Donald Trump hits back at Meryl Streep after her Golden Globes speech

Let’s be realistic, you can’t go and stick the knife into United States president-elect Donald Trump during your Golden Globes

Let’s be realistic, you can’t go and stick the knife into United States president-elect Donald Trump during your Golden Globes acceptance speech and think that’ll be the end of it… The man has a Twitter account after all! And as you all know, Trump isn’t afraid to use that Twitter account when he needs to.

Having delivered a powerful speech that attacked the views and actions of the US president-elect without actually mentioning him by name, Meryl Streep became the next target on Trump’s social media hit list.

In case you missed it, the three-time Oscar winner, who was receiving the prestigious Cecil B DeMille Award for her lifetime achievement and outstanding contribution to the world of entertainment, said it was one heartbreaking “performance” that had left her “stunned” for the year and went on to describe Trump’s controversial mocking of a disabled New York Times reporter.

“When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose,” Streep said.

But despite the applause Streep received, there was one person who wasn’t clapping. Donald Trump.

He fired back at the actress saying, “Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked me last night at the Golden Globes.”

He then insisted he never mocked a disabled reporter.

“She is a Hillary flunky who lost big. For the 100th time, I never “mocked” a disabled reporter (would never do that) but simply showed him “groveling” when he totally changed a 16 year old story that he had written in order to make me look bad. Just more very dishonest media!”

Streep also took a stab at Trump’s views on immigration, calling out various actors and actresses in the audience and announcing where they were born and raised.

“Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if you kick us all out you’ll have nothing to watch except for football and mixed martial arts, which are not arts,” Streep said.

Do you think Donald Trump was justified in his response? Should celebrities be able to use award ceremonies such as this one to express their views on politics and/or issues of the day? Share your thoughts with us.

  1. Grace  

    Of course he wasn’t justified in his response. He is the next President of the United states for heaven’s sake and he should be above this. He is going to be criticised by people who have nuclear weapons. What is he going to do to them?

    • Jim  

      There is NO dignity in any response from a person in his position !! Take a leaf from the British Royal family…… No response, draws No adverse comment

      Grow up Trump…. you will find that you cannot Bully everyone into submission

      But you may draw a bullet !

  2. Annette Strong  

    Hollywood needs to move on and realise that the candidate they voted for lost. They also should be looking out for the people being persecuted around the world and the less fortunate and homeless people of which there are millions in the US. They also need to realise that they are not special because they can act and receive large amounts of money. Denzel Washington said it all when he said that anyone can direct a film but to have real tragedy in life and survive that is great.

  3. veronica cheeseman  

    Oh for Gods sake, can’t this “man” ever shut up! He reminds me of a 5 year old!

  4. Faye Paull  

    When is he going to grab his bat and ball and go home to mummy? Such a cry baby. Grow up Trump.

  5. Jan  

    Meryl has said it as it is and was! Trumpty Dumpty has a big mouth which will get the whole world into big big trouble!!

  6. Jan  

    If I watch the inauguration next week, I’ll probably be crying at the fact that such a buffoon is about to try and lead one of the most powerful countries in the world. I’m scared!

    • Rosemary Farley  

      Agreed. He is in many ways totally unprofessional, with absolutely know charm. As you said to think he’ll be the leader of the most powerful country in the world… unbelievable.

  7. Di  

    “God Bless America” (somebody has to …it’s going to Hell in a handbasket)!

  8. Rob  

    She is critisizing the very thing she is doing trying to use her power gull position to intimidate ridicule and bully we go home and talk to your dog about it Merrill your team lost get real

    • Elaine Henderson  

      Your response makes absolutely no sense. She wasn’t ridiculing anyone, simply pointing out that trump DID ridicule a disabled man, which of someone who is going to assume the mantle of the most powerful person in the world is disgusting. Oh, and by the way, its Meryl.

  9. S Southon  

    Totally inappropriate of the actress. This man is going to finally save America from all dishonest morally corrupt people.

    • Brent  

      I heard he does not pay Tax Hello dishonest morally corrupt .

    • Rosemary Farley  

      Really, you think he’s morally a good person and an honest one??????

  10. Brent  

    Thank God his not in our Government Good Luck America

    • Dale hennessy  

      *He is

      Really don’t think ours are any better . He is more scared because he has more power than the rest of the world….

  11. rhyl  

    God help the world…

    • Joan Marshall  

      God help the world if Hillary came in. President elect Donald Trump is no Saint but…..Donald Trump is a Saint in comparison to Hillary. Socialists like your self are blind, deaf and condone FRAUDS like Hillary.

  12. Penny Adams  

    Suck it up trump. You’re going to hear much worse when you get to be President. You have to grow up now and take it just like all the others have. People like to use their freedoms and you have to allow and protect that. Yes, you too have that right but when you retaliate it just makes it look like a child trying to have the last word! Get used to it. And just remember all the crap Obama took!!

    • Joan Marshall  

      I wish you would also tell Hillary and all her cohorts to suck it up get over being the BIG losers and move on.

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