Donald Trump reveals what he’ll do on his first day in office

Incoming president Donald Trump has talked a big game about his plans for Washington and everything he is going to
President-elect Donald Trump is gearing up for his new role.

Incoming president Donald Trump has talked a big game about his plans for Washington and everything he is going to achieve as president, so his plans for his first day in office have left many confused.

Trump is set to take office on Friday after his inauguration ceremony and while most presidents would be jumping at the chance to get straight to work, Trump says he plans on taking the weekend off and officially starting work on Monday.

Speaking to the Times of London, he said he plans of celebrating all weekend and actually getting down to business on Monday.

“One of the first orders I’m gonna sign — day one — which I will consider to be Monday as opposed to Friday or Saturday. Right? I mean my day one is gonna be Monday because I don’t want to be signing and get it mixed up with lots of celebration, but one of the first orders we’re gonna be signing is gonna be strong borders,” he said.

Cue millions of people taking to social media to mock him.

“Ha ha! The weekend off, right after starting the most demanding job on earth,” wrote Larry Desaules.

“Let the vacation days count begin!!!” tweeted Rita Ciarico.

Trump’s plans to ‘party hard’ and celebrate are in stark contrast to his previous claims he would get to work within the first hour of office.

“On Day One, I am going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country,” he said during a speech in Des Moines back in August. “It’s going to happen within one hour after I take office.”

With so much talk in Australia lately about politicians taking advantage of the system, some are wondering if this is a sign Trump is set to behave in a similar way once he’s president.

Most past presidents have worked on a minimum 6 day a week basis, with many working into the wee hours of the night and rising before the sun.

Others though say Trump deserves a weekend off before beginning one of the toughest jobs on earth.

Do you think Trump deserves the weekend off? Or is this the height of laziness?

  1. Avril Robertson  

    My gut churns at the thought of this man being the president of the USA with the world power that comes with this position. I sincerely hope my gut is wrong this time.

    • Sue  

      I know what you mean. I keep thinking I don’t want to watch anymore of his nonsense, but he’s like a scary movie you can’t take your eyes off of. God help us all.

    • Danielt1022  

      Your gut is as wrong this time , as it was about Hillary becoming President.
      It’s going to be alright. Even if everyone who voted for him is wrong, and he really wants to destroy America, one man can’t do it. There is enough opposition to him , on both sides of the aisle, to keep him from doing any real or lasting damage.

  2. rockingham larry  

    He’s got into a position, he seriously did not believe he would get into!!!…Deep down, he is still giggling at the fact, the voters got him into this position of power…He needs to get past the inaugaration,to confirm his spot in history!!!…Of course he needs time to laugh about where the population has thrust him into….Two well known Circus Enterprises have closed down,after +140yrs… to enable the Next Great Circus on Earth to take over…The Trump Circus!!!….Interesting Times Ahead, thats for sure!!!

  3. Jan Jakowenko  

    I see no problem with Trump taking the first weekend off. He has four years to fix the destruction left behind by Obama.

    • Jan  

      You mean make it worse! The man is obnoxious and ao not president material!

    • TB  

      Simple response from simple minds………do you know how absurd that statement is?

    • Richard  

      Let see what facts are here unemployment was 10 % and now it low as 4 and 8 years ago company where closeing there doors and people were loosening there home and car manufacturers was about to go under and people could not get health care because they did not have Insurance and he couldn’t get insurance because they had bad health and now small Business that all most close there doors or now in the black and people that all most lost there homes did not and people in bad health got Insurance over 2 million of them . So the get facts straight

  4. Maren Matthew  

    The title of President has gone down in my estimation. From my perspective Trump is an egostical,chauvinistic megalomaniac. God help the USA and possibly the rest of the world

  5. Louis  

    One good Aussie word describes him to a T.

  6. Pam Morris  


  7. Paul Graydon-Taylor  

    Of course he deserves to enjoy some celebration and share this time with family, friends & supporters. They all worked very hard towards earning this great outcome in winning… Thank God and thank goodness for all those sensible people who voted for him. What he says is honest and makes sense. Any intelligent person can see this is quite acceptable as there is a big job ahead. Those who criticize are really a bunch of low scum bags and as such are really not worthy of stating anything more about or even to argue with as they clearly show their lack of intelligence and decency.

  8. Beverley  

    Perhaps before he makes any official Presidential announcement he could quit saying GONNA and say GOING TO instead. Bad grammar is just one of his many appalling characteristics.

  9. Graham benjamin  

    He deserved the next four years off.

    • marilyn flynn  

      yes let him take the whole of the next 4 years off, then he can’t stuff anything up as he is bound to do.
      I just hope our wishy washy politicians don’t let him drag us into a war with China.

  10. Mark Parsons  

    For every hard working law abiding American who dutifully gets up goes to work and comprises the backbone of USA (80%), this coming Monday will be the best day in recent memory. To all those who feel they are above the law and the rules don’t apply to them, and who feel entitled for special treatment (20%), Monday will be the worst day of their lives. I’m with the 80% who will come to love not necessarily Trump, but for what he will accomplish. The man has worked harder than any other president on record from the moment he was elected until now to form a leadership team. If anyone deserves to take the weekend off after working nonstop for two months, it is Trump.

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