Does today’s Courier-Mail front page about the Baden-Clay case speak for us all?

Today Queensland’s flagship newspaper had some very strong words to say about the Gerard Baden-Clay appeal verdict – and believes

Today Queensland’s flagship newspaper had some very strong words to say about the Gerard Baden-Clay appeal verdict – and believes this is how many Australians feel today.

The bold white text on the black background screamed “The law is an ass”, in reference to Baden-Clay now being guilty of manslaughter, and not murder.

In the editorial, the paper reiterated the facts we already know: Baden-Clay killed his wife Allison and discarded her body on the banks of Kholo Creek in Brisbane’s west, then vehemently denied any wrongdoing. He was a cheater, and swiftly accessed Allison’s life insurance policy just days after she disappeared. In court he said he did not kill Allison, but this week in his appeal, his lawyers argued that perhaps Gerard Baden-Clay in fact did kill Allison, but it was just a horrible accident.

The court found there was reasonable doubt to suggest Baden-Clay was guilty of murder as they could not prove it was premeditated. He now could be released from prison within a year or so, after already having served 3 and a half years behind bars.

“When the Supreme Court jury handed down its guilty verdict in July last year, the people of Queensland felt justice had been done. They might now have heard what the family of Allison deserved to hear – an explanation of just what happened that night and why – but the feeling was the man responsible for Allison’s death had been identified and the court had considered all the evidence and come to a reasonable and sound conclusion”, wrote David Murray in the editorial.

Murray pointed out there was no admission that Baden-Clay did in fact murder his wife accidentally – it was only a hypothesis.

According to the public record, Baden-Clay still denies he killed Allison.

“He lied about his life and relationships before he killed his wife and lied in court when asked to explain himself. He has never faced up to what he did and never taken responsibility for his actions.

Baden-Clay has never deserved the benefit of the doubt. He will always be seen as the man who killed Allison”, wrote Murray.

Take a look at the newspaper’s headline and tell us: Does this echo your feelings?

  1. I totally agree that the law is an ass.. Why bother with the expense of a trial and jury, when these donkeys can change the verdict.

  2. I cannot believe that our justice system is so corrupt and out of touch with the the whole of our society!! Just when most of Australia is finally making progress on the issues around domestic violence we are thrown back to chaos. How dare some judge make this retrograde decision? This man callously threw his wife’s body in a creek! He deserves life in prison!

  3. he should never be released. hes a …….i cant find a word bad enough….

  4. A jury found the man guilty at which you would think end of story, however some bloody judge has taken it upon himself to over turn these findings which I believe is wrong. How on earth can any ONE judge have the power to do that, I’m disgusted because our justice system is LAUGHABLE.

    • There were three judges on the review panel..rightly or wrongly they are upholding the law as it stands at present.

    • Carole Allan thats rubbish in my opinion. It says reasonable doubt. Where is the reasonable doubt?

    • Yes Carol…. I am with you….. Much as we deplore the decision if you read the explanation it does make sense. I guess those words “beyond reasonable doubt ” are so important. Gerard Bayden Clay has done himself no favours in the eyes of the public by showing no real remorse. He will have to live with himself. But sadly his children do too. They are the real victims in this whole very sad case.

    • That’s just it Fran, that was why a JURY found him guilty because there was no reasonable doubt at that time other wise they would have had to find him NOT GUILTY.

    • That’s right Trish and he maintained he didn’t kill her so how can he now say it’s manslaughter. Ask him, he didn’t kill her.😈

    • He appealed his sentence that is why the 3 Judges reviewed his case. He has never acknowledged in any way.his guilt. The Judges just decided …on their view of the evidence..that he was guilty of the lesser crime of manslaughter. ( he didn’t mean to do it)

    • Oh please these judges are crazy. its just so tragic our legal system in more ways then not, it should be overhauled so none of this is allowered to continue, it makes a mockery of the law not meant to be this way, its meant to have justice for the victim, no justice here!!!!

    • I agree Shirley Sanson our justice system is an absolute disgrace, any laws that protect the perpetrators over the victims and their loved ones should be SCRAPPED AND START OVER TILL THEY GET IT RIGHT.

    • Fran Spears the reasonable boubt was that he “intended” to kill her.
      Personally I don’t care what his intention was “he killed” her, made no attempt to ring for help – in fact threw her body away – and lied, lied, lied! Manslaughter to me is when someone accidentally kills- calls for help and tells the truth – showing regret and remorse. This evil man did none of that. That’s murder to me.

    • Trish Daley the judges were following the law. That is what they have to do. It’s the way the laws are interpreted that is wrong.

    • Unfortunately, for the charge of murder, there has to be premeditation. This is where the reasonable doubt comes into it.
      Unbelievable eh.

    • Soooo wrong he discarded her body like garbage, claimed life insurance as soon as her body was found and not even identified ! We should all go against the decision what the judiciary desided. This is very sinister how they could come to this solution ? It stinks ! Our law’s have to be reviewed urgently ! Hope he will get the punishment for what he did

  5. Ter very upset all these murders get out on bail we do something wrong they would be knocking on our door

  6. Murder is murder. Feel for her children and family who must be wondering if there is any justice in this world for what happened to their loved one. Karma will get him.

  7. Please read what i have written before abusing me and saying I’m an idiot for my opinion.

    I think what we all need to remember is that we were not at the original trial nor were we present at the appeal hearing. We don’t know the facts except what we are hearing through the media.
    I heard one solicitor (not his) who had attended both trials, say this morning that on the evidence presented the judge had no choice but to allow the appeal.

    I’m not saying it’s right as I wasn’t there so don’t know the facts. I am also not saying I agree with the judges decision. Nor am I sayingthat I don’t believe he is guilty.
    However, I am saying that if it was one of my loved ones on trial I would want them to be allowed to use every avenue available to them to fights the charges.

    • So true Ruth we only hear the medias side and I don’t believe anything they write good on u for speaking out

    • Ruth I would never call you an idiot for having an opinion. I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to say it.

    • Ditto here Ruth, everyone is entitled to an opinion without being abused for it. I followed the case through the ‘media’ as this was the only outlet available but I also listened to family and friends re his behaviour and his whole attitude wasn’t of a man who accidently killed his wife

    • We were not at the trial or the appeal but I do have to say that the jury were there and the presiding judge would have told them what verdict to bring in as
      well. So basically you are saying that the jury got it wrong.

    • Allow the appeal is one thing. Downgrade the verdict is something different. And i am not saying you are an idiot either Ruth. Just my opinion also.

    • Read the book – very objectively written account of the facts. Yes, everyone deserves a fair trial, and this man got his. He lied about everything under oath in court. Now he changes his story and his conviction is downgraded. It might be legally justifiable, but that does not make it right.

    • Lyn Mottrom I agree. Just look at the scratches and bruising on his body. She was fighting for her life.

    • Cathie Price
      No. I am not saying that.
      I am not saying that the jury got it wrong. I am saying that based on the evidence presented to the appeal court, a jydge overturned the decision.
      Just lije in the Pistorious case where an appeal court has overturned the decision of another court. Only difference is that in his case the decision was upgraded.

    • The State Attorney General is looking at lodging an appeal. Just saw this on the news.

    • Well said we all listen to the media and think it’s true yu have to be at the trial then comment

    • Thank God for media other wise we would all be kept in the dark Wake up 😡

    • Very well said Ruth. It was interesting to hear that the head of the Law Society of Queensland was not surprised at the outcome of the appeal. Contrary to what people think Baden Clay has never said he killed his wife and still maintains his innocence. The finding of the appeal court was that the jury should not have convicted him of murder but rather found him guilty of manslaughter. It would seem they had been wrongly directed by the trial judge.
      As far as an appeal goes you just cant appeal because you dont like the verdict, you have to seek leave to appeal and prove grounds for an appeal. What those grounds would be I don’t know.

    • You are never an idiot Ruth, you are probably the smartest one here, you have a law degree 💋

    • I agree with you Ruth…I wasn’t in court so dont know the ins and outs…we have to abide by the law, otherwise we are savages…the media doesn’t always get it right, Lindy Chamberlain was convicted by an angry public and a loud media…we all know how that ended 🌸

    • Jamed Mason
      From what I have read the grounds were that the trial judge erred in his directions to the jury. He apparently only gave them the choice of innocent or guilty of murder. He should have also given them a choice of manslaughter. Don’t know if this is correct but it’s what some of my colleagues in Qld have told me.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Let’s leave the judgements to the legal experts. Look what happened when Lindy Chamberlain was subjected to trial by media!

    • Unfortunate but true the law is an arse!!
      Mind the trial by media has allowed everybody in the state of QLD if not Australia to know who he is. I bet he will be begging to go back inside soon as no one will give him a minutes peace! Karma can be such a bitch😉

    • I understand Ruth ..doesn’t mean I like it …can’t help thinking about the couples 3 daughters…no mum …and a dad who will not be safe walking down the street 🙁

  8. These IMMORAL judges and lawyers have given the green light to Domestic Violence.This MURDEROUS SCUMBAG should be locked up,never to be released.What message is this sending to all the violent men out there who get great pleasure out of intimidating either,their partner,wife or any other woman they come in contact with.SHAME SHAME SHAME on the SO CALLED Justice System.

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