Donald Trump may have finally lost the plot

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proved time and time again that he’s not one to shy away from controversy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proved time and time again that he’s not one to shy away from controversy and his latest outburst has only added fuel to the fire.

Speaking at rally in Florida, Trump told supporters that Barack Obama was the man who started terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) and that Hillary Clinton was his “crooked” co-conspirator.

While he certainly got some cheers, the claim left many people gaping with their mouths wide open or awkwardly chuckling as they listened to the rest of his tirade against the president.

Ms Clinton jumped on it straight away, posting on social media: “No, Barack Obama is not the founder of ISIS.

“Anyone willing to sink so low, so often should never be allowed to serve as our Commander-in-Chief.”


While many republicans have long accused Mr Obama of aiding the advancement of IS, analysts have shut down the theory, proving the terrorist group began years ago in 2006 (when George Bush was president) as an offshoot of Al Qaeda.

Despite this though, Mr Trump is continuing his attack telling supporters Ms Clinton would likely be getting an award from IS any day now.

“ISIS will hand her the most valuable player award,” he said of Mrs Clinton.

Later, when asked about his claims by a journalist, Mr Trump was unmoving.

“Is there something wrong with saying that?” Mr Trump said.

“Are people complaining that I said he was the founder of ISIS?

“All I do is tell the truth. I’m a truth-teller.”

With his polls numbers slipping though, it looks like this “truth teller” might not be around much longer.

If he does lose, Mr Tump has already told people it will be because the election was “rigged”.

What do you think about Donald Trump? Do you believe his claims? Would he make a good or bad president?

  1. OMG…..Donald Trump be the President of America and Pauline Henson be the Prime Minister of Australia! Can we achieve peace in the world? I think they will destroy the world faster then climate changes or terrorism. Wonder what China, Russia, France and other countries who possess nuclear weapon will do? Israel wiil back America, America will backing up Australia because we are one of America’s alliance. Do Donald Trump think that he can take Pakistan, North Korea and other Middle east countries easily, for example like Iran! These two big jokers and political entertainer. Coincidence these two running business, one is business empire and the other one fish and chips shop. To me the one that will vote for Trump they are desperately need to see America economics success and stable with little debts. They cant see the bigger picture, what will happen than! Honestly not surprised if polticians like these two stooges, will need high security just to safe their lifes. Never mind with others or the whole world and who pays for it.

  2. Don  

    As usual Trump the Tosser is talking absolute Evil Lies . Karma will get you D T!!

    • Carol Borg  

      Omg I pmsl what an idiot keep it up mr trump you doing a good job of not being the next president of the USA thank god for that. Sure there is a place for you somewhere, maybe Antartica.

    • zanara  

      Have you read the latest wikki leaks email releases? Have you seen the donations to Clinton from the moslem dictatorships in the Middle East? I do wish people would read futher than the regurgitated pap served by too much of the media. As a former journalist that still reads widely across many sources I am ashamed that the 5th estate no longer does it’s job.

  3. Michae Heatd  

    This bloke just proves that it doesn’t matter how rich daddy is and that he hasn’t worked a hard days work in his life, he is still a unbuckle that should never come close to being in charge of anything that has to do with people’s lives

  4. Elke  

    If he is a truth teller, why does he not show his tax return???

  5. Kerry Patterson  

    OMG, God save America and the rest of the World if this lunatic actually achieves his goal. I’m sure that many Americans will be looking for refuge in another country if that idiot gets in.

  6. unbelievable that the republicans are standing silently by while this lunatic keeps on spouting rubbish and making such damaging statements undermining the United States.The enemy within!!!!

  7. Diane  

    The most frightening thing is that so many people follow him.

  8. Michael Cousins  

    Remember the old newsreels of Adolf Hitler making his rabble rousing speeches. There is a marked similarity!

  9. Jeanette Barbour  

    not worth commenting on!

  10. Trump would be an interesting experiment and may at least help the world combat Islam. Obama has been unhelpful in that regard.
    Hilary comes with a lot of bad baggage eg, Benghazi.
    I guess the voters will have to live with the outcome whoever wins and I’m glad it’s not an Australian election.

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