Donald Trump names Australia in latest social media rant

Donald Trump is well-known for speaking his mind on social media and despite the fact that he said he’d tone
Donald Trump has gone off on Twitter again.

Donald Trump is well-known for speaking his mind on social media and despite the fact that he said he’d tone it down if he was elected president, it seems there’s no holding him back.

The president-elect has blasted the New York Times for their coverage of him and named Australia in the process.

Mr Trump accused the Times of reporting that he hadn’t spoken to a number of important world leaders following the election and took to Twitter to shame them.

“The failing @nytimes story is so totally wrong on transition. It is going so smoothly. Also, I have spoken to many foreign leaders,” he wrote.

“I have recieved [sic] and taken calls from many foreign leaders despite what the failing @nytimes said. Russia, U.K., China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and more. I am always available to them. @nytimes is just upset that they looked like fools in their coverage of me.”

The Times have been extremely outspoken against Trump throughout the campaign and since his victory and responded directly, saying: “The Times never said Mr. Trump hadn’t spoken to foreign leaders.

“On the contrary, the report said that he had, but that some allies were having to reach him by calling the switchboard at Trump Tower.”

Meanwhile it has been revealed that golfer Greg Norman actually set up the call between Mr Trump and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Greg is a close friend of Mr Trump’s and it turns out US Ambassador Joe Hockey was aware of their friendship and called the golfer to ask for Mr Trump’s personal mobile number.

The plan worked out well with Mr Turnbull being the second world leader to speak to Mr Trump after his surprise win – the first was said to be Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Do you think Donald Trump needs to hold back more on social media? Or are you happy to see a politician speaking their mind?

  1. Frank  

    looking at this narcissist whose ego needs constant attention, why do I think I’m looking at him from the wrong side ?

    most of what comes out of him would seem more likely to be coming from his back side …

    • colin marshall  

      look at your own backside frank.

  2. Neville Lawrie  

    Followed Donald Trump through the whole election and i believe that he will do more to make this world a safer place than any other President has done in the last 30 years.No doubt there will be those that will criticise but i guess that goes with the job. Thank you President Trump !!

    • heidi gomez  

      If he can keep his mouth shut maybe he will. Won’t hold my breath though.

  3. peter  

    He is a breath of fresh air he speaks his mind and PC can go to hell, the Establishment is terrified for their continued existence, terrified of losing power over the plebs and the useful idiots, Britain did it with the Brexit, Pauline Hanson did it at the last election and Trump against all odd and with almost zero main stream media backing did it in the US. France and Europe are also going that way with the right wing gaining more traction as a result of the disastrous migration policies of the left leaning governments. As the old song goes ” Times Are A changing “

  4. Mr. Trump had to struggle against 16 other republicans for the nomination. He had to struggle against not only Hillary Clinton but the news media, corrupt Republicans, corrupt international politicians such as the President of Mexico, George Soros and his funding of riots and the Democratic party hiring women to falsely accuse him of sexual misconduct. So if he gets a little brash, he has earned it.

    • Come on Patti. None of the people you have named above could possibly be half as corrupt as Trump himself.
      Again we see the failure of proportional representation. Clinton received the most votes overall but because of the way the electoral college is structured Trump won the election. For a truly democratic election there must be first past the pole voting

  5. Michael  

    any chance of Trump giving up Twitter?

  6. Ian  

    The republicans are in power why is the constant barrage of lies and non proven facts out there about their leader he is a very self made person he doesnt have to prove his management skills. He will have toe the party line and its time for a change , change clears the air and all of a sudden the immortals are now mortals. In four years vote again meanwhile get on with life and we have had recessions ,depressions ,wars ,global bank orientated financial crisis,and are still here ,move on

    • Again we see the failure of proportional representation. Clinton received the most votes overall but because of the way the electoral college is structured Trump won the election. For a truly democratic election there must be first past the pole voting

      • The watcher  

        Self made? A scion of privelege, money and power networks beqeathed by his pa? Thats now self made? Unless self made means all the tax saved by not paying any? Wow even I would be self made if I had all that in my bank.

  7. Bert Embleton  

    I think Mr Trump should fear the Republican Party. They will try to neuter him by accepting his policies that they like ( lower taxes ) and ignoring the things they dislike ( keeping parts of Obamacare ). He talks of ” draining the swamp”. How?. He can’t say ” You’re fired!”.

  8. Joan Marshall  

    President elect Donald Trump will not have the time for social media once he gets in to the White House. No body is perfect including the President elect Donald Trump but… in comparison to Hillary Clinton with her terrible record let us hope that Donald Trump can put some stringent measures in to place where ISIS is concerned something Hillary Clinton has got so wrong by taking donations from the enemy. Not all Muslims are bad but the amount that is a growing threat to America and the world has to be stopped. Bombs in France, Belgium, Germany are a threat to people who want to travel. This is just one issue I am talking about there are many issues to be sorted out. God help donald Trump to sort these issues out and let us all give him a chance to prove he is a patriot of America.

  9. Andy West  

    Donald Trump will back stab many once in office he is like Howard, Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull say anything to get in office and protect their corrupt business ways and the white racist policies that goes back to the days of Roman emperor,

    And make no mistake he will never make the world a safer place especially when he’s in power like all business owners who become leaders they cause more deaths and instability than any other Hitler was a the worst of them all.

    I watch Trumps tv shows and during many of his interview this guy is a pure Nut case up there with hitler with history of abusive behaviour toward underage girls who demeanor is about controlling everything he can even if it means bankruptcy to the workers.

    He cant even manage his own business affairs with out hiding behind a wall of lawyers at anyone who challenges him.

    As for Hillary Clinton yes she would have been a better choice for America but she too has her own fault but Obama show great leadership in a unstable world cause by America republics and liberal government of Australia, he was turning around America economy, standing up to both China which is causing the real problems for all countries with their work ethic destroying labor ways,

    yes America economy was not faster enough only because of business owners and investors who are delivery crashing the stock market to profiteer which Donald Trump was one of those business owners and investors who has lots of outsourcing of his companies around the global to avoid taxes, and investigations into how he really treats his employees like so many America and western business owners.

    • wayne lund  

      Your envy and jealousy towards business owners is quite obvious, Andy. Don’t forget that these people employ millions of people.

  10. ray edmondson  

    I don’t like Donald Trump at all as a person or as a businessman, but he is now President, and like it or not, people need to work with him now on many issues… I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes !!

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