Does this tragic twist in the medical cannabis debate make you rethink your opinion?

One person has been left brain dead and another five are seriously ill, after taking part in a cannabis drug
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One person has been left brain dead and another five are seriously ill, after taking part in a cannabis drug trial in France. This outcome has shocked the public and medical community alike, making the medicinal marijuana trial even more polarising.

Six male patients aged 28 to 49 years had been in good health before taking the medication, which contained cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active ingredient in cannabis plants, although French health authorities say their medicine did not contain pure marijuana.

The trial has now been suspended and 80 other volunteers have been called back to hospital, for medical observation. French health authorities have begun a full investigation of the cannabis trial, which had previously been tested on animals.

Australian health experts believe the clinical trial “has sent shockwaves around the world”. Dr Ian Musgrave from the University of Adelaide added, “As yet, we do not have enough information to understand why this drug caused brain damage and death, or why these effects were not seen in preclinical testing of the drug”.

“Serious adverse effects to experimental drugs are exceedingly rare, and this may be the worst ever under modern safety procedures. We don’t know the extent of animal testing for this drug at the moment, but we know that the drug was tested in chimpanzees, in case there were primate specific toxicities that would not be picked up in other animals”, he explained.

The public has been left reeling – particularly people who support medicinal marijuana. As one Facebook user said, “This is what happens when you try to synthesise a natural substance, instead of just giving them cannabis or cannabis extracts that haven’t killed anyone”.

Whilst another person added online, “marijuana is natural, and can handle so many illnesses. Pharmaceutical companies do everything they can to make sure it’s not mass used in the medical field”.

Where do you stand in the controversial debate about medicinal marijuana? Could these drug trials put you off the idea?

  1. As they are a pharma company I would think they were using synthetic Mary Jane. Thats enough to kill a dead dog

  2. this drug “contained cannabinoids”. It was therefore not natural marijuana. And what other elements were in it? And what parameters were used to choose the subjects? More needs to be known before any opinion can be of value.

  3. We all know there are problems with synthetic cannabis. Why in earth can’t they accept the the natural plant which is easy to grow and available is the best option. Unless of course you believe that the pharmaceutical companies are in control !!

  4. I always thought that they would use marijuana in its natural form and people who needed it would be able to obtain it legally. This trial sends alarm bells.

  5. I read today another statement from France that stated no cannabis was in the medicine. There will be a lot of conjecture until the facts are realised.

  6. I think if the time comes and I need anything for pain I will stick with pain killing medicines prescribed by a doctor.

    • And if that works for you without major side effects whereby you don’t need to take more medication to alleviate the side effects, then that terrific!!

    • All good if you can take them. I can’t take anything stronger than Nurofen. Severe pain scares me

    • I was on some pretty strong stuff for my total knee replacement, and apart from very drowsy, no side effects.

    • I am on strong doses of opiates to try and relieve pain from six levels of spinal fusion which has not been successful and they hardly touch the pain. Just wish I could get access to marijuana (medicinal) to see if I could get some relief.

    • Eileen Healey I am not against the use of marijuana if it helps with your pain. I am sorry that you did not get any relief. I have seen this happen before after spinal surgery where people have been left worse off.

  7. Marijuana, may be good for some things but i think we are going down a slippery slope trying to make it legal. People dont seem to be able to control there urge to take more and more it already happens with both legal and illegal drugs. When will we learn . I know these poor unfortunate souls were in a trial. But i have seen the effects this drug has we were warned about phsycosis , paranoia , and oyher side affects.WHEN WILL WE LEARN.

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