet lost the election. We only hear about all that when the Democrats lose. Cant have it both ways now can we , but seems you want to try.

    • Cenwynn Pearce  

      You will find that President Trump stated that there is nothing wrong between the CIA and his office. In fact they are on good terms. You cannot believe the press any more. But I have a fair idea who is causing this and no wonder President Trump with take their questions at media meetings.

  11. Len Robinson  

    Clearly Mr Trump has an ego problem, and his minions are feeding/pandering that ego. I hear that bets are being taken on how long he will last.

    • Jen  

      Oh and Obama doesnt have an ego? You must be kidding. He was in love with his own voice and couldnt wait to waffle on for hours listening to himself !!

      • Judith  

        I would be surprised if any President in any country did not have an ego “Problem”…although I cannot see why this should be a bone of contention, as without this they wouldn’t have stood for office, surely.? At least Obama had some admirable qualities to back his ego, not like this new buffoon!

    • Joan Marshall  

      Len. If the Democrats had so much to offer in the presidential election ask yourself WHY they did not win the election? because while President Trump is no SAINT he is a Saint in comparison to Hillary. For 30 years in politics what astounding matter has she achieved. Nothing but a socialist with a money hungry power hungry brain. As for taking her side just because she is a woman by me a woman NEVER if there was more fairness in the world the world would be a better place.

  12. H. Morris  

    Does he realise yet that he is president of the usa and no longer a media moron. He needs to start acting like a president

    • He’s a poor quality human. A statesman he’ll never make. Even if he survives all the crazed gunmen running loose in the US.

    • hellie  

      maybe if people give him a bit longer than one day he will be able to fulfil the changes he wants to make.

    • Jen  

      and the media has to start being responsible and not making up stories to suit their agenda!!

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