Donald Trump left red faced after social media tirade majorly backfires

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been forced to eat his own words after his latest social media meltdown spectacularly backfired

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been forced to eat his own words after his latest social media meltdown spectacularly backfired on him.

Trump has been in a war of words with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado after Hillary Clinton reminded everyone that he once called the beauty queen “Miss Piggy”.

In a series of early morning Tweets, Trump told everyone to go looking for Ms Machado’s sex tape. And look they did.

Unfortunately for Trump they found no evidence Ms Machado had ever appeared in such a film, but did find footage of the Republican himself in a Playboy ‘soft-core’ porn film.

The movie was made in 2000 and shows Trump making a cameo appearance where he sprays champagne onto a playboy car.

Trump is a longtime friend of Playboy creator and owner Hugh Hefner and it is believed their friendship lead to the part in the movie.

So does this make Trump a hypocrite and could America really have a president that appeared in a movie like this?

Ms Clinton took to social media herself after Trump’s tirade and branded him “unhinged”.

“When something gets under Donald’s thin skin, he lashes out and can’t let go,” she wrote. “This is dangerous for a president.”

Do you think Donald Trump could win the election? Are you surprised he’s come this far?

  1. Anne Wolski  

    They should put him and Pauline Hansen together in a leaky boat and push it out to sea in shark infested waters

  2. Sandra Workman  

    Never underestimate the stupidity of voters

  3. Denise Gillespie  

    I cannot believe that Donald Trump has come this far and I have grave fears if he was to become President. He is a dangerous man as he is quick tempered, foul mouthed and certainly not a gentleman. When it comes to a crisis he would retaliate without even considering the consequences. And if you think Australia would be safe with Trump as President, think again. We would only have to upset him and we would be the number one enemy in a flash

  4. Tim  

    I think he is a refreshing change to the normal crap you hear from politicians. Don’t right off the Donald just yet

    • David Cousens  

      Rightly offing him might not be a bad thing!!

    • Faye Dapiran  

      His is may;b;e abnormal crap, but it is still crap and lies. He worries me so much, and I would be scared if he became President. I could imagine him losing his temper and saying disgusting things about other leaders, especially when there are female leaders of 2 important countries, and we know what he says about females who disagree with him. I am trying to think of what is refreshing about him?

  5. We’re holidaying in US at moment & amazed at how many people don’t like Hilary Many more favourable comments for Donald it seems which horrifies us 😁😁😁

  6. Joan Marshall  

    I am a woman and I say Hillary Clinton is a disaster for America. Talking of being bad tempered just ask staff who were in the white house when she was first lady she was the most bad tempered woman. Hillary uses Bill and Bill uses her. As for him and the lies he told is disgraceful what did she do? probably blamed the woman but all the time knowing what a philandering man her husband is. Any woman who puts up with a serial cheat is no good herself. What was China Gate
    all about she took China from the white house and then had the nerve to say she thought it went with the territory. Then Benghazi allowing those men to die when she was Secretary. Her e-mails risking security for the USA and the world. Lies when she was a Lawyer and more lies every time she is cornered. For God sake wake up people.

    • Susan Bell  

      trump, a wonderful man, calm, polite, incredibly informed about the rest of the world. A man who brings out the best in his followers, who condemns violence, who loves latinos an any people of colour, and women. His kindness in the way he treats women, his nuanced statements. You are one sick puppy to believe his crap.

  7. Marilyn budden  

    Trump is a demented and dangerous man and why he has got this far I don’t know. Surely people in America can’t be that daft to want a sycopath running the country. America is doomed if he ever gets elected and I hope America will wake up to themselves before its to late. Otherwise someone will assinate him before long.

  8. christine thompson  

    if i was AMERICAN THERES no way I WOULD EVER WANT HIM FOR president SEEMS HE CAN GO OFF AT THE SLIGHTEST THING afraid what he might do ..if another country crossed him .. he needs a calm temperament to cope with all the world’s problems and ANYONE that goes off half-cocked is not the PERSON FOR THE white house AFTER ALL THAT PERSON HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE GREAT OR TO BRING THE COUNTRY DOWN

  9. Kezzaroo  

    Tim, right off or write off! If you want to qualify your statements, please ensure your grammar is correct.

  10. Bruce Taylor  

    If Donald Trump gets to be president there will be a catastrophic war within 12 months. No way we can afford for a man like this to be the head of the most powerful nation on earth.

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